Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Chapter 48. Whiz stars (2)

Chapter 48. Whiz stars (2)

"So, here's the question for the last team."

Zhang Hua said as he came closer to them. All the eyes and cameras were on Ren and Wu Qing.

"So, Have you heard of Paul marks?"

"Yeah, obviously he was one of the most famous singers in the 90s."

Wu Qing answered enthusiasticly when she heard that. He seems like she was confident in this question.

"So, here's the question. What was the song that made him a instant star?"

Wu Qing expression brightened when she heard that and she instantly gave the answer.

"It was Forest of love."

"Absolutely correct!!"

Wu Qing showed a brilliant smile when aye heard that. It was a smile of a pure innocent girl who was happy.

Although Wu Qing gave the answer, Ren's expression was not that good. He was not able to show any of its qualities till now and he knew that worrying would not give him anything.

Well, the show continued. The MCs asked the celebrities many questions and after some time, they said.

"Well, we have asked many questions till now."

"All the celebrities also have given many correct answers. I bet you all have prepped a lot for the show."

"Yeah, now it's time to start the next round."

Everyone have difficult expressions when they heard that. In Whiz stars, it is the second round that is the most hardest.

In this, the MCs would ask the celebrities many different types of questions or play some games. It is also the deciding round of the quiz.

"So, we have prepared some lie detectors here for this round."

"Lie detectors! Why do we need that?"

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Rapper shake asked that and Zhu Man replied with a big smile on his face.

"Because in this round, we will find the truth."

"Yeah, showbiz is a place where nothing can hide but we don't know what is the truth and what is a lie."

Another MC continued his words and Zhang Hua ended them.

"So, our team has worked hard and found out many rumours about you all but we don't know which one of them is the truth."

The celebrities started murmuring when they heard that. Every celebrity has some kind of rumour, not matter how small it is.

'I wonder what kind of rumours I have.'

Ren thought in his mind. He had never give notice to any rumours about him. He had just ignore them as he knew that celebrities life would be full of rumours, he can't avoid that.

"So, let's start the round. Remember, if you say the truth, you will get points but if your words are false, then you will get penalties."

With that, the game started. The staff members came and attached the celebrities hands with a small lie detector.

If anyone lies, it will light up and make a noise. With this, no one can speak lies now.

"Okay, so let's start with Jiang Hae."

Zhang Hua said as he started the round and started speaking out the rumours he had found about the celebrities.

Ren thought that the rumours about the celebrities were interesting at the least. He never knew that Jiang Wae who was a action star like cute cat videos.

Or how Sun Yan who was a veteran singer wanted to be a actor but was rejected in the auditions.

"So, Xin Ren, now it's your turn. Honestly you are knew, so there are not many rumours about you."

"But we still worked hard to find some rumours that we found very interesting."

"Okay, so here's the rumour."

Ren prepared his heart when he heard that. He wondered what kind of rumour would be about him.

"We found out that you were a delinquent in school, is that true?"

'What the hell—'

Those words were about to leak out of his mouth but he didn't let them be.

He a delinquent, that was just nonsense. He knew that he had never done those type of things.

"Is it true?"

Wu Qing who was besides him asked with a small smile on her face. Other celebrities were also looking at him with curious expressions.

"No, it's just nonsense. Who do you even heard that from?"

"What! It's wrong. I was pretty sure that it was true."

Zhu Man said with a face full of disbelief but he had no way but to accept it as the lie detector was not making any noise.

"Well, it's easier to believe it after watching his acting, many people will mistake him as a real crazy person after watching the movie."

"Well, many people thought like that. A relative even asked my mother if I was fine mentally or not."

Ren said as he sighed. Although it looked like a joke, it had really happened.

"Haha, that happened! It must be hard on you."

"Well, I think it will get better after he had done some more movies."

"Speaking of that, you have not signed any movie recently, right."

Zhang.Hua asked Ren as he stared at him with the corner of his eyes but Ren just shrugged and said.

"I haven't signed any other movie yet."

"Really! You can tell us, you know."

"Yeah, we are just like your elder brothers."

'Like hell you are!!'

Ren retorted in his mind but he stayed silent. He didn't wanted to disclose any thing about the drama until it is finalised.

The company was still deciding on it. He have to first wait for the result.

As he was thinking about that, the show continued to commence. Many rumours about the celebrities were disclosed.

Ren was surprised to see this many strange and interesting rumours.

There was a rumour about Li Xinru that she was a glutton which was true but it was funny to watch how she denied it with all of her might.

Wu Qing also had her own rumours like how she used to visit a witch or a shaman before she was famous or how she had rejected a big actor who was in love with her.

They were all interesting. Ren also got comfortable with the show later on so, he was able to give some good material to the editing team.

Just as his nervousness was gone, he did great and his reactions were also good. Thanks to this, he was able to get some screen time.

In the end, the game was ultimately won by Jiang Hae and Sun Yan but Ren and Wu Qing were not last, they were in second position.

It was Li Xinru and Rapper Shake who were in the last and for penalty, they both had to reveal one of their dark pasts.

It was really funny when Li Xinru revealed her dark past while making a face like she was going to cry.

Hopefully, everything went well.

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