Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Chapter 86. The stars in the sky

Chapter 86. The stars in the sky

As soon as the words 'Go' appeared on the monitor, Ren started playing the guitar.

Although he was nervous, he was able to play the tune just right. The melody coming out of the guitar was really pleasing to listen and it soon changed the room's atmosphere.

After the initial prelude, Lin Ru started singing the lyrics. Her voice was sweet and the with the excellent lyrics, it provided a sense of affection and tenderness.

As soon as Lin Ru sang the first line, the whole atmosphere in the studio completely changed. No one said anything as they quietly listened to the song.

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Producer Ma was looking at Lin Ru with wide eyes and Writer Hu was greatly surprised, not only because of the song but also because of Ren's guitar skills.

Only Wu Wei was watching Ren and Lin Ru with a meaningful smile. He was listening the song with a smile on his face.

Lin Ru also got comfortable in the middle of the song and her words came

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