Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 84

Volume 2: Start Of Stardom Chapter 84 84. Lin Ru

Chapter 84. Lin Ru

The girl sitting in from of Ren was very surprised when she saw him play the guitar.

The melody leaving out of the guitar was sweet and it provided a sort of ecstasy to the ears. Ren was playing the guitar with ease and his fingers were dancing across the guitar and a soft melody was flowing from it.

People were occasionally stopping in their tracks just to hear the melody of the guitar. The girl whose guitar Ren was playing was very shocked when he she this.

It wasn't because of Ren's skill in playing the guitar, it was because the tune Ren was playing was her.

It was the tune she had created and she was even playing it a while ago but something was different this time.

'Did he rearranged my tune?'

The girl thought as she looked at Ren who was playing the guitar with a smile on his face and he was looking like he was enjoying the music.

The girl who was in from of him was thinking about how he had rearranged her tune so fast.

She was a rookie singer who used to sing in clubs and restaurants for some money but one day, she was scouted by an entertainment agency.

She was happy and surprised by it and she soon signed with them. Although the agency was new, the people there were nice and she worked hard for half an year just to create a song.

The result was that the agency liked it and soon prepared for her debut but the problem was that there was no TV station who accepted her.

As she was a new singer and one without no popularity, the TV stations were not wiling to have her come and sing on their shows.

So, the company had no choice but to go through the radio to promote her.

By chance, she also got to sing her original song in the live singing segment of a famous show. It was a good start for her but because she was too nervous, she was not able to sing her song well.

That's why she came outside to take a breather and coincidentally, she met with Ren here who was playing a rearranged tune of her song better than her.

'Is that really the tune I created?'

As she was listening to Ren playing the guitar, the girl had that thought in her head as the tune had completely changed in the later half.

It had gotten more smooth and the melody had gotten straighten out. It was completely different.

The girl felt that Ren was playing the tune better than her and the his version of the tune was better than what she had created.

She felt complicated when she thought about that and the performance was over before she could came out of her shock.

'What the hell happened?'

That was the girl's thought when she saw Ren passing the guitar to her.

* * *

"Thank you for letting me play your guitar. It's really good."

Ren said as he handed over the guitar to the girl. He was feeling sort of refreshed as he was playing the guitar after a very long time.

His fingers were also slightly hurting but it was not much.

"Ah, umm, was that my tune?"

The girl said holding the guitar in her hands. She was feeling nervous while asking that.

"Yeah, I heard it and it was sort of familiar. That's why I was able to play it well. By the way, which song was it from?"

Ren said as he scratched his head. Although he was able to play the tune, he was not able to remember the song it was from.

He just knew that he had played and listened to the tune in his previous life.

"Ah, umm it was me who created it."

"It was you?"

When Ren asked to confirm, the girl meekly nodded her head.

'Was she a famous singer?'

Ren thought as he stared at the girl. The girl has brown hair and she was pretty but that was it. She felt familiar but Ren was not able to remember who she was.

The girl didn't knew but she felt hot when she noticed Ren's gaze on her and a slight blush appeared on her face. She lowered her head due to feeling embarrassed.

"Can I know who.....?"

As Ren was about to ask for her name, someone approached them. It was a staff member which Ren had met in the studio five.

When the staff member saw Ren there, he slightly bowed towards him and then glanced at the girl and said.

"Ms. Lin Ru, the live singing segment is going to start soon. Producer Ma was calling for you."

"Ah, okay."

The girl wanted to talk more with Ren but she held it in and went with the staff member to the studio five.

Ren just stood there as it all happened. He was thinking of the name the staff member had said towards the girl.

'Lin Ru, is she that Lin Ru?'

Ren's mind was in a mess thinking about it. He was not able to decipher if the girl really was Lin Ru or not.

'No, wait! She was Lin Ru and the familiar tune was from the song 'The stars in the sky'.'

Ren finally recalled that the girl was really Lin Ru, someone who is going to become famous worldwide in the future.

As far as Ren recalled, Lin Ru had first came into light when her single 'Once upon' had gone viral on the internet.

She had became an instant star after that. She did many concerts and shows after that and her albums kept breaking records.

She was even able to get famous in Japan and Korea with her songs. She was one of the top singers in Ren's previous life.

'The stars in the sky' was one of the songs she had sung in her fifth album. It was the song which had broken many records for her and was the number one song among the youth at one time.

Ren remembered that his senior had asked him to learn the song as it was a good song for impressing girls.

But Ren had not learned it for that reason as at time, he was really desperate for a break. He had learned it because he had really liked the song.

'But why was Lin Ru here?'

Ren thought as he thought about the girl he had met a while ago.

As far as he knew, her song had gone viral a few years later in the future, it does not make any sense for her to be here.

'She was rumoured to have struggled in her past.'

Ren thought as he remembered the rumour that she has struggled quite a lot. Maybe she was still in her struggling phase.

But the problem was not that, the problem was that he had played one of her future songs in front of her.

Ren wondered about how she will react to it.

Going by the fact that she was already singing the song, she had already made the song but maybe, she had not smoothen out it yet and it was just a demo version currently.

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