Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Tomorrow, Lets See How She Gets Crushed Into a Paste

"I'll give her one last chance...if she doesn't turn back and insists on using me, then I have no choice..." Tangning wrapped her arms around Mo Ting as she mumbled; she was a little tired.

Mo Ting slowed down the car and gently patted her on the head so she could rest comfortably on his shoulder.

"If shes wrong, then shes wrong. When people do something wrong, they need to face the consequences."

Tangning rubbed her head against Mo Tings shoulder and stopped talking. She was still distracted by the words he had said earlier about being her lover. Thinking of this, she involuntarily let out a laugh.

"What is it?"

"Nothing. Its just that I feel our life right nowis just right." After speaking, Tangning softly placed a kiss on Mo Tings neck. She then enveloped Mo Tings hand in hers.

The traffic light turned red. Mo Ting turned his head to Tangning and gently kissed her on the cheek, "You are the best treasure Ive ever found."

And youare my treasure too .


Manipulated by Lan Yus pity act, the discussions online about Tangning gradually grew more and more intense. However, there were still quite a few opposing voices. After all, with Tangings current status, it didnt make sense for her to target a small-time model. So, Tangnings fans directly accused Lan Yu of creating hype. Of course, because of this accusation, Lan Yu once again started crying, resulting in an uproar among fans from both sides, as well as onlookers.

That night, Star Age received Tangnings gift for Lan Yu. Upon seeing the gift, Lan Yus manager smirked, "Theres even a card attached. Seems like Tangning is honestly wary of you."

Lan Yu scoffed, but still glanced over in interest.

Tangning is shameless!

"I never imagined Tangning would actually act accordingly; she even did something to benefit her enemy," Lan Yus manager was a tall and skinny man who hadnt been in his role for long.

"Thats obviously a stupid thing to do." Lan Yu removed the bottle from the gift box and instructed her assistant to find something not so pleasant to put inside. She then winked at her manager, "This was what Tangning actually sent me; she wanted to give me a warning."

Her managers eyes opened wide. He suddenly felt Lan Yu was quite terrifying. Was she really just 16-years-old?

"Youve already reaped benefits from the situation and Tangning even sent you a gift, shouldnt you stop while youre ahead? The entire Tianyi was brought down by Tangning, do you think shes actually afraid of you?"

Lan Yu turned to her manager with a look of ridicule, "How could you be my manager if you are so cowardly?"

"If you believe I am not up to your standards, feel free to speak to the president and get me replaced." After her manager spoke, he left Lan Yus waiting room. At only 16-years-old, this girl already knew how to scheme against others; when he thought about it, she was indeed frightening.

Lan Yu watched as her manager left and let out a grunt of disdain, "So what if its Tangning? Im still so small, arent the public going to protect me anyway?" After speaking, Lan Yu took the bottle of fragrance away and said to her assistant, "Take a photo of all this, place it online and say Tangning sent them to me."

Her assistant was the same age as her. Upon hearing Lan Yus instructions, she was slightly shocked.

"ButTangning actually sent"

"The public doesnt care about the truth, they just want entertainment and tears" Lan Yu shrugged disapprovingly before lifting her leg to kick her assistant, "Quick, go do it"

Her assistant tolerated the kick and held back her anger as she completed the task she was given. Of course, Lan Yu was taking advantage of the fact that she was still young; thinking she could continue to use Tangning to create hype and do whatever she wanted. Butthings werent always so ideal in the real world.

Tangning had given her a last chance, but she did not take it.

Instead, she bypassed her agency and impulsively posted online about how Tangning had sent her a hoax to warn and provoke her. She then went on to claim that she was terrified and started crying...

This timethe netizens exploded in anger. They thought Tangning really didnt let a child off. It was bad enough that she humiliated Lan Yu, yet here she was using horrible methods like this to seek revenge - she had taken things too far.

The post was made in the middle of the night. At this time, Tangning was fast asleep when she was awoken by a phone call from Lan Xi. She had called to notify her of what was happening online.

Tangning freed herself from Mo Tings embrace and pulled out her phone. Insulting phrases like Tangning get lost, Sl*t Tangning, B*tch Tangning were all over the internet. This was because they believed she had bullied a young girl, who had just turned 16. The Mini-Tangning incident escalated.

Mo Ting was awoken by her movements as he sat up. Upon seeing the commotion online, he wrapped Tangning in his arms as his heart ached, "Its time to make a moveafter all this, do you still think she deserves a chance?"

"My tolerance isnt that high" Tangning replied. She gently pushed Mo Ting away, "Go to sleep first. I need to return Lan Xis phone call. Dont worry, I promise, tomorrow Lan Yu will disappear from our sight"

Mo Ting sighed as he wrapped his arms around her, gesturing her to go ahead and make her phone call; he simply wanted to sit here and hug her quietly.

Tangning had no choice; she knew Mo Ting wanted to keep her company. So, all she could do was reveal a gentle smile as she punched in Lan Xis number, "Ive seen the gist of it"

"This Lan Yu appears to be extremely arrogant," Lan Xi said furiously from the other side of the phone. "Tomorrow I will go speak to the CEO of Star Age and demand they clear this matter, or elseI will make them realize, its not a good idea to challenge an artist from Cheng Tian."

"This matter, I can deal with it myself," Tangning responded calmly, "There is no need for you to speak to the CEO of Star Age."

Upon hearing this, Lan Xis eyes lit up with a curious glowThe fact that Tangning said she would deal with the matter herself, made Lan Xi wonder how she was to revive herself from this situation. So, she replied excitedly, "Fine, if you still havent solved this issue by tomorrow, I will need to use my methods."

"No need."

If Lan Xi was to step in, Tangning signing with Cheng Tian would be revealed and their surprise for Yang Jing and the others would be spoiled. Since they were playing a game, they should play it slowly; they couldnt reveal their winning card so easily. It wasnt worth doing that for Lan Yu.

Above all, she still had Mo Ting backing her up.

Even Mo Ting hadnt stepped in, as if she would need the help of Cheng Tian.

"In that case, Ill wait for your update. By the way, has Zihao contacted you?"

"Yes, he hasbut, President Lan, since hes not willing to be my manager, I dont think you should force him," Tangning replied straightforwardly.

The trouble created by An Zihaos prejudice and arrogance had wasted so much of her energy to fix that she really didnt want this top-class manager anymore.

"Give him another chance"

"President Lan, Im going to go" Tangning avoided her request.

As for Lan Yu

The present today was sent by Blair from EH

So, tomorrow, lets see how she gets crushed into a paste.

Translator's Thoughts

Yunyi Yunyi

How can someone be so evil at such an early age? I'd hate to see how sinister she would be when she gets older.

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