Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Chapter 60. Chen Mei

Chapter 60. Chen Mei

"Are you crazy?"

Jiang Wan said as he looked at Ren with a strange expression. He didn't knew what to say at this moment.

White bear who was sitting besides him was also looking at Ren as if saying 'What the hell did you do'.

They both have weird expressions on their faces as they looked at Ren. The reason behind this was because of the news that had gotten a moment ago.

The CEO have personally approved Xiao Rin's audition and now she was going to be auditioning for «The stars above».

It was a news that had shocked them, especially Jiang Wan. After he heard that news, he was sure that it has something to do with Ren and called him to explain.

And after hearing his explanation, he was even more shocked.

"You just casually talked with the CEO that you wanted Xiao Rin to audition for the role."

"It wasn't a casual talk, I just…."

As Ren was talking, Jiang Wan retorted him as he said.

"The problem isn't whether if it's a casual talk or not, the main point is that you talked with her. How did you even know her phone number?"

"She gave it to me the last time we met."

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Jiang Wan opened her mouth in shock when he heard that. White bear was equally surprised by it but he choosed to remain silent.

"Even if you have her number, it doesn't mean you can call her whenever you have a problem or want to ask for something."

"I know that. I just did it as it was urgent. I was worried the role will go to another actress."

"Even though I said that it was unnecessary, you still decided to go with it."

Ren sightly lowered his head when he heard that as he said.

"Sorry, but I just did what I thought to be right, it didn't wanted to breach any authority but…."

Jiang Wan sighed when he heard that. After a while, he said.

"Don't do that again. This time it was fine but you are still a rookie, you can get into trouble if you are too close with the CEO."

Jiang Wan was saying that it will attract unwanted jealously if more rumours spread that he was close with the CEO.

There are rumours already circulating about him, he also didn't wanted other rumours to spread.

Due to these rumours, there are already many people getting jealous. Although they don't show it, many people are jealous that Ren has the favour of CEO Xu.

"Anyway, now it seems like we would have more work from now on."


Ren and White bear both nodded when Jiang Wan said that.

"Damn, I have to look for another manager. Manager nowadays are very lousy, they will flee from the work pressure and this time it's for Xiao Rin, I have to think about his character too. It's another work for me."

Jiang Wan said as he thought about the extra work he had to do.

Choosing a manager especially for a female is a tiring job as you also have to look at the character of the manager.

You can't have a lousy or a distrustful person as a manager especially for top notch beauties like Xiao Rin.

You never know what they will do.

"Dong Shu, can you accompany Xiao Rin on her audition?"

Jiang Wan asked White bear as he rubbed his head and White bear replied while nodding.

"Of course, Chief."

"And you, now that Xiao Rin is going to have an audition for your drama, help her as much as you can."

After talking with White bear, Jiang Wan looked towards Ren as he said.

"Don't worry, Chief. I will help her in it."

Ren was already planning to help Xiao Rin to prepare for her audition even before Jiang Wan mentioned it.

He do not have any problem with that and it would also somewhat help him.

"Ah, suddenly there is a lot more work to do. I have to call Director Zhao for it. Xiao Rin schedule would also be changed if she passed the audition."

Jiang Wan said as he grumbled.

Xiao Rin would directly become an actress if she passed the audition. It means that not only her contract would be changed, her schedule too.

Jiang Wan would get busier from now because of that.

'Maybe I have unintentionally increase his work.'

Ren thought as he stared at the grumbling Jiang Wan. Although it was unintentional, Ren did have increased his work.

He felt bad thinking about it but he also can't do anything about it.

"Oh yes, I forgot to tell you but the lead actress have been officially cast."

"I thought they have already casted her."

Ren said when he heard that and Jiang Wan continued.

"Well, it was still in the process of negotiations, now they have finally signed the deal."

"Who is the actress?"

White bear asked the question Ren wanted to ask and Jiang Wan replied.

"Well, it's Chen Mei. You must have heard about her."

Ren and White bear both nodded their heads when they heard that.

Ren had already expected her to be the female lead as she also played the female lead in Ren's previous life.

Her acting was good too and she was an actress who was known to grab the audiences attention by her stellar performance.

She had also acted in many theatres, so her acting was top notch and she was also a beauty.

Although Ren did not know anything about her personality, he was keen to meet her.

"She is not someone with a bad character, so try to get along with her. You and her would have many scenes together, remember to have a good relationship."

"I know, Chief."

"Oh, yeah, one more thing…."

As Ren thought that the discussion would be over, Jiang Wan suddenly said.

"Don't get too close with her. Although she's a good actress, there are rumours about her being in a relationship with some of her co-stars."

'Yeah, there was that.'

Ren suddenly recalled something he had heard in his previous life, Chen Mei was known to have many relationships in her career.

There are rumours that she was even dating a top actor at a time. Although there were rumours about her, no scandal have occurred.

So, she still have her reputation as a good actress and producers can trust her but Ren knew that there would be a big scandal about her in the future.

'It was even a scandal that had destroyed her career.'

Ren thought as he started thinking about the scandal that had shocked the whole showbiz industry of China.

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