Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 431

By the time Tangning arrived home at Hyatt Regency, it was already 11:30pm.

In order not to wake up Mo Ting, she gently pushed open the bedroom door and walked barefoot to the bedside.

Under the moonlight, Tangning spotted some documents in Mo Ting's hands as he slept.

Her heart ached as she pulled the papers from his hands and placed a bunch of red roses on the bedside table.

Mo Ting did not wake at all. He had promised to pick up Tangning early the next day, so he tried his best to quickly finish all his work in order to have a free day with his wife. However, he never expected, in the last hour, she would return home to his side.

Perhaps it was because he could sense someone was looking at him, Mo Ting cautiously opened his eyes. As Tangning came into view, he was shocked. He then sat up and asked, "Why are you back?"

"I was hurrying back to be the first to say happy birthday to you," Tangning placed her gaze on the bunch of roses she brought home and Mo Ting curiously followed her gaze. As soon as he saw the flowers, he chuckled.

"Mrs. Mo, I've never heard of a woman giving a man flowers."

"Then I'll have to be the first," Tangning smiled. However, she couldn't hide the tiredness in her eyes. She had done over 20 hours of consecutive filming just so she could take a day off and accompany Mo Ting in peace.

Mo Ting's heart ached as he gently brushed her cheek and pulled her into his embrace. He knew, in this world, there would not be another person who'd work so hard and tirelessly just so they could rush home by 12am to spend his birthday with him. He also knew that there would not be another person who'd treat him wholeheartedly and make him their priority. Because in this world, there was only one Tangning...

"I haven't eaten or bathed yet," Tangning groaned.

"You must be tired."

"Uh huh. On the way home I was getting motion sickness and it made my stomach really uncomfortable," Tangning whined.

"Go have a bath and I'll prepare some food for you." After speaking, Mo Ting wanted to get out of bed, but Tangning pressed him back down and shook her head.

"Seeing you already makes me feel better."

No words could be sweeter...

Mo Ting felt, with all that Tangning sacrificed, his first 32 birthdays had been a waste. If he had been together with Tangning earlier in his life, how good would that have been?

"In that case, I'll take you to have a bath and then eat with you."

"OK," Tangning nodded before burying her head into Mo Ting's embrace. However, it didn't take long before she fell asleep in the bathtub.

Mo Ting looked helplessly at the bruises on her body as his heart ached. He had warned her not to come home with so many injuries. Yet, she still ended up doing it.

In order to let Tangning sleep more comfortably, Mo Ting got into the bathtub to be her human mattress. He initially expected that she wouldn't be able to wake up at 12am. But, as soon as the grandfather clock in the house started chiming, Tangning forced open her eyes and clumsily hooked her arms around Mo Ting's neck, "Happy birthday, hubby."

Mo Ting placed a kiss on her forehead.

"Let me take you somewhere tomorrow..."

"I want to give you a present." After speaking, Tangning rubbed her head against Mo Ting's chest and, once again, fell asleep.

Mo Ting hugged his wife tightly and couldn't help but kiss her on the ear, "God knows you are my best present..."

As a man, especially such a manly man, there was no way Mo Ting would like something like roses. But, the bunch that Tangning brought home, were the most beautiful flowers in the world.

The next morning, Mo Ting expected to wake up before Tangning. But as he sat up, he realized there was no one next to him and all there was was a glass of warm water and a note on the bedside table.

"Hubby, I really don't want you to turn 33. Or should I say...I hate that I am only 27. I don't want these 6 years of difference. It makes me worry that when we get old, you will leave this world first and leave me all alone."

"So, today you are turning 1. As it is the first year of our marriage, you will be turning 1 today..."

"Hurry out of bed and come to the address written below. I'll be waiting for you."

"I thought I'd see my wife as soon as I opened my eyes..." Mo Ting smiled helplessly before he pulled back the blankets and got up to get ready.

One hour later, Mo Ting arrived at the address that Tangning had given him...It was a photography studio.

Mo Ting walked in curiously. Upon seeing him, the staff smiled and said, "President Mo, please go to the third floor."

Mo Ting walked into the lift. He had no idea what Tangning's present was.

Until he reached the third floor...

Under the large crystal chandelier, there was a room full of wedding dresses. At this time, Tangning was standing behind a curtain...

Mo Ting reached out his hand and gently brushed aside the curtain to find Tangning standing in front of a mirror wearing a pure white wedding dress...

Mo Ting was speechless. He had never seen Tangning like this. Today, she wasn't a celebrity or an actress, she was a woman waiting to get married.

"I've worn multiple wedding dresses, but...after being married for so long, I have not taken official wedding photos with you. Previously, everything we did was for the sake of commercials or announcing our marriage. So, all I want to give you now, is a simple wedding ceremony that belongs to just the two of us..."

"I've already organized the church..."

"Mr. Mo, are you willing?"

Mo Ting felt moved as he reached out his arms and pulled Tangning tightly into his embrace, "Even if I was to repeat something like this with you a hundred times, I would not get sick of it."

It was meant to be something quite normal...

But, when Tangning was involved, he would immediately feel that it was extra special.

Plenty of women felt that being doted on by a man was the most fortunate feeling. But, when it came to Tangning, she not only wanted to be doted on, she also wanted to enjoy the process of doting on her lover.

Not long after, Mo Ting appeared behind Tangning wearing a white suit.

This was Tangning's first time seeing Mo Ting wear white. His noble presence wasn't shaken up at all; instead, he looked even more imposing.

Tangning started up her white car. Dressed in a wedding dress, she drove Mo Ting to the church she had booked. Although no one recognized them along the way, many people were still amazed, because this was the first time they had laid eyes on such a flashy wedding car.

The church was situated atop a hill. The couple walked into the quaint church hand-in-hand, presenting themselves in front of the solemn God. Tangning lowered her head and said to Mo Ting, "I originally wanted to give you something even better, but...I foolishly thought for a long time, only to discover that you don't need anything..."

Mo Ting faced Tangning and said in an extremely serious tone, "It's not that I don't need anything."

"It's just, everything added up, does not compare to one of you! Although I am turning 33 today, I am making a promise to you that I will protect you for an entire lifetime and won't leave your side - even when we're old!"

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