Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Chapter 89. Director Huang

Chapter 89. Director Huang

8 AM

Inside the PR Team office, there was a constant ringing of phones and all the people in the room were either typing or were busy taking the calls.

"Yes, yes, Director, with our relationship do you really think I would have gone elsewhere if I knew about this. It was really sudden on our side too. An interview, I have to see the schedule before confirming it. Don't worry, I will call you the earliest. Bye."

Director Kang ended the call with a sigh as she moved her shoulders up and down.

"Ah, it's the twelfth call that I have answered today. I still hadn't eaten my breakfast yet."

She said as she sighed heavily. There were dark circles under her eyes due to waking up early in the morning because of the incident.

"Me too! Director Kang, I thought that I can finally live in peace for sometime but I didn't expect that a viral video will come out this time."

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A male employee said as he continued to typed in his

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