Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Chapter 38. Let's work together someday

Chapter 38. Let's work together someday

After his talk with the CEO was finished, Ren directly headed for the elevator.

As he was walking, there were various thoughts in his head.

'I have finally changed the future.'

If he hadn't don't anything then, Xiao Rin would have left Top star entertainment and sign with another agency.

She would have then debuted when she was 20 and go on to become the queen of acting but Ren had changed that future now.

He had resolved her cause of trauma now and he didn't think that she will leave the company now.

CEO Xu words also told him that she will probably debut next year, it will mean that she will debut 4 years before her initial debut.

Ren didn't what kind of future it will create, maybe a future more brighter or a bleak and dark future.

Although the possibilities were endless, Ren wanted it to be a good one and he was also confident that Xiao Rin would succeed.

With her flawless beauty and an ability to adapt into any kind of role, she was bound to succeed.

Now, he just had to see how far she can go. In his previous life, she had failed to make a mark in Hollywood but maybe, now she can possibly become a successful Hollywood actress.

At least, that was what Ren wished for her.

As Ren came close to the elevator, he saw Jiang Wan, Director Zhao and Xiao Rin waiting there.

"Ah, why are you still here?"

"Well, we just thought of waiting for you."

Jiang Wan as he looked at him curiously. He lookes like he wanted to ask something and after sometime, he finally asked like he was whispering.

"So, what did you two talk about?"

"It was nothing special. She just praised me for what I did."

"There's nothing more."

Jiang Wan said as he looked at him questionably but Ren didn't said the truth, especially when Xiao Rin was still there.

He can't just say that the CEO told him that Xiao Rin would be debuting next year.

She said it to keep it confidential and he didn't wanted to go against her. This feeling had grown more after he had seen how she had acted with the bearded director.

"Well, it's good then but CEO Xu must like you, it was the second time you had a meeting with her, right."

Director Zhao said as he rubbed his chin slightly and Jiang Wan nodded at that as he said.

"Yes, it was the second time he was called. I think his future will be bright seeing that the CEO is looking after him."

"Well, it's good. Our acting department has finally started to look good. With Chu Min also becoming a major star, good things have been coming at us. It can even compete with the idol department if things go like this for a year or two."

Director Zhao said as he smiled. He was the director of the acting department for 4 years and things have finally started taking shape.

As the reputation and revenue of the acting department kept growing, his position in the company was also strengthening.

"Yeah, you worked hard this time and did a good job but don't forget you have a schedule to complete. You have some photoshoots and a interview today, right."

Jiang Wan said as he tapped at his watch. Now, that he was slowly fitting in the schedule, his interviews, photoshoots and other activities has increased.

"Yeah, let's go....Oh, wait! You can come after sometime. You still have plenty of time left for your interview."

Director Zhao was saying something else when he suddenly noticed Xiao Rin staring at him. Understanding the situation, he swiftly changed his words and gesture at Jiang Wan.

Jiang Wan also understood it and left with Director Zhao. Now, there were only Ren and Xiao Rin left in the hall.

"Um, I, I wanted to say thank you to you. You really helped me despite knowing my situation."

Xiao Rin said as she bowed deeply. There was immense gratitude in her eyes for Ren.

"No, no, I already told you the reason, right. I helped you out of my own selfishness. You don't have to be grateful for it."

Ren said as he shook his head but Xiao Rin was really adamant.

"No matter why you did it, you still helped me greatly."

Ren didn't say anything at that. He can't do anything if Xiao Rin felt gratitude towards him.

Truthfully, he really had helped her.

"So, you will go back to the acting course, right."

"Yes, I want to. If I can go back, I would be happy but I don't know how the other trainees would act towards me."

The other trainees in the acting course had previously isolated her because of that senior, they would surely feel guilty towards her.

Because of that, there's no knowing how will they react to her.

'Well, anyway, she will debut soon.'

Ren thought in his head but he didn't spoke it out loud. He can't reveal it to her.

"Well, you don't have to worry much about that. I think with your acting, you would surely be able to debut soon."

Although Ren can't reveal to her that she was going to debut soon, he can still encourage her.

"Do you really think so?"

"Yeah, your acting is really great."

Ren didn't knew how many times he had said that but he didn't have any trouble speaking it as it was the truth.

"Can you repeat that?"

"Huh?? What!"

"That sentence. I want to hear it once more."

Xiao Rin said as she looked at him with a hesitant expression. She was worried that Ren will reject her request.

But Ren choose to go through it. Xiao Rin didn't knew but she was his favourite actress, he can't refuse a request from her.

"Your acting is really great." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Once more!"

"Your acting is really great."

"Once more time!"

"Your acting is really great."

Finally, after repeating that sentence for three times, Xiao Rin was finally satisfied and she showed a bright smile.

It was like seeing a rainbow after a rainy day. Ren felt that sort of feeling.

He didn't knew the reason behind this but he felt that he can say that sentence hundred times after seeing that smile.

"Thank you for going with my request."

"No, it's okay but why did you want to hear it so much."

Xiao Rin hesitated when Ren asked that question but after sometime, she finally answered.

"It's, it's because I think I can act much better after hearing it."

"Huh! Is that so."

Xiao Rin nodded at his words and Ren didn't ask more about it.

'Well, it's good that she is encouraged at least.'

Ren thought that as he stare at Xiao Rin who was showing a bright smile.

"Um, Senior, will you act in more movies from now on?"

"Well, you can call me Ren?"


Xiao Rin let out a confused voice when she heard that. She was opening and closing her mouth like she didn't knew what to say.

After some while, she finally opened her mouth and asked with a embarrassed expression.

"Then, can I call you Brother Ren from now on?"

"Ah, sure, I don't have a problem with it."

'At least, it's better than senior.'

Ren had said that because he was feeling uncomfortable when Xiao Rin called him that.

As Xiao Rin herself was capable of being his senior.

"Then, Brother Ren, will you do more movies from now on?"

"Well, I will do more movies."

"Then, can we work together in the future."

Xiao Rin asked as she stares at Ren with a face full of conviction.

"Yeah, sure let's work together someday."

Ren said with a face full of delight. He felt that it would be his honour to work together with her in the future.

While Ren was thinking that, Xiao Rin lowered her head out of embarrassment as she muttered to herself.

'Hehe, working with Brother Ren…..'

Of course, Ren didn't heard her muttering.

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