Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Chapter 57. Problems

Chapter 57. Problems

"So, do you want to play this role?"

Ten asked again as he stared at Xiao Rin and this time she replied instantly.

"Yes, I, I want to do play this role."

Although she have slight hesitation in her eyes, Ren could see that her eyes were filled with confidence and conviction.

Earlier she was hesitant when Ren had asked her suddenly about playing the part but now she was confident she wanted to play this role.

She already quite liked the character of the main character's little sister and it was also a chance for her to work together with Ren.

She didn't wanted to let it go but there was a question in her heart.

"Um, will the company really agree to this?"

"You don't have to worry about that. I will handle this."

In an agency, there is a procedure to everything. No trainee can suddenly took a audition and after the audition, it will be the debut.

And a debut is no small thing. It was a pretty big thing. Any agency would took careful consideration before any debut.

They will have to choose a good drama and the kind of role the actor or actress would play in it. They would also took the possibility of the success of the drama.

The CEO and the board of directors would also have to held a meeting before finalising the debut.

Xiao Rin was worried if Ren would be able to convince the directors and the CEO. In the end, he was just an actor associated with the agency not a higher up.

Ren has also thought about this issue. He knew he do not have that much authority. He was just a rookie actor, he still haven't proved himself much.

But he felt that if it is just a suggestion, he can do it. Director Zhao was currently hurrying to improve the acting department and he wanted to make it bigger than the idol department.

If Ren can use that, he was confident that he would be able to at least have Xiao Rin get an audition.

It was the reason he was so confident but things were out of his expectations.

* * *

"You said you wanted to meet with the director but he's on a overseas business trip regarding some advertisements deals."

"When he will come back?"

"It would be after a week or two. Why do you want to meet him?"

Jiang Wan said as he looked at Ren with a questioning look but Ren just sighed when he heard that.

Just yesterday, he had told Xiao Rin that he would handle everything but now, he was in a predicament.

He never thought that Director Zhao would be on a business trip.

"No, it's nothing."

Although he can ask Jiang Wan about it, he knew he do not have that much authority. Things like auditions and debuts can only be approved by a director or the CEO herself.

"I think you want to say something to me? Don't worry about anything and tell me."

Jiang Wan said as he noticed Ren making a difficult face. He felt that something was troubling him.

'Will he help me if I told him that I want Xiao Rin to do an audition?'

Ren pondered over this thought for a bit and decided to talk to him about the audition.

It was because he had helped Ren previously when Ren has asked his help on the matter of Xiao Rin and her being bullied.

"Chief, the role of the little sister in my drama. It's still vacant, right."

"Yeah, Arc production is having trouble finding a suitable actress for it. Why did you asked that? Don't worry, I don't think it will that much..."

"No, Chief, it's not about that. I think I know someone who can do that role perfectly?"

Ren said as he interrupted Jiang Wan.

"Is it an actress you, know? You should have told the Arc production CEO about it."

"No, Chief, I wanted to recommend Xiao Rin for that role."

"Xiao Rin?? That bullied trainee."

Jiang Wan stood up in shock when he heard that as he stared daggers at Ren. His face doesn't look that good.

"Yeah, Chief, I think she can do this role really well. Why don't we consider her getting an audition."

"What are you even saying? You wanted her, a trainee to take an audition."

"But Chief, her acting is really good and her age also fits well with the character."

Ren tried to argue with Jiang Wan as he said that. He wanted him to at least hear him out.

"It isn't the matter of her age or whether she fits the character or not. An audition is a complete different thing and she's just a trainee."

"But there is no reason why she should not take an audition just because she's a trainee."

Jiang Wan sighed when he heard that and started tapping the table with his fingers.

"It's not about whether she could do it or not but we have a way we work in the company. If a trainee wants to take an audition, she have to get the approval of the director or the CEO."

"Can't you just talk with the CEO?"

Jiang Wan again sighed when he heard that. He looks somewhat frustrated.

"Do you really think it's easy to meet with the CEO. You will feel that it's easy to meet her but it's not."

Ren became silent when he heard that. Jiang Wan was right, it was not easy to meet with the CEO just because he wanted to meet her.

She was the head of the company, she was like a queen. Not anybody can meet with her.

Ren sighed when he thought about that. Maybe he was acting too recklessly just because he wanted to make things went his way.

He didn't thought much about it and recklessly did things. He felt ashamed thinking about it.

"Sorry, Chief, I didn't thought about it that. I will talk to you later."

Ren said as he stood up to leave the room but as he was going towards the door, he heard Jiang Wan's voice.

"I don't know why you asked me that but you don't have anything with Xiao Rin, right. We can't have any scandals as you are going to be playing a male lead this time."

Ren's steps stooped for a second when he heard that but he just replied without turning back.

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"Don't worry, Chief. I don't have anything like that. I am too old to consider a relationship with a 16 year old girl."

Maybe it was because he was sad or something else but Ren just left the room like that leaving Jiang Wan wondering about his words.

He was still thinking about why Ren told himself old.

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