Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 226

Chapter 226: You're Not Sleeping With Me?

This decision was not within the scope of Tangning's control, so...she felt a little scared. Mo Ting was of course the best; he was unique and no one else could compare. But, she couldn't anticipate how the public would react. Would being her manager affect him negatively? Above all, Mo Ting's work was what worried Tangning the most.

However, Excalibur Q did not give Tangning time to dwell on this thought. After signing their contract, that very afternoon, they jumped straight into shooting their commercial.

As she was working with Western models, Tangning was lacking in physical strength in comparison; especially since her stomach was still unwell. After 6 hours of continuous work, Tangning was obviously struggling to keep up.

Long Jie felt a little anxious. There were a few times she requested the photographer for a short break, but he either ignored her or told her everyone was currently working hard and Tangning wasn't the only one that was tired.

Being in a foreign land, when it came to matters like this, Long Jie felt powerless as a mere assistant.

However, from beginning to end, Tangning endured through one take after another. Because of mistakes made by other models she had to film some scenes multiple times.

"Tangning, are you OK?" Long Jie asked in between takes as she handed her some warm water.

Tangning placed her hand on her own cheek and nodded, "I should be able to hold on."

"This was clearly not in the contract...do these Western models have a death wish?" just as Long Jie's angered words left her mouth a loud 'BANG' echoed through the set. A relatively skinny model had fainted, "Did she just faint?"

"Isn't this a common sight?" Tangning handed her cup back to Long Jie with an unfazed expression.

"Does this mean you can get some rest now?"

"Come on, come on, back to work..." the photography staff called.

Long Jie lowered her head to look at Tangning's feet; 7-8 hours of wearing heels, how torturous.

"What's wrong? I've done things like this in the past. Just because Mo Ting is now my manager, does that mean I am more precious than before?" Tangning looked amusingly at Long Jie. In the past, she had experienced shoots that were even more demanding and in more of a rush than this, how did this compare?

"But it's been 8 hours!"

"Don't worry, I can handle it." After speaking, Tangning was just about to have her makeup retouched, when suddenly she felt a strong tug on her arm.

Tangning was stunned...

So was Long Jie.

Actually, everyone present was in shock; an extremely distinguished man had appeared on the photography set.

The set filled with whispers; some people were surprised while some whistled at his appearance, thinking he was also a model. In fact, they thought he was a top-tier model. However, Mo Ting simply pulled Tangning over and gestured her to sit on the side.

Tangning struggled a little as she looked into Mo Ting's black diamond-like eyes. It only took a few seconds before she gave up and obediently sat on the chair, leaving everything for this man to handle.

Long Jie was so excited she clapped secretly to herself. Now that Boss was here, Tangning's savior had arrived...

As anticipated, Mo Ting simply walked over to the photographer and said, "It has been stated in Article 3.2 and 6.4 of the contract that Tangning's work hours are from 8am until 6pm.If you need to work beyond these hours, it should not exceed 2 hours. Did you want to breach the contract?"

In order to speed up the shoot, the photographer had indeed denied the models of their rightful resting hours...

But, none of the Western models opened their mouths to protest...

So, the photographer replied, "Everyone is working hard towards finishing this shoot. Did you expect everyone to wait for Tangning?"

"Just because they are willing to be oppressed by you, that is their problem. Our Tangning is different. We will work according to the contract."

After speaking, Mo Ting turned around and approached Tangning as everyone gasped, "Can you still walk?"

Tangning looked down at her heels. Just as she was about to respond, Mo Ting wrapped his arm around her waist and carried her horizontally.

"Hey, all this time we've been speaking, you haven't told us who you are," the photographer chased after them. He had only been told that Tangning had brought along an assistant and a few bodyguards.

"Tangning's manager."

Long Jie snuck in a smile as she followed behind the two...

After bullying Boss' wife like this, it would surprising if he wasn't upset.

It goes without saying, Long Jie was once again amazed by Mo Ting. During the contract signing, Fang Yu was the one that had read through the contract. Yet, according to Boss' confidence when he recalled the terms, it flowed out of his mouth smoothly like he had completely memorized it.

Tangning leaned into Mo Ting's embrace as he placed her into the car. Seeing the angry expression on his face, she couldn't help but ask, "Are you really going to be my manager?"

"What other choice do I have, Miss Tang?" Mo Ting asked as he started driving.

Normally he would call her 'Mrs. Mo'. It seemed, he really made a clear distinction between work and personal life. His manager aura could immediately be felt.

"Now that work is over, can Manager Mo finish up?"

Mo Ting turned his head to look at Tangning as he let out a sigh. He couldn't bear to blame her for what had happened. Towards the person he loved, even if he was angry, he wouldn't be able to say any harsh words.

Not long after, they returned to the hotel.

As soon as they entered the hotel suite, Mo Ting directly pressed Tangning on the bed and forced a kiss on her lips. After savoring her for a while, he finally moved away and knelt beside the bed to help her remove her shoes.

Seeing her heels and soles were covered in blisters and sores, his heart broke.

Not long after, Tangning sat up from the bed and approached Mo Ting from behind to wrap her arms around his neck as her body pressed against his...

"I have not seen your feet in a good state before..."

"You knew the photographer was being oppressive, why did you continue to work?"

Hearing his complaints, Tangning suddenly laughed, "While I was working, everything was bad. My feet hurt, my stomach hurt and my head was dizzy."

"But, after seeing you...everything's better."

Mo Ting felt helpless, he couldn't continue to be angry at her. With his back still facing her, he stood up and walked over to the floor-to-ceiling window, "I won't allow anyone to bully you ever again."

"During the shoot, if I was to retaliate, I was bound to make the photographer and other models dislike me. I wasn't sure what they might do behind-the-scenes. So, before you arrived, I could only select the safest option. I'm sure you understand..."

"Plus, Manager Mo, hurry and get off work. You talk too much. I want my husband back..."

With his back to her, he gently shook his head a few times, "How could you complain that I'm talking too much...when have you ever seen me care so much about another person?"

"Don't think about it too much...let's go have a bath."

Mo Ting stopped talking; he knew Tangning was tired. So after having a bath together, he carried her out and placed her on the bed, "I'm staying opposite, if you need anything, give me a call."

Tangning was immediately wide-awake, "You're not sleeping with me?"

"During your working period, let's stick to the contract," Mo Ting tucked her into bed and turned off the lights.

Tangning watched as Mo Ting left and smiled. All the fear she originally felt had completely disappeared...

Translator's Thoughts

Yunyi Yunyi

Haha, Mo Ting is such a serious manager.

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