Trapped In Her Heart Book 2 Chapter 115

Volume 2: Love Finds It's Way Chapter 115 Path Of Lies And Flowers

Before Sebastian could say anything, Rebcca hung up the call. He wanted to call her back and tell her that he would never do what she wanted him to and nothing could ever happen with Charlotte or any other women but he didn't.

He didn't want his mother to come back and ruin his peaceful life with Ellie. Just like Ava, he was also liking the calm and peaceful environment he was living in. Though nothing could separate him from Ellie but he still wanted to avoid all the trouble as long as he could.

Sebastian came out of his daze when Boji started snuggling against his leg. Picking her up in his arms, he made his way towards the kitchen.


Standing by the kitchen door along with Boji, his lips curled upwards when he saw Ellie. Life was so perfect and amazing right now and he didn't want anyone or anything to take this away from him.

When Ellie saw him, she smiled at him and inquired, "Did you finish talking?" When he nodded his head, she added, "It's almost ready."

Keeping Boji on the floor, he entered the kitchen and asked Ellie to wait outside before washing his hands.

"It's alright, I'll help you with the plating."

When she kept fiddling with the spatula, he raised his brows and asked, "What happened?"


Crossing his arms in the front, he added, "I know you want to ask something."

Keeping quiet for quite some time, she asked, "I heard that your momshe, your"

Sensing her hesitation, he flicked her forehead. "When did you start hesitating while talking to me?"

"Umm I heard that your mom plans out many dates for you and keeps looking for a perfect woman for you, is that true?" When Sebastian nodded his head, she added, "And I also heard that you go for those blind dates, is that true too?"

"Who told you this?" He frowned.

She raised her brows and asked, "Last question, did you go for any date recently? I mean after I joined the company as your assistant, did you on any dates?"

Looking at her eyes and her expressions, Sebastian knew that he was dead no matter whether he agreed or denied. He did go on a date with Charlotte when Ellie was in Seattle but does that count?

During the whole day date, he was thinking about her and Charlotte kept talking about fashion so could that be considered as a date?

When he did not say anything, she kept the spatula down and smiled at him. "Well, I'll take your silence as a big yes." Without waiting for his reply, she started walking out of the kitchen all angry and upset.

Though she knew that they weren't bound to each other and she shouldn't be expecting much from him but how could she not be sad or angry after finding out that the man she loved was still going on blind dates with other women?

If he really had feelings for her like she had for him, why on earth would he even think about dating other women? And if he really didn't care, why would he fly all the way to Seattle just to tell her that he was missing her?

After analyzing everything, Ellie was still very mad and pissed at him.

Grabbing her hand, Sebastian panicked, "Hey, how can you just walk out after assuming my answer?" When she did not say anything, he asked, "What if I say that I didn't go on any dates while you were away?"

"You didn't?" When he shook his head, she smiled and pounced into his embrace. "I knew that you wouldn't do that, I am sorry for reacting that way."

Hugging her back, he gulped in nervousness. "It's alright, I understand why you thought that way."

Pulling away, she smiled, "We should eat, hmm I'll go and set the table for us."

After she left, he cursed himself for acting like a coward. Though he knew he would end up being dead both ways, he didn't want to piss her off two consecutive times on the same day. So he chose the path of flowers and lies which he knew wouldn't last long, he knew that thorns would start poking him very soon.

Turning off the stove, he muttered, "Enjoy your time with her while you can Sebastian Stewart because when she finds out, she is going to kick your ass."


Nelson mansion.

"I am not a kid," Charlotte shouted.

Albert panicked and tried to calm her down. "Princess, calm down okay? If you keep taking so much stress, you'll surely get a pimple or worse, wrinkles."

Massaging her forehead, she sighed, "Why do you keep stressing me then uncle? You know that stress makes me look ugly."

"I am extremely sorry sweetheart but I won't be at peace if I leave you alone here in such a big mansion so when Rebecca Stewart told me that she would as her son and daughter to take care of you, I readily agreed," Albert explained.

"Do you take me as a fool? Okay fine, maybe I am not very smart and I have a relatively low IQ but that doesn't mean I don't understand what you are trying to do," she retorted.

Without waiting for his reply, she pointed towards her eyes and asked, "Do you know what these are?"


"No, they are no ordinary pair of eyes, they are lie detectors too and my lie detecting eyes are telling me that you are lying." Glaring at him, she threatened him, "So are you telling me on your own or should I use my brutal method to spill things out of you?"

Loosening his tie, Albert cleared his throat and gave her a weak smile. "It's nothing so serious, Mrs Stewart wants you and Sebastian to spend more time together so"

"Ce n'est pas possible,"

"Okay, that is French," He frowned.

"Non possibile,"

"Honey I am not under"

Cutting him off, she added, "Das ist nicht mglich."

"Is the German?"

Glaring at him, she snapped, "That was 'It's not possible' in French, Italian and German." Without waiting for his reply, she added, "Well, since you don't seem to understand English, I thought maybe you would understand if I tell you in a different language."


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