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Trapped With Tycoon summary:

It is late night in Montreux, when Jun keep his eyes to Bella. He never felt this kind of emotion run through his vein with this girls.Bella is studying and work part time in Montreux. Her family chased her out from her homes and sent her to boarding school in Switzerland, as mistress daughter. She never know that her future will be in the palm of the most powerful tycoon in the world. ...

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Trapped With Tycoon Chapters

Time uploaded
253 Harry Lua month ago
251 Liam Plana month ago
242 Jun Ragea month ago
240 Sick Bellaa month ago
233 The Babiesa month ago
223 The Accidena month ago
221 Allan Xiea month ago
212 Bad Dreama month ago
209 Juns Harema month ago
208 2 Womena month ago
194 Jun Emotiona month ago
192 Juns Mothera month ago
188 Drugged Juna month ago
185 Liam Way Oua month ago
180 Mr Xu Secrea month ago
179 Betrayala month ago
175 Ashana month ago
164 Daddy Liama month ago
162 Sugar Daddya month ago
161 Juns Plana month ago
140 Little Bumpa month ago
138 Nancy Yuna month ago
130 Auction 2a month ago
129 Auction 1a month ago
115 Yang Longa month ago
99 Daija Shina month ago
97 Jun Proposala month ago
95 Crazy Liannea month ago
93 Forgivenessa month ago
90 Intermezzoa month ago
85 Conspiracya month ago
82 Suprisea month ago
80 Collin Scama month ago
76 Liam Choia month ago
71 Party Timea month ago
70 Rumoura month ago
69 Cunning Plana month ago
68 Delusionala month ago
67 Love Bitesa month ago
66 Reshuffleda month ago
64 Blind Datea month ago
58 Manager Juna month ago
42 Jun Angera month ago
37 Girl Talksa month ago
27 Jun Is Tireda month ago
21 Isabellaa month ago
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