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  • Transcending Limits

  • Genres : Fantasy
  • Status : Ongoing
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Transcending Limits summary:

Why am I so awesome? Sheng Tian sighed for the Nth time as he stood on a mountain cliff.*Blurgh* *Blurgh* *Blurgh* The ground below was dyed red as the three people behind him spat out blood. They were trembling as they pointed their fingers weakly at the handsome Sheng Tian and shouted Bastard! We had a deal! You go left and we go right! We split the loot fifty-fifty....

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Transcending Limits Chapters

Time uploaded
122 Terror4 weeks ago
115 A Promise4 weeks ago
100 Im Sorry4 weeks ago
95 I Wish..4 weeks ago
91 Not Again4 weeks ago
86 The Truth4 weeks ago
77 Frozen Hell4 weeks ago
72 The Scheme4 weeks ago
66 The Auction4 weeks ago
61 Her Smile4 weeks ago
31 Cold Beauty4 weeks ago
22 Hearts Dream4 weeks ago
16 Training4 weeks ago
15 Gift?4 weeks ago
10 Demoness4 weeks ago
8 Fate4 weeks ago
6 Not A Hero4 weeks ago
2 First Time4 weeks ago
1 Prologue4 weeks ago
1 Preface4 weeks ago
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