Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Chapter 44. Shock

Chapter 44. Shock

"So, you are saying that you want to get a audition for this."

Director Zhao said as he flipped through the pages of the synopsis in his hands.

Besides him, Jiang Wan expression also wasn't that good. He looked like he wanted to frown but he was holding himself from doing it.

"Yeah, I liked it."

"Have you gone crazy? Or are you on drugs?"

Jiang Wan shouted when Ren said that. His expression was not that good.

"I also don't think this project will do well. Why don't you reconsider it. There are many good projects out there."

Director Zhao said as he tapped his fingers on the table. His gesture showed that he was getting impatient.

"I am not crazy, I just really liked the story and I think It will do great."

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"Maybe you think it will do great but think about it, it's not a drama written by a famous writer. It is even a cable drama."

"We can set aside that but what do you like about this story. I thought it was...bland."

Director Zhao asked him as he stared at me confusingly.

Ren was also prepared for the questioning, so he didn't back away and answered calmly.

"The story looked childish at first but trust me, it's well written. The screenplay was really good and I think it can be a hit."

"So, you are saying that the screenplay is good, that mean you must have read the screenplay, right."

"Yeah, I actually met Writer Zhu Yi in the celebration party and she saw me the screenplay there, I think it was great."

"Hmm, let's see but what do you think about this, Dong Shu?"

Jiang Wan said as he glanced at White bear who was sitting besides Ren. He hasn't spoke anything yet and was just listening.

"Me! I think we should go with it."

"Huh? Why?"

When Director Zhao asked that, White bear scratched his head as he said.

"It's because I trust Ren, he said that it was good , so we should at least read through the screenplay before deciding it."

"Dramas are not something that can be successful just because of trust."

"Yeah, but isn't it fine if we go through the screenplay first."

"What are you saying, Director?"

Jiang Wan said as he stared at Director Zhao who had suddenly said something that was hard to believe.

Ren and White bear were also staring at him with wide eyes. Ren had thought that he needed to persuade them for a while but Director Zhao had agreed suddenly.

"I am not saying to go through with it. I am just saying that we need to at least see the screenplay first. Anyway, in the end, the decision is up to the CEO."

"Why is the CEO deciding the project in the end?"

Ren asked curiously when he heard that. He had no idea about it.

"Oh, you still don't know but it looks the CEO is really interested in you, she said to discuss with her after choosing your next project."

"So, If the CEO didn't liked the project, it means that she will reject it."

Director Zhao nodded when White bear asked that. Ren's expression also fell when he heard that.

It was not easy to persuade the director and the chief, now he also has to persuade the CEO, he didn't knew what to do in this situation.

"Don't worry about it. If it's a good screenplay like you told it was, then I bet the CEO will agree."

Ren expression returned to normal when he heard that. Either way, he can't do anything about it right now.

"Let's talk about other things now. You said that you wanted to play a lead in this."

Jiang Wan asked a question he wanted to ask for a long time.

"Well, I think I can play that part better. I think I can relate to the main character."

Jiang Wan frowned when he heard that and said while putting his hand on his forehead.

"This isn't about whether you could relate to it or not. It's about whether you, a rookie actor can shoulder the responsibility of a whole drama."

Director Zhao agreed with him as he nodded his head and said.

"Yeah, dramas are a pretty big business and the male lead if the main focus of it, you would feel a ton of pressure by playing that role. Why don't you consider a supporting role or something?"

"But I wanted to play the role of the main character. I know dramas are a big business but I think I can shoulder the responsibility."

Ren was sure that he could perfectly play the character. He even believed that he can play it better than the actor who had originally played this role.

It was because the story was somehow related to his life. He would not have said that he wanted to play this role if he wasn't 100 % sure that he could play it.

"Think about it carefully. People will surely call you hasty if you played the main character."

"Yeah, people, especially netizens are sometimes scary when a actor breaks a stereotype. You have not proven yourself as much yet. Don't you think you should play some more supporting roles before playing a main character."

Director Zhao was practically telling him that his decision can backfire. People will call him hasty, they can even call him impatient but Ren was unwilling to rethink about this drama and role.

He would surely regret if he didn't play that role.

"I know what I am doing. I think I will be fine."

"Well, okay then, let's get the screenplay first and read through it before showing it to the CEO."

"Sure, we also have to consider go through things like production company and schedules."

Director Zhao and Jiang Wan said as they started discussing about the drama. Choosing a drama isn't easy for an actor and his company.

They have to consider various things before deciding on a project.

'Well, it looks like everything will be fine.'

Ren was sure that they will like the project after reading the screenplay, he himself had read the screenplay for the first episode and it was well written.

He was sure that it would impress them.

"Oh, yes, now that the talks about the drama is finished, let's talk about the other thing I mentioned."

"Yeah, it would surely suprise you."

Jiang Wan and Director Zhao said as though they were creating some suspense before revealing it.

"What is it?"

Ren asked curiously. He didn't knew anything about it.

"Hehe, you will surely be shocked by this. You are going on a reality show."

"A reality show!!!"

Ren said as he stood up from his seat with wide eyes. He didn't knew anything about it beforehand and he was surprised because of this.

He never thought that there would be a invitation from a reality show.

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