Trash Techniques Are Actually Pretty Efficient Book 1 Chapter 43

Volume 1 Chapter 43 Now It Feels More Like A Game

"I'm home..."

Lan Xiang glanced at the scenery of the sunset before going in and closing the door.

He looked around, Xie Jian wasn't anywhere to be seen.

"Is she sleeping?"

Lan Xiang visited her room and found a snoring Xie Jian, spread like a spaghetti on the mattress.

He kissed her cheek and whispered softly into her ear, "I'm home."

At his own room, he crashed into his bed and sighed. "Today was unexpectedly tiring..."

He opened the system.

[Technique Improvement System]

Techniques currently learned: 27

Tech points: 1960

Great job progressing!

"I have 1960 tech points, what should I do..."

Lan Xiang poured out all of the techniques he acquired earlier. 102 from the old man, and way more from the auction house.

Seeing all of the techniques scattered across his floor, it was daunting, really.

Taking a deep breath, Lan Xiang motivated himself. He would have a shitton of tech points when he's done with this! Maybe, he could even become a millionaire in terms of tech points?

"First off, the pill recipes." Lan Xiang wanted to do these first simply because they came into his possession first.

Qi Replenish Pill

Bronze level technique (More details...)

Advance: 100 t-pts.

Bone Realignment Pill

Green level technique (More details...)

Advance: 200 t-pts.

Raging Energy Pill

White level technique (More details...)

Advance: 10 t-pts.

As he grabbed the fourth recipe, the system suddenly shut down.

"What? What happened?"

[The system is upgrading. Please wait...]

"Huh? Another upgrade? I've only gotten to 30, 5 more than last time."

Lan Xiang stood up. "Since the system is upgrading, might as well practice my new pill recipes."

Whenever the system shuts down, only the functions of upgrading, learning, and selling techniques become unavailable. The inventory with all of the techniques were still accessible, which was convenient to Lan Xiang.

As he pulled the furnace out of his bed, the system finished its upgrade. "That fast?"

He looked at the furnace. It was really inconvenient to pull it out and push it back under his bed. He decided to put it in his storage ring.

"Sure enough, even a large and heavy object like this can become portable with a storage ring."

He opened the system again. The first thing that greeted him was a red screen.

WARNING: You have ten (10) inventory spaces left! Please upgrade the inventory to store more techniques.

Note: Every technique that the host learns when inventory is full will be stored in the backlog with twenty (20) spaces, where it cannot be accessed until moved to the inventory.

"There is an inventory limit??" Lan Xiang scratched his head. "First time I've heard of this."

He glanced at the pile of books behind him. "That's way more than 10."

Lan Xiang had no idea what to do. The sudden appearance of an inventory limit threw a wrench to his plans of just learning as much techniques as he could.

"Hai... Now it feels more like a game, what with all the inventory and whatnot."

He returned the pile of books to his storage ring and lied on his bed. With 10 inventory spaces left, he decided to postpone his technique buffet session.

"How do I upgrade the inventory?"

He opened the system, and voila.

Techniques currently learned: 30/40 (+)

He pressed the plus.

Do you want to increase the inventory limit to 50?

Cost: 100 teach points

"What? Only a hundred? That's nothing!"

Lan Xiang shrugged. Guess it wasn't a big deal after all.


"Insufficient teach points. Please work hard to acc.u.mulate more teach points!"

The error dumbfounded Lan Xiang. "What does this mean? I have way more than a hundred!"

When he calmed down, he examined the message in greater detail. "Teach points, not tech points... What the heck are teach points."

He closed the prompt. "Based only on the name, surely, it would give me points if I teach anyone some stuff, probably based on techniques."

[Technique Improvement System]

Techniques currently learned: 30/40 (+)

Tech points: 2245

Teach points: 5

Warning message (More details...)

"Hm? I have some teach points. Why...? Oh, from that time I was bullshitting Jian'er!"

Lan Xiang could remember when he was trying to convince Xie Jian about the pill refining technique. Some of the bullshit that came out of his mouth were directly from the new and improved Pill Refinement Notes.

"Does it work if I simply teach any technique that's in my inventory? Or does it have to be an upgraded one?"

Unfortunately, the system was not sentient like other systems Lan Xiang had read in novels, so it couldn't answer his questions. It was up to him to experiment and explore all possible options.

He decided to try it out tomorrow, as Xie Jianhis most likely test subjectwas still sleeping.

"The very first thing I should do is decide which techniques to go in my last 10 inventory slots.

"The techniques in my storage ring will always be with me, so there's no rush to learn those. What I should learn are the ones that will only be in my possession for a limited time."

Lan Xiang grinned. He forged a plan in his mind. Firstly, he should go to Wuji Street and grab himself a spot. There was bound to be an empty space in that crowded marketplace. After that, he would offer to make pills, and as long as the customer brought his own recipe and ingredients, he would refine it for free.

These recipes would only be his for a limited time. Luckily for Lan Xiang, he had a system that allowed him to copy the entirety of the recipe with just one glance. So, technically speaking, the pill refining wasn't free, as they would be paying with their pill recipes!

"Wait a second..."

Just to be sure, Lan Xiang grabbed his phone and scoured the internet for any pill recipe. None came up, as even mentioning the word "pill" once would get the entire web page blocked and restricted. He also searched for techniques, manuals, all these keywords.

There was no result that matched his desires, not even a blank level technique appeared.

"Hai, this world's internet is so restricting when it comes to cultivation."

But that was the harsh truth. The big and powerful families didn't like the idea of the masses learning to cultivate.

After mulling things over, Lan Xiang thought his plan was ingenious!

"Time to use my pill prowess. Hehehe..."

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