Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Did Big Boss Commission This?

"But, we've signed a contract..." Ling Feng's manager cautioned, furrowing his brows as he followed behind.

"Just let them know I'm not feeling well and tell the doctor to write me a letter...don't tell me you don't even know how to do this?" Ling Feng gave an evil amused smile. Up to this point, his career had been smooth sailing; no one had ever dared to stand him up like this. Yet, an outdated model had actually dared to do such a thing.

"I understand," the manager wrapped himself tighter with his coat and followed closely behind.

The reason Ling Feng could be so reckless was because his father was a huge investor for a film company. Even if he breached his contract and didn't turn up to a shoot, he would simply have to pay a little compensation; to him, it was nothing.

On the other hand, Tangning was different. She was grateful for every opportunity becausethings did not come easily.

That night, Beijing's night lights were dazzling. An Zihao arrived at Hyatt Regency; this was his first timeentering Tangning'sresidence.

Although he had long imagined how luxurious Tangning and Mo Ting's love nest would be, after seeing the Spanish-palace-style design, he still felt his heart skipped a beat in surprise.

A moment later, Tangning walked down from the upper level dressed in home clothes. Looking at the cautious An Zihao, she questioned, "You're here...did Ling Feng make things difficult for you?"

"I wouldn't say it was difficult, but this Ling Feng did not react the way I expected. I have a feeling he won't let us off so easily," An Zihaospeculated. "Now that Lan Xi seems to have the intention to suppress you, we will need to be extra careful."

"You...seem to be leaning towards my side?" Tangning sat down on the sofa, her voice was sweet as she slightly smiled.

An Zihao froze for a moment. He didn't realize his words had begun to reveal a bit of his answer: the answer that Mo Ting wanted in Moscow.

"For now, I am on my heart's side," An Zihaoreplied in a serious tone. It was impossible for him to suddenly betray Lan Xi.

"It's OK, I won't force you," Tangning said as she brushed back her hair.

"After LM's commercial, you will have a succession of magazine shoots. The month ahead will be fairly busy, I'm here to give you a heads up."

An Zihao noticed Mo Ting also heading downstairs towards the living room. Compared to when he was usually suited up, he looked a little different, but his facial features were perfect as usual. He looked a little less fierce and a little more homey.

Hanging across his arm was a jacket. Seeing Tangning wasn't wearing much, he leaned over and placed the jacket on her before returning upstairs without interrupting their conversation.

An Zihao was curious about Mo Ting's sudden gesture, until he looked down and noticed an outbound message on Tangning's phone screen. It simply said, "Ting...I'm cold."

"I can't stand your displays of affection, I'm going to head off..." After speaking, An Zihao stood up to leave, but Tangning held him back with a few words.

"Zihao, although I've said this many times before, I must stress, I do not initiate attacks on people, but I am vengeful. As long as Lan Xi does not go overboard, I will try my best to tolerate her."

"Prepare well for your commercial shoot."

An Zihao replied calmly as he turned around and left Hyatt Regency.

Tangning's eyes sunk as she wrapped the jacket around herself and headed back to the study room. Seeing Mo Ting busy, she quietly approached him from behind, leaned over and wrapped her arms around his neck. Everything about this man took her breath away; when at home, all she wanted to do was get closer to him and get to know him better.

"Still cold?" Mo Ting asked while flipping through his documents.

"Uh huh," Tangning nodded.

"Go turn the heater up a little..."

"Can't I just stay in your arms?" Tangning asked softly.

"Come..." Mo Ting had no choice but to put down his documents and sit her between his arms. He then wrapped her up in a blanket and hugged her tightly with one arm before picking up his documents with his other and continuing.

"Our bed is a bit too big," Tangning suddenly complained while leaning on Mo Ting's chest.

"You don't like big beds?"

"I hope for a bed where when I roll over, I am still in your arms. That would be the perfect size."

Mo Ting chuckled as he listened to Tangning's steady breathing and continued working. Every now and then he would glance down at Tangning's bare fingers and sigh to himself. It was really a pity for Tangning not to wear a ring. Such beautiful slender hands; he wanted so badly to pair them up with one...


2 days later, LM's commercial shoot was to begin. Originally, this wasn't a big deal that needed Mo Ting to make a personal appearance. But, as soon as Tangning and An Zihao left, Mo Ting followed closely behind.

The film crew had already assembled at a 5-Star resort. The interiors of the resort were set with a luxurious atmosphere and outside there was a man-made ocean and beach. Most importantly, this was where many celebrity weddings were hosted. It was both great for travel and beautiful to look at.

As soon as Tangning arrived on set, she had no time to relax as she headed straight into the change room to get ready. The director for the commercial was a famous film director, he was helping out on this shoot as a favor for a friend.

He was roughly 40-years-old with a decent standing in the industry. He had a strong integrity and especially hated people that were late.

"Tangning, it seems Ling Feng still has not arrived," Long Jie complained as she watched Tangning apply her makeup, "Does that man want to seek revenge?"

"Don't worry about others, worry about yourself first," Tangning replied as she looked at the mirror.

"Oh yes, that's right, let me go and see what jewelry you will be wearing this time," Long Jie carefully picked up the jewelry box and opened it in front of Tangning.

Tangning didn't know why, but as soon as she looked at the set of jewelry, she was especially fond of it.

Firstly, she had always liked LM, secondly, it gave off an oddly intimate vibe.

"This set is called 'True Love'...apparently, a client commissioned for this to be made, there is only one set in the entire world."

Tangning didn't look at the necklace nor the earrings, her gaze was directly attracted to the set of wedding rings.

"It's really interesting, isn't it? He used a special engraving technique that utilizes sound waves to send a message to his wife. He also selected the most delicate diamonds to form the pattern of the sound waves. It's so beautiful...and unique."

Tangning picked up the ring and looked at it carefully. That's when she noticed...there was a number on the inside of the ring.


She wasn't mistaken, it was 0819!

Tangning was surprised, she thought it must have been a coincidence. But, as she looked at the card inside the jewelry box, her hands began to tremble involuntarily.

"What's this?" Long Jie grabbed the card out of her hands curiously before exclaiming, "Did Big Boss commission this?"

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Yunyi Yunyi

*Squeals* Mo Ting is much too sweet!

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