Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039: His Words Are So Harsh. Isn't He Afraid Of Scarring His Tongue?!

Why hadn't Tangning given any response yet? If Ma Weiwei wasn't lying to herself, she would have definitely understood the reason.

The truth was, Tangning had no reason to respond to a cheap replica like her, but she simply couldn't admit to it.

Meanwhile, Han Xiuche claimed that he completely saw through Tangning, "Not only does she have amazing tolerance, she also has amazing schemes. You just wait and see, she still has plenty of tricks up her sleeves...You should pay close attention to yourself. I can't help you every single time."

Ma Weiwei sneered. After hiding for an entire night, it was time to go back and face reality. Besides, just like Han Xiuche said, he had already helped her get some justice. At least, insulting Tangning a little made her feel better.

This was how the world was like. A lot of people felt their misfortunes were the result of pain they felt from seeing someone else happy.

So, seeing someone else in misfortune helped them balance their emotions...

Meanwhile, Han Xiuche continued to argue with Tangning's fans, "You do know that the person you've been protecting is an actress, right?"

"She hasn't achieved anything, yet you guys call her an international superstar. You are the only ones that are so arrogant."

Faced with this situation, Long Jie watched as Han Xiuche argued with the fans and handed her phone to Tangning, "I wonder how far Han Xiuche is planning to go."

"You shouldn't be bothered by it..."

"I know it shouldn't bother me, but this jerk and Ma Weiwei are disgusting like a couple of cockroaches."

Yet, she had once trusted in Han Xiuche. This pained her even more, especially since Superstar Media were in their hands...

"Isn't Tangning trying to film a sci-fi film? You just wait and see, the trash she's creating will either be a suck up to the Americans or turn out to be a children's film!"

"WTF!" When Long Jie saw this, she immediately boiled up in anger. "His words are so harsh. Isn't he afraid of scarring his tongue?!"

"This morning, I received news that 'The Ant Queen's' trailer has been completed..." Tangning did not respond to Long Jie's words. Instead, she focused on something much more important.

"I know what you're trying to say. After preparing for so long, it's finally time to release your trailer and give the jerk a faceslap."

The efforts and suffering that Tangning went through for the sake of 'The Ant Queen' was something that Long Jie couldn't understand. Especially since, shouldering the dreams of Qiao Sen and Xia Hanmo was already a huge responsibility. But, even if Han Xiuche and Ma Weiwei were like a couple of wolves, they still couldn't stand in Tangning's way.

This time, she wasn't a model nor an actress, and she definitely wasn't an international superstar. This time, she was a writer and producer.

Afterwards, Tangning showed the first completed version of her film to Mo Ting, "You are the first to see it. Even I haven't seen it yet."

Mo Ting looked at Tangning in seriousness. He understood the anticipation she had and the amount of complex feelings she felt. She needed the most honest review, but she also needed genuine encouragement.

This was the initial cut, so there was bound to be more editing and post production to be done. In fact, there was even a possibility that they would have to refilm some parts. Either way, Tangning wanted a response from Mo Ting right away; was the film OK or not?

"Leave it here with me," Mo Ting said gently to Tangning, in an attempt to reduce her nervousness. "Take a deep breath, stop giving yourself too much pressure."

Tangning held onto Mo Ting's hand and nodded her head, "I trust in you. If worse comes to worst, I can start afresh, it doesn't matter."

"You won't have to! Trust me, OK?"

Tangning didn't know when Mo Ting planned to watch the film, but she really wanted to see his response.

However, even up until bedtime, Mo Ting still did not say a thing. Was he locked up in the study room for so long because he was actually working? Or, could it be possible that after he finished watching the film, he felt it was so bad that he didn't know how to tell her?

Tangning wanted to ask Mo Ting about it, but Yan Er happened to have a slight fever, so after coaxing her daughter to sleep, she also fell asleep as well. At this time, Mo Ting tucked his wife and daughter into bed and finally headed into the study room to watch Tangning's film.

Since he was the protagonist of the film, it was strange to watch it. But, he had to put aside his thoughts and place himself into the perspective of the audience to give an objective review.

The entire plot of 'The Ant Queen' had gone through a revision.

It went from a love story to a story about the love between a father and daughter.

The first scene was of Coco Li being kidnapped and the kidnappers trying to escape with her...

However, while they were driving away, they accidentally ran into a pedestrian. The pedestrian was extremely strange. He had a body that was transparent like a cicada pupa.

The kidnappers cursed but ignored what they had hit and continued on their way.

However, they had no idea that after they left, the thing they hit, shed off a layer of human skin. It was the outer shell of a body that an ant-like creature had eaten. By now, only the head remained...That was all.

After seeing this, Mo Ting paused for a second.

Just this first scene was shocking enough to give him goosebumps.

Tangning's post production team actually produced such impressive special effects. They made the ant's body so transparent that the sight of it made people sick!

In general, American sci-fi films liked to set their location in the future or on another planet, but, Tangning went ahead and set her film in the real and current world. It was reminiscent of the nightmare-enducing killer python films from the past...

The film was so realistic that it felt like a creature like this could actually be hiding under one's bed at any time.

It had the ability to make people break out in a cold sweat!

Afterwards, the kidnappers set foot on an abandoned island. This mysterious island was inspired by a real-life tribe and the atmosphere created on the breathtaking island was no different to something produced by Hollywood.

Soon, two hours passed.

After watching the entire film in one go, Mo Ting directly shut off his laptop.

He needed some time to regain his composure...

Although it wasn't hard to differentiate between the filming styles of Qiao Sen and An Zihao, Mo Ting did not think it mattered.

Eventually, Mo Ting appeared to have calmed down, but, he still couldn't hide his trembling hands.

From his point of view, he had never expected Tangning to produce something like this...how could a person not be excited by it?

A moment later, Mo Ting returned to the bedroom. When he saw Tangning asleep on the bed, he felt that everything she endured for such a long period of time had been all worth it; that she had made up for her year of suffering.

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