Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Chapter 52. Applause

Chapter 52. Applause

'He's no different than other rookie stars.'

When CEO Wang had first saw Ren, he had thought that. Ren had given him a normal impression, although he felt that he was more mature than other actors his age, that was it.

He didn't thought anything else but he continued to observe him.

'He's a complete changed person.'

It was the thought CEO Wang had when he started seeing Ren's acting. He felt that his atmosphere has completely changed.

The one standing in front of him was not Ren but Rei, the male lead of the drama.

It was not only about his acting. It was also his vocalisation, it was smooth and nice to hear.

His breathing was good, and the pronunciation was clear, there was nothing to say about it. His acting and voice was really good and he looked charming.

It was a feature that is hard to find in young actors these days and he was playing his character really well.

He was playing a middle aged man full of regrets and CEO Wang really felt like Ren was a middle aged man who is full of regrets while watching his acting.

It was really vivid and amazing. He even felt that Ren was a natural actor.

He thought he was much better than he had thought but that thought also changed after some time.

'He's a genius, no a monster.'

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He's eyes kept getting wider the more he saw his acting. At first he thought it was good, then it got better and now, it was on the level of genius.

He was even wondering if Ren had really felt those emotions in real life, for him to perform them so well.

But he quickly shrugged off that thought and glanced at his surroundings.

He noticed that Ren's acting has changed the whole mood of the room. Everyone was staring at him with wide eyes and shocked faces.

All the people were focusing on his acting, there was not even a sound, all the people were quietly listening to Ren's dialogues.

It was like a strange halo was attracting everyone's attention.

CEO Wang looked to his side and saw Zhu Yi watching Ren with an entranced expression. It was eyes of a creator who was seeing her character in real life.

She truly felt that the person acting was not Ren but Rei, the character she had created.

"How is it, Writer Zhu?"

CEO Wang gently whispered to her but she didn't noticed it and continued to stare at Ren.

"Writer Zhu. Writer Zhu! How is it?"

Zhu Yi, who finally heard his whisper broke out of her daze as she replied.

"Uh… Uh. Pardon?"

"No, it's fine. Continue watching."

He felt as though he knew the answer without having to ask her. He left her alone and she continued to watch Ren.

He then looked towards the director but he found that he was not on his seat.

Director Fuwas standing in front of the test cameras, that had been set up to capture Ren from the front and the side, his face was burrowed in the monitor as he monitored Ren's every expression.

To be honest, Director Fu didn't care much about the actor's popularity, all he cared was the acting.

He didn't care much about the actor's looks, popularity and style, the only thing that mattered to him was how well the actor can portray a character.

How well can he act as someone else. All he cared about was acting.

That's why he had told Ren to act out a one-man act. He wanted to see the extent of his skill.

How well he can act but he never thought that he will be this much surprised.

He had also watched Ren's acting as Jay, a psychopath and he was impressed by it but he had doubts that he can play the character of Rei.

That's because for playing a character like Rei, you need many emotions. He was a character driven by his emotions.

An actor has to let out his inner emotions to act him out and Ren was exactly doing this.

Director Fu looked at the monitor capturing Ren.

His indifferent face was now filled with desire, a desire to capture Ren's acting. He wanted to direct his acting. He was that brilliant.

While watching Ren, he was already thinking of various scenes he could film with Ren.

While seeing Director Fu excited expression, CEO Wang was filled with strange thoughts.

'The indifferent Director Fu is excited by his acting.'

He felt good thinking about this. Director Fu was liking his acting, that was a great thing.

At first he was disappointed as he was unable to get a top star for the drama but now, all of his disappointment has flown away.

It was because he was liking Ren's acting the more he saw it.

'We can do it!'

CEO Wang thought in his head as he showed a smile. At first he was worried about the project but now he felt that the drama would definitely succeed.

It was not a phase in which having a top actor means the drama is a hit. The audience has grown out of it.

Now, they judge on the basis of story, acting and the emotions of the actors.

He felt that he had all of them. He knew the story is good and Ren's acting has given it a push.

He believed that the drama could be a hit if the male lead is played by Ren.

"Ah, what am I even doing. There's no wayy.…scolding the stars….would do….anything. I am pathetic, no I am an idiot, a big…..idiot."

CEO Wang hurriedly focused on Ren as he saw that his scene was going to end.

He noticed that Ren's was showing the emotions of a man who had lost everything, he had lost the reason he was going on with his everyday life.

He was scolding, cursing, and even hating himself. Only because he has lost the most important thing in his life.

It was really realistic seeing him acting out the scene. CEO Wang even has a urge to applause as he watched the scene but he held himself from doing it.

"Hehe, I should just die. Yeah, that maybe the most logical solution to my problem...if, if I die…..maybe I.…will met…..with her…..again......."

The scene ended with that.

CEO Wang didn't knew when he stood up but before he noticed everyone in the room was clapping and applausing for him.

Ren's manager even had tears in his eyes and Zhu Yi has a big smiling expression.

CEO Wang felt that he has founded the male lead that will lead the drama to be a big success.

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