Transmigrated As Shen Fei Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Prowess of SNATCH

I nodded and sat close to her feet and looked towards her, she nodded, then I took her feet in my hands.

Her feet was really soft and smooth but I stopped myself before I lose control and put my soul force in my fingers and started massaging her bruised area.

She seemed to suppress her voice but after a minute she couldn't and started muttering which seemed like a moan to me.


"Bear it for sometime then the pain will go." I said.

"Ahh...it hurts."

"Just a moment." I said.

'Damn this conversation seems like we are having sex, I should finish this quickly or I would not be able to control myself.' I said in my mind.

After 10 minutes the bruised area was healed and I said as I looked at her red face "Well, it's done."

I stood up and turned to go when she said "There is another place which is bruised." Wuxiaworld for visiting.

"Well show me." I said.

She has a red face when I asked her to show it to me, then she slowly started to open her upper clothes.

When her upper clothes were opened, I saw that she was wearing a pink blouse with a big bulge which can only be seen on much older women then her.

I was constantly staring at her slightly showing cleavage when she said with a red face "Shen Fei what are you looking at."

"Sorry, I couldn't control myself because you are too beautiful." I said.

She started blushing very hard when I saw a big bruise below her left breast. I was sad even when I knew about it.

I started massaging the area when I said "Are you that much don't want to be with me that you are enduring this much pain to break up the marriage."

She said slowly "It isn't like that, I just wanted to control my own fate."

"That makes me feel better." I said as I smiled towards her.

She averted my gaze and didn't said anything.

As I was doing the massage I slowly said and activated my skill, "SNATCH".

My energy entered her body then also she wasn't able to detect it and after 3 seconds I was able to find the Page of Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

As I took the page she totally didn't react to it, and then I quickly put it in my inventory.

I was shocked by it's abilities, as the victim couldn't even know that he has been robed by it. Ofcourse as it was not to hurt her she totally wasn't able to detect the skill.

And I knew that if I tried to hurt anybody with it, then they will be able to know about it but then also only the much stronger people than me can defend from it.

After that I started to heal her with much concentration and 30 minutes later it was finished.

Then I said "It is completed, make sure to come here for the massage for the next 2 weeks and don't cultivate at night anymore."

Ofcourse, I lied to her about the massage as she was already completely healed.

She nodded and said "Thank You Shen Fei, I don't know how to repay you."

" It's Ok, and I will take my leave now otherwise I will not be able to control myself." I said and took off as she started blushing heavily.

[POV - Xiao Ning'er]

After he left I couldn't control my heart as today was the first time a male has touched me and on top of that he is the one who I despised before.

"Looks like he really changed after these years." I said to myself.

These years I was observing him and I couldn't help but be shocked about his transformation.

I recalled his figure when he was massaging me. He had become much taller and have sexy body with a handsome face.

I slapped my head as my face became red and said to myself " Ning'er what the hell are you thinking."

After that I also took my leave from the training field.


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