Top Star: Journey To Become A Global Star Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Chapter 98. Mischief

Chapter 98. Mischief

{«The stars above», a drama that continues to surpass it's ratings.}

{Critics say that «The stars above» have the potential to become the best drama in the first quarter of the year.}

{The reason a drama filled with rookies became a big hit.}

Looking at the articles on the screen, Ren smiled faintly. The interest in «The stars above» is going higher and higher like its ratings.

In his first episode it achieved the highest ratings of 1.8% and it had continued to surpass it every week.

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Just last week, it surpassed the 2% ratings and the critics are already claiming it to be the best drama of the first quarter of the year.

Because of that, the interest in Ren was going higher and higher but it was not just Ren.

People has also quite liked the other characters. The character of Chen Mei had even gotten some fans and Xiao Rin had made a spectacular debut as Yiren.

Because of her beauty and cuteness, Xiao Rin fans

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