Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Chapter 31. Confusion

Chapter 31. Confusion

"You said that you are from the singing department."

"Yeah, I am currently doing the singing course."

Ren had asked that for confirmation but it looks like he had not heard wrong. She was indeed from the singing department and not the acting one.

"I thought that you were from the acting department, because of your acting."


Xiao Rin face distorted for a moment when she heard that. She lowered her heard and it looks like she was thinking of what to say.

"I, I changed my course in the middle. I thought that singing would suit me best."

She had that but Ren could feel some sadness from that.

Changing course in the middle? Singing suits her better? What bullshit!!

Ren felt that it was the biggest lie. The queen of acting he knew was a top actress that can do any kind of role.

It was not just that, she was someone who truly enjoyed acting. Ren knew as he had watched her acting very closely in his previous life.

It was impossible that she didn't liked acting or was not able to do it.

"I thought that your acting was rather good. I am also an actor, so I can see that you put lot of effort in it."

"You are also an actor?"

Xiao Rin expression somewhat brightened up when she heard that Ren was an actor. Maybe, she felt close to Ren because of that but she let down some of her guard.

"Yeah, I am a rookie actor, I was also in the movie Secret spy that released recently."

Her expression was of a surprised when he heard that. He silently murmured to herself as he looked at Ren.

"You said your name was Xin Ren, right, no way, you were the one who played the role of Jay in the movie. I heard a lot about you."

Xiao Rin suddenly bowed her head when she figured out Ren's identity.

"Ah, well, you could stand straight. I am not a big actor or something. I am just a rookie."

Ren was startled when he saw Xiao Rin bowed before him, he was sceptical seeing the queen of acting bow before him.

He felt like he wasn't worthy of it.

"No, no, you are still better than me who is a trainee."

Xiao Rin said as she wave her hand around.

"I just had my debut recently. I am not a big celebrity yet. You don't have to be formal with me."

When Ren said that, he was not being humble. He still didn't consider himself a big star. He was still a rookie and he also didn't want to brag about him in front of Xiao Rin.

Although she was just a trainee currently, she will rise far above in the future.

"No, no, how can I? You are my senior."

"It's okay."

Ren said that with a smile and Xiao Rin expression also looked a bit soft.

The awkward atmosphere around them was now long gone and they were now talking comfortably with each other.

After some talking, Ren finally asked the question he wanted to ask for a while.

"Um, I am just curious about it but why do you left the acting course, you love acting, right."

Xiao Rin stealthily avoided his gaze when she heard that question, she was opening and closing her mouth like she didn't knew what to say.

After a while, she finally opened her mouth.

"Well, I do love acting but how did you know that?"

She answered a question with a question, maybe it was her way to avoid the topic.

Now, Ren was in a pinch, he had said that because he knew the future her but he can't tell her that.

"Well, it's shows in your acting. I was watching you closely when you were performing earlier. That type of acting can't be acted out by someone who don't love acting."

"Really? Do you like my acting?"

Her expression suddenly brightened up a little when she heard that.

"Yeah, it was great. I felt like the scene was actually happening in front of me. You were in fact better than me."

It was not just flattery, it was the truth. He and Xiao Rin can't be compare with each other, their talents were worlds apart.

Ren knew he was not a natural actor, he can only work hard to improve his acting but Xiao Rin was a natural actress.

"Thank you for your compliment. I know it's just empty flattery but I am grateful."

Xiao Rin said as she bowed her head. She was really feeling grateful about the compliment.

"I don't get anything from complimenting you, I truly felt that but you have not given..."

Before he could complete his sentence, Xiao Rin interrupted him.

"Um, I think it has gotten quite late. I will be scolded if I stay out for too late."


Ren let out a confused voice when he heard that but before he could say something more, Xiao Rin had already packed her bags and left the room.

He can only stood there dumbfounded.

'It looks like she was running away. No, she was not running away from me but the topic.'

Ren was really confused that. He was not able to believe that he had just met a future star but he had various questions in his mind after meeting her.

Why had she transferred out of the acting course? Why was she so adamant about talking about that topic? Why was she running away from all of it?

They were the questions in Ren's mind currently. He wanted to figure out the truth about them but before he could think of anything, his phone rang.

[Ren, I am in the parking lot. Come outside.]

It was the message from White bear. He had came to pick him up.

Ren sighed thinking about it. He wanted to find more about Xiao Rin but he didn't had the leisure to do so.

* * *

With quick steps, Xiao Rin reached the trainees dome. It was the place where all the trainees lived.

It was done to make them get closer to each other and improve their teamwork.

"Xiao Rin, you are barely in time today too."

The dorm manager scolded Xiao Rin when she saw her. It was not the first time she was late. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I am sorry."

Xiao Rin didn't say much and just bowed her head. She knew that the dorm manager would not be harsh on her.

"I will look over it today but don't do that again. Understand."

Xiao Rin nodded and hurriedly went towards her room.

As she was walking towards her room, she suddenly thought of the person she had met a while ago.

'He will not be angry, right.'

Xiao Rin had acted rudely and walked out of the room hurriedly. She wondered if Ren would be angry because of it or not.

Although, she was sceptical about it, she felt that Ren was a weird person.

He had already debuted but she was taking interest in a trainee. Normally, actors who had already made their debut don't bother much with trainees but he was different.

At first, she thought that it was because of lust. Many actors are like that now days but she didn't saw anything like that in his eyes.

Instead, she saw curiosity and adoration in them, like he was looking at a big celebrity.

That's why she felt that he was weird but she was also slightly happy after meeting him, it was the first time someone had praised her acting.

She was obviously very happy because of it.

"Rin, you are again late today."

Her thoughts broke when she heard her roommate's voice. She didn't notice it but she was already in her room.

"Yeah, I had something to do."

"You will never be able to become a star if you act like that."

Her roommate coldly said to her and exited the room. Her behaviour was rude but Xiao Rin was already used to it.

After her roommate left the room, Xiao Rin suddenly flopped down on her bed. In an instant, all of her tiredness came upon her.

'I have to go on, for my dreams.'

Xiao Rin slowly muttered that to herself as if she was encouraging herself.

Although she said that it was all for her dream, she felt that her dream look hazy and unclear.

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