Trapped In Her Heart Book 2 Chapter 116

Volume 2: Love Finds It's Way Chapter 116 Busted


"Look uncle, I respect you alot and I love you too but that doesn't mean you'll take advantage of my love and force me to do something that I don't want to," Charlotte snapped, Albert had never forced or pushed her to do something that she didn't want to so his current behavior of urging her to try to work things out with Sebastian was driving her crazy.

"Alright, don't get hyped up sweetheart. It's okay if you don't like Sebastian but you also need to understand that I won't be at peace if I leave you alone without any guidance right?" When she nodded her head, he added, "So I want you to stay with Sebastian and his sister until I come back. Now, is that too much to ask?"

Keeping quiet for quite some time, she agreed. "Fine but just because I don't want you to worry about me."

Giving her a hug, Albert smiled, "That's like my good girl."


Next morning

Stewart International Group

"Dude, you got a puppy?" Noah chuckled.

Taking a sip from his coffee, Calvin muttered, "This guy is busted already."

"I know right? I mean weren't you afraid of dogs or anything furry?" Noah curiously asked. He very well remembered how much Sebastian freaked out whenever he saw anything furry, especially dogs of any size.

"Hey, you remember the time when he ran away like a mad man when he saw a Chihuahua in my place?" Calvin chuckled.

Sebastian frowned and retorted, "Hey, don't compare your unruly, wild and arrogant dog with our Boji. She is so sweet and adorable just like El."

Placing his hand on his chest, Noah sighed, "How sweet, now why don't you bake cookies for us Mrs Miller?"

Spitting out coffee all over the desk, Calvin coughed vigorously and started laughing out loud. "Oh man that was a good one."

"Do you think this is funny? Come on guys, I called you both over to discuss a very important thing so can you both stop messing around? Tease me as much as you want after you help me sort this out,"

Sensing the seriousness of the matter, Noah asked, "What happened?"

"So Ellie asked me whether I went for any date after she join work and"

Cutting him off, Calvin gasped, "And you lied to her."

"Dude, how can you lie to a woman? Have you lost your mind?" Noah snapped.

Sebastian gulped in nervousness and hesitantly asked, "What is the worst consequence of this?"

"No s.e.x for an entire week"

"Sometimes a whole month," Calvin added.

Massaging his forehead, Noah sighed, "I don't even want to think about it. The last time I lied to Melissa, she didn't let me touch her for two whole days and refused to talk to me."

"Hey but El and Seb aren't in that s.e.x phase right now." Calvin reminded them.

Sebastian sighed and nodded his head. Forget about the s.e.x phase, they were not even in the first phase. He was yet to propose to her and tell her about his feelings.

"Okay so the worst consequence is Ellie stops talking to you, no hugs and"

Cutting Noah off, Calvin added, "No sandwiches."

Sebastian widened his eyes in shock and panicked, "Wwhat? No sandwiches?"

Calving frowned and retorted, "You care about sandwiches more than Ellie not talking to you?"

"Forget about that Cal because that is not the real point, our main concern now is how are we going to help Seb keep this thing away from El."

Calvin nodded his head and readily agreed, "Yes, since he has already lied, that is the only thing we can do."

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Sebastian added, "That is not the only problem actually." Without waiting for their reply, he continued, "Mom wants Charlotte to stay with Ava and me until Mr Nelson is back from his business trip."

"You gotta be kidding me, Sebastian Stewart you are so f.u.c.k.i.n.g dead."

Massaging his forehead, Noah sighed, "Why does she keep making things difficult for you and Ava?"

"Your mom is pure evil," Calvin snapped.

"She said that she would fly back if we refused to take care of her so I had no other choice. I don't want her to come back at least until I propose to Ellie and make our relationship official." Sebastian explained.

Placing his hand on his chest, Noah smiled, "My Seb has finally transformed into a real man." Wiping his non-existing tears away, he sighed, "He is all grown up now."

"I know right? Ellie really awakened the hibernating man within him." Clapping his hands, Calvin suggested, "I have an awesome plan."

"What?" Sebastian and Noah blurted out in union.

"Why don't you shift Ava and Charlotte to another apartment? I mean you obviously cannot keep her in your apartment because El is gonna kick your ass if you do that."

Sebastian frowned and said, "I can't keep Ava with a stranger like that. I mean we don't know what kind of a woman she is right?"

"I agree with Seb on that."

Pretending to think for a while, Calvin asked, "Why don't I keep them in my place?" When both of them gave him a weird look, he added, "You see, my place isn't far from yours and I have three spare rooms so they can keep one each. I am always in my office working hard to earn a living so the girls can have all the privacy they want."

Thinking for quite some time, Noah said, "Hmm I think that isn't a bad idea, it's Calvin after all and we can totally trust Ava with him right? He is like her brother two."

Giving him a weak smile, Calvin nodded his head.

"Alright then, let's go with that plan and I hope we won't f.u.c.k this up," Without waiting for their reply, Sebastian asked, "Owen's house warming party is tomorrow right?"

"Uh-huh it's tomorrow, you and El are coming right?"

"Of course we are." Glancing at his watch, he added, "We are going shopping today, we need to buy so many things for Boji."


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