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Touch Of Fate summary:

Reincarnated into a new world due to the interference of fate, Mike tries to survive in a world of magic and monsters.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Michael Rasmussen, a.k.a. Mike, lived an ordinary and uneventful life, until he was killed in an accident. Surprisingly, or perhaps as expected, he found himself face to face with ...

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Touch Of Fate Chapters

Time uploaded
281 Dreadfuls3 days ago
276 Cabin Fever2 weeks ago
262 Comeuppancea month ago
250 Countersa month ago
246 Furiesa month ago
241 Testing Oua month ago
228 Devoureda month ago
222 No Pressurea month ago
220 Covert Opsa month ago
212 Inner Piecea month ago
209 Upliftinga month ago
197 Dartsa month ago
186 The Dukea month ago
176 To The Cavea month ago
154 Living Ona month ago
146 Homelessa month ago
144 Aftershocksa month ago
140 Buying Gamea month ago
134 Tentoriuma month ago
121 Seeing Reda month ago
117 Penumbraa month ago
105 Yes Sira month ago
101 Investmentsa month ago
98 Baggagea month ago
96 New Homea month ago
95 Settling Ina month ago
93 Admissionsa month ago
91 Embarkationa month ago
88 Decisionsa month ago
84 Im On A Boata month ago
80 Formalitiesa month ago
78 Till The Enda month ago
66 Severancea month ago
58 Rivalrya month ago
54 Another Stepa month ago
53 Making Wavesa month ago
52 Limitlessa month ago
51 Limitsa month ago
38 Seedsa month ago
37 Wrap Upa month ago
34 Reuniteda month ago
23 Heroes Risea month ago
22 Moonlit Walka month ago
17 To Adventurea month ago
13 Fiery Stara month ago
12 Road Tripa month ago
11 Grim Tidingsa month ago
7 Fresh Meaa month ago
5 Cardio Workoua month ago
3 Bad Toucha month ago
2 Wait Really?a month ago
1 Biographiesa month ago
2 Link To Mapa month ago
3 Status Sheea month ago
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