Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Chapter 35. The coming of the storm

Chapter 35. The coming of the storm

"Did you heard everything?"

Xiao Rin silently nodded her head when Ren asked her that. He didn't knew what to say at this moment.

He was feeling like he was caught doing something wrong. It was that sort of feeling.

"Um, I, I am sorry about investigating your past without your permission."

"No, no it's okay."

Xiao Rin frantically waved her hands as she said that. It looks she was not much angry that Ren had tried to dig up her past.

After that, the usual silence flowed. No one said anything as they simply stood there stiffly.

Ren glanced at Cei Xin but it looks like she didn't wanted to be a part of the conversation as she was silently staring.

Finally, after some time passed by, Xiao Rin opened her mouth but her words were unexpected.

"Um, do you really think that I can become an actress?"

She asked that question with a look of expectation on her face and Ren frantically nodded his head when he heard that.

"Yeah, of course. I am sure that you will succeed as an actress."

"How can you say that?"

Ren became tongue tied when he heard that. He can't just tell her that he was confident because he had saw her become a top class actrees in the future.

He can only make some sentences up in this moment.

"I myself don't know about it clearly. You could even say that it's just a feeling but I knew that you had a great talent in acting."


"Yeah, when I first saw your act, I was somewhat surprised by it. You are acting alone but it was looking like you were in front of someone and the act was happening in reality. You were just that good."

Although, Ren made some sentences up, he also mixed in some of his true feelings in it.

After hearing that, Xiao Rin suddenly lowered her head, maybe in embarrassment and said.

"Thank you for your compliment but will you truly help me?"

Xiao Rin asked that question with a face full of fear and expectations.

At one side she feared that Ren would reject her like everyone else but on the other side, there was a part of her that was expecting that he would help her.

"Yeah, I already said that I will help you. Didn't I? I do not like to go back on my words."

Ren said with a face full of confidence and sincerity. He had already decided that he would help her, he will not go back on it.

"Bu, but if you do that, then the director would surely try to obstruct you."

Ren knew full well what she was implying. If he really complained about that and the director got the hint of it, then he can try to obstruct Ren's career as he was a higher up nonetheless.

"You don't have to worry about it. I will handle it but will you testify for it. I mean, if the higher ups asked for an testament, then"

"Don't worry about it. I, I will surely help you."

After hearing that answer, Ren looked towards Cen Xie.

When she saw his gaze, she immediately understood the meaning and said.

"Do-don't worry, I also didn't like the bullying against Xiao Rin, if it's just testimony, then I can provide it to you."

Ren took a deep breath when he heard that. It was good that there was someone giving a testimony.

"Um, I, I am very thankful to you."

Suddenly, Xiao Rin said that with a emotional voice and bowed her head at 90 degree.

Seeing this, Ren silently laughed and said.

"You don't have to be thankful, right now. You can thank me after the whole matter is done."

As Xiao Rin heard that, she suddenly smiled towards him. It was more brighter than the smile she had shown him previously.

* * *

"What the hell are you two doing behind my backs?"

Jiang Wan said as he scolded White bear who was standing in front of him.

They were currently in a closed meeting room. Apart from Jiang Wan and White bear, Director Kang of PR Team was also here.

She was silently sipping her coffee watching the commotion.

"I am sorry, Chief but..."

"What sorry. Do you think that this matter is a small one. Tell me the reason you were finding information about a trainee."

The reason behind Jiang Wan was angry because he had just found out that Ren and White bear were trying to find information about a trainee.

He could gloss it over if it was a celebrity but they were obviously trying to find information about a trainee, moreover she was a girl.

If anyone found out about it, then the rumours can spread. There were already many stars whose career were over because there eyes rumours that they have relationships with the trainee in their companies.

This could be interrupted in many ways and if any reporter knew of it, then it can instantly became a hit article.

Ren's career would be over If rumours like this spread, Jiang Wan didn't wanted that in the least.

"Look, I know Ren is young and he probably would would be interested in dating but now, he's a celebrity and a dating scandal can hit him hard. Moreover, you two were searching information about a trainee, that was almost on the level of stalking."

This way, Jiang Wan kept lecturing White bear about how he should be somewhat strict with Ren and not to do as he pleases.

After lecturing for over ten minutes, Jiang Wan finally gave White bear a chance to speak.

"Chief, please listen to me. Ren was saying that something was happening with that girl."

"Happening? What was happening with that girl?"

"I, I don't know about it."

Jiang Wan sighed when he heard that and started lecturing him again.

He was glad that nothing has happened this time but if they continued to do that kind of thing, then it will be problematic for them in the future.

As Jiang Wan was lecturing White bear, the door to the room suddenly opened and Ren entered the room with Xiao Rin. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Chief, I finally found you."

"I was also looking for you. What was I hearing, why were you inves...."

As he was about to continue his lecture, Jiang Wan suddenly saw Xiao Rin behind Ren's back.

"Wait! Who is she?"

Jiang Wan said as he pointed at Xiao Rin. Even Director Kang was looking with a confused expression.

"Chief! I wanted to talk to you about something."

Ren said as he took a deep breath. It was finally time to expose the truth.

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