Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Chapter 69. Script reading (1)

Chapter 69. Script reading (1)

The meeting room where the «The stars above» script reading session would be held was already noisy.

The behind-the-scenes team was busy setting up the cameras and lights, and the cast and related parties arrived one after another, ate the snacks on the table and began to chat.

The mood was peaceful as there were many people who were acquainted with one another after doing several projects together.

The reason the staff was setting up the cameras was because to make some teasers of the script reading session and distributing it on the internet to gain some publicity.

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They can also make a behind the scenes video or something with this.

Because of those cameras and lights, the script reading session looked like an actual shooting but the actors and actresses inside the room was already used to it.

"I wish our drama can become a big hit."

An actor who was playing the role of a teacher said.

"Well, I think it will be at least a hit, looking at the controversy about it."

An actress sitting on the left side replied.

"Isn't the controversy getting too big. I think people will know it after the drama ends."

An old actor who was playing the role of the principal said.

"Well, I think I agree with the masses, Xin Ren is probably being hasty by doing a lead role when he's just a rookie."

An actor clearly dissatisfied with Ren said. He was an actor who was working hard for years to get a lead role.

He was obviously upset about Ren getting the lead role when he's just a new actor.

"What do you think about it? Will he able to do his role properly?"

"We have to wait for a bit to know. Honestly, Director Fu would not have selected him if he was not good at acting."

"We all know that he's good at acting. His acting was great in «Secret spy» but the problem is whether he can play the lead or not."

"Well, the main role of Rei is very hard to execute as he's a middle aged man in the body of a teenager. You have to act mature and a bit childish at the same time."

An actor who had originally auditioned for the role of Rei said. He was sad that he was not able to get the lead role but he was a bit happy that he got the role of Rei's friend.

"Well, characters driven out from the plot are hard to play, generally."

"Yeah, it's a hard task to show various expressions on your face at the same time. His acting in «Secret spy» was good but he mostly have a crazy vibe around him."

"Yeah, he had to work hard to get the role right."

An actress who was playing the role of the female lead's mother said.

"I still think that he had gotten this role because of his company or some other backroom deals."

The actor who was originally dissatisfied with Ren said in a whisper but everyone in the room heard it clearly.

As they were thinking about the reply, they heard a voice from the corner of the room.

"Why are you discussing about whether someone can play a character or not. I think you all should work hard on your characters instead."

The voice was haughty and somewhat arrogant but no one was able to say anything about Ren after hearing that.

It was because the voice was of Chen Mei, the female lead of the drama.

Just a while after Chen Mei said that, the door to the room opened.

Through the door, Ren and Xiao Rin entered the room with Chief Han and White bear in tow.

As the actors and actresses inside the room saw White bear big body and Chief Han scary face, they became slightly frightened.

They felt that White bear and Chief Han were debt collectors instead of managers. Truthfully, they looked more like debt collectors than managers.

Although the actors and actresses were frightened by them, their gazes didn't linger on them for long as they curiously kept on looking at Ren and Xiao Rin besides him.

They were trying to gauge Ren with their eyes but even after staring at him for a while, they didn't felt anything different.

They felt that he was just another young actor who wanted to prosper and become a big star.

It just made them feel more frustrated. They didn't thought that Ren was anything special but they kept their mouth shut.

Instead of Ren, they were now looking at Xiao Rin. Although they had heard about Ren, nobody have ever heard or seen Xiao Rin.

But from the corner of their eyes, they kept staring at her. Some of the young actors who were only 17 or 18 year olds even felt their heart beating faster after seeing her.

Their eyes were glued to her and they can't wait to go and talk to her but they kept sitting on their seats as she was standing quite close to Ren.

Seeing their closeness, a young actor asked a staff member who looked knowledgeable about the situation.

"Hey, Who is she?"

"Ah, she. Her name is Xiao Rin. She's a debutant who is playing the role of the little sister, Yiren."

"Really? Then, why is she that close with Xin Ren?"

"I think it's because they are from the same company. Their company must have instructed them to stay closer and take care of each other."

The young actor finally understood the story and he kept nodding to himself. He was thinking of watching out for a time and talk to Xiao Rin secretly.

As the young actor was thinking like that, the other actors and actresses were busy talking about Ren.

They were dissatisfied with him, especially the young actors who were not still not mature but they kept it to themselves.

Ren also didn't thought much about it as he bowed towards everyone and greeted them.

He was clearly showing the attitude of a rookie actor. He didn't showed any arrogance making the old actors frustration decrease a little.

After greeting the actors and actresses, Ren sat down on his seat. Xiao Rin, White bear and Chief Han also sat besides him but no one approached them.

Some of the actors wanted to approach them but they were scared to make the move, so they just kept watching.

Although no one approached them, Ren didn't felt any feeling of isolation as Chief Han kept him busy by telling Ren his experiences while working in the idols department.

He talked about the jealousy of the members towards each other and how their frustration as they were not able to date because of the restrictions.

Because of his stories, the mood was good. Maybe he was doing it intentionally to calm down Ren or something else but it certainly worked.

"Can I sit here?"

As they were talking, someone suddenly approached their table.

It was a girl with long black hair and a oval face, she looked to be in her mid 20s and she was wearing a sky blue skirt with a top.

She was Chen Mei.

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