Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Chapter 74. Shooting (1)

Chapter 74. Shooting (1)

-You are not exhausting yourself, right. These days, you came to the house very late. Even your father was worried about you.

Ren entered the van while talking with his mother.

The shooting of «The stars above» had finally started and because of that, Ren and White bear often stayed out late on the sets.

Although their schedule was hectic, they were still enjoying their day to night life on the filming sets.

But because of that, his mother was worried for him again.

"I am okay, mother. The shooting is going great and the director was also pleased with me."

Ren had been shooting the scenes of before regression. He was continuously playing the role of a tired middle aged man but from today, the scenes after his regression will start.

-It's fine then but don't exhaust yourself much. The weather is getting cold everyday, wear some warm clothes.

"Don't worry about it, mother."

Ren said as he thought of the cold weather outside the van. It was currently the start of December and the weather is getting more and more cold.

"Brother Ren, are you talking with your mother?"

As Ren was talking with his mother, Xiao Rin who was sitting on his side leaned her head towards him with a interested expression.

"Yeah, she's just slightly worried about me."

-Hey, who's that? I heard a female voice. Are you with a girl currently?

His mother voice also became interested when she heard Xiao Rin's voice.

"She's the junior in the company I told you about, mother. Xiao Rin who is going to play the role of my little sister in the drama."

-Oh, she's that girl.

His mother voice died a little when she heard that Xiao Rin was just a junior.

Although his mother's voice died down a little, Xiao Rin was looking at Ren's phone with interest.

"Brother Ren, can I talk to your mother for a bit?"

"You want to talk to her?"

Ren didn't have any problem with that so he gave his phone to Xiao Rin when he saw her excited expression.

"Hello, Aunty. My name is Xiao Rin."

Ren didn't knew why but Xiao Rin excitedly talked with his mother. His mother was also happy talking to her.

They talked for almost five minutes and Ren didn't interrupted her as he thought that it would be good change of mood for her.

Although Ren has been continuously going on shoots, it was Xiao Rin's first time on a real filming site.

Because of that, she had some anxiety in her eyes. That's why Ren didn't interrupted her talk with his mother.

"I should go visit her someday."

After the call, Xiao Rin inexplicably said something which greatly confused Ren.

"Who? My mother!"

"Yeah, I think that it would nice to meet her."

As Ren was going to ask her 'Why the hell she wanted to meet his mother?', he was interrupted by White bear and Chief Han who entered the van together.

"Let's go to the set."

Chief Han said as he started the van. Ren also didn't said anything after that.

* * *

"We finally arrived here."

White bear said as the van reached the filming set which was a high school in reality.

Today, Director Fu wanted to shoot the high school scenes and because of him being a perfectionist, Arc production requested a high school to let them have the shooting here.

"Ah, the weather is really cold."

Ren said as he felt the cold howling wind of the winter. It was good that he was wearing warm clothes or he would have frozen in this cold wind.

"Don't be nervous on the set and just do your role freely."

Ren said to Xiao Rin who was curiously looking at the high school like a child who was looking at an amusement park.

More specifically, she was looking at all the cameras, the lightning materials, props and the staff who was busy moving around.

"You are here. Please wait for a moment until we prepare the set."

An assistant director approached them as he said that.

"It's not a big deal."

Chief Han said as he greeted the Assistant Director. They talked with each other for sometime and then, the assistant manager led them to the seats assigned to the actors.

As they reached the seats, Ren found Chen Mei sitting already sitting there.

"You are early today."

Ren said as he greeted Chen Mei while Xiao Rin looked at him with a slightly shocked face.

"I don't like to be late on the shoot. By the way, it looks like Xiao Rin is also here with you today."

Chen Mei said as she looked at Xiao Rin.

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The reason Ren was casually chatting with Chen Mei was because he had already met her multiple times on the shoot.

Because of their frequent meetings, they had became good friends.

"It's nice to meet you, Senior."

Although Xiao Rin was slightly shocked by Chen Mei and Ren's friendship, she didn't forget her etiquette as she greeted Chen Mei while bowing.

"It's also nice to meet you. Today's your first shoot but you don't have to be nervous about it. Just act naturally."

"Thank you for your advice."

Xiao Rin said as she and Ren took their seats.

After sitting down, Ren and Chen Mei started talking with each other.

"It looks like the weather is becoming more and more cold. The shoot for the next episodes will be harder."

"But it's also an advantage as our drama has lots of scenes in the snow."

"Yeah, it's look like we will be shooting the whole January."

"You have to take care of your skin in cold weather otherwise it can become dry."

Chen Mei and Ren talked about many things with each other but Xiao Rin just stayed silent as she looked over them.

Noticing Xiao Rin's silence, Ren said.

"Xiao Rin, are you nervous?"

"Ah, no, no, I was just thinking about something"

Xiao Rin said as she shook her head but Ren can feel that she was somewhat distracted.

"You don't have to be worry about the people watching you or the cameras filming you, just act as there are only me and you. Just like we did while we practised our lines."

'Just me and you…..'

Xiao Rin thoughts were distracted for a second but she quickly took a hold of herself as she said.

"You don't have to worry about that, Brother Ren. I am okay."

"You too sure are close."

Watching the conversation, Chen Mei suddenly said and Xiao Rin blushed a little because of that but Ren's next words dissapointed her.

"No, we just have a senior-junior relationship."

Xiao Rin's expression crumbled there for a second but she quickly returned to her normal state, at least outwardly.

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