Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085: He Was Happy To Let Her Dream

If one was to ask Su Yu who she hated the most in the world, the answer wasn't necessarily the mistress secretary.

Yes, the secretary was hateful for stealing someone's husband and ruining a family, but the thing that disappointed Su Yu the most, was the fact that Han Jie called the mistress, 'mother'.

She had carried him in her stomach for almost 10 months and given birth to him. She also devoted all her love to parenting him. Unfortunately, at a crucial moment, the child knew how to choose self preservation. No, to be exact, he knew about the affair between his father and the secretary and never told his own mother about it. It seemed, the secretary had put in a lot of effort on him!

"The Han Family is holding a press conference tomorrow. In fact, the entire family will be there..."

Su Yu was shocked, "Is that wretched couple back?"

Tangning nodded and looked Su Yu in the eyes, "Yes they're back and the first thing they're doing is calling for a press conference so they can suppress the news."

"Suppress?" Su Yu laughed before she looked down at her leg. "How strange, I've managed to live with being wronged for 20 years, yet I suddenly feel a rush of hatred for that family. I guess, hatred doesn't fade with time, and it especially won't disappear!"

"I understand how you feel, Auntie Su. All you can do now is pay them back a hundred, no, a thousand-fold. Only then, will your heart be truly at peace."

"Life is already tough as a woman. If one must continue to be subjected to this annoying behavior, they might as well die!"

"My life once revolved around love. But, after I woke up to reality, I realized that everything a man can do, a woman can do too. So, I've learned to do everything on my own where possible..."

"After receiving a second chance at life, I told myself to be more selfish. That's how I became the person I am today: a person that gives an eye for an eye!"

"The luckiest thing for both of us is that you met Mo Ting and I met my Old Man Long!" Su Yu stood up from the sofa, wrapped her body and in her shawl and patted Tangning on the shoulder. She then walked over to the window and looked out into the distance, "Did you say it was tomorrow? Then, I must stretch my ears to listen properly and open my eyes to look clearly; I can't wait to see how the wretched couple decide to flip right from wrong."

"Oh, and there's also my son, Han Jie..."

Compared to Han Xiuche's persistent harassment, his brother, Han Jie, was much worse.

He simply hid his true intent well hidden, while Han Xiuche was like an open book.

It seemed, a bottom line was determined via comparison and, in this case, Han Xiuche was definitely the gentle one when compared to the rest of the Han Family.

"I will instruct my assistant to have some reporters at hand. As soon as the Han Family tries to suppress the matter, we will immediately strike back," Tangning explained. "No one can get away with doing something wrong, it's just a matter of time. They are bound to face punishment. So, Auntie Su, don't be afraid..."

"20 years of avoiding the matter has been enough. Especially since I have you and the old man by my side. One is an international martial arts superstar and the other is a two-time award winning best actress; what is there for me to be afraid of? One of you has the brains, the other has the brawn!" Su Yu chuckled. "On top of that, I have President Mo, who even an elder like myself is afraid of. He's born with the presence of a domineering king."

"He even managed to turn Hai Rui into the top agency within the entertainment industry and he's only in his 30's. It's obvious how capable he is. So, I'm confident, as long as he is around, he will always be your best bodyguard!"

"You are over exaggerating!" Tangning laughed.

No matter how colorful the world was and how extravagant the industry was, love was still the most important relationship between two people.

The amount of love that Su Yu once felt for Father Han, was the same amount of hatred that she now felt. On top of that, were 20 years of being wronged. If they added everything up, the Han Family could only pay back with their destruction.

Everything boiled down to tomorrow!


Meanwhile, Mo Ting confirmed the release date for 'The Ant Queen': it was to be released on the 16th of December.

However, Tangning told Mo Ting not to announce it to the public yet. She wanted to wait until the matter with the Han Family was resolved first.

Although Han Xiuche no longer caused Tangning trouble because of Su Yu's matter. Tangning still wanted to give Su Yu all the attention she needed to achieve her goal.


The next day, the media were once again filled with excitement. This time, the Han Family was finally jumping into action and responding to Su Yu. The entire family, including the secretary, was present.

With the appearance of their father, the Han brothers seemed a lot more obedient. The two men stood quietly behind their father, dressed in black suits, while Father Han stood tall and proud. Even though so many years had passed, he still had a powerful presence. After all, he had once paved his own path in the entertainment industry when he was young. Although he gave the agency to his son because of the incident that happened back then, he still ended up starting his own business overseas. Actually, he was more successful overseas than he was back in China.

But, the agency in China was still the mother company. Even though he had been living overseas for many years, he had always wanted to return home. So, it was important for him to resolve the matter with Su Yu as quickly as possible and end it once and for all.

It had already been 20 years. Did Su Yu think she could still make a comeback?

If she wanted to dream, he was happy to let her dream!

Meanwhile, the secretary beside him still looked young and beautiful. She understood men and knew the best way to keep a man in her hands.

So, she didn't experience many changes in the 20 years that passed.

The family of four stood in front of the media dressed in suits and formal clothing, looking serious. The media quickly sensed the serious vibe as well.

Father Han wanted to create a nervous atmosphere where no one dared to intrude.

He then sat down at the table on the stage and said to everyone, "Firstly, I would like to thank the media for their support and concern and I would also like to thank those that provided assistance during this time. I will always remember you."

"Now, let's move onto the main topic. 20 years have already passed since that fateful day. It's extremely painful for me to think back on that day because it's difficult for a man to admit that his wife cheated on him; especially when she cheated with two men at the same time!"

"I don't want to think back on that disgusting scene, but it seems, someone doesn't respect the forgiveness I've shown them and insists on digging up an old scandal to embarrass everyone."

"Su Yu, you've created so many stories about this person lying and that person deceiving, is there any point to doing that? It can't change the fact that you cheated."

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