Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 493

Chapter 493: Tangning's Angry

No one expected a confrontational scene like this. Not only Tang Jingxuan, but even Tangning did not expect it. In order to protect Tang Jingxuan, Song Yanshu had actually stepped out courageously and revealed her own family background in such a firm way...

The atmosphere in the press conference suddenly turned stale. With Song Yanshu added to the mix, Xia Jingyi suddenly fell into a panic. The situation had fallen behind her control...

Song Yanshu stared at Xia Jingyi patiently as she waited for a response. At the same time, the mountain of dark cameras also focused on her.


"Come on, speak..."

A few of the reporters were getting impatient so they started complaining. But, Xia Jingyi responded with a stutter, "I...I..."

"I want to know how you had the conscience to say that Luo Xing had one-sided feelings for you."

Faced with the pressures from Song Yanshu, Xia Jingyi was forced to take a few steps back while everyone witnessed her response.

Just as Xia Jingyi thought she had no way out, a man suddenly appeared at the entrance to the hall. It was Xia Jingyi's fiance, Ruan Xiwen!

"I believe her!"

The media turned around and saw Ruan Xiwen struggling with a few bodyguards as he forced his way into the hall.

Xia Jingyi was surprised, but she quickly ran off the stage and warned the bodyguards, "Let him go..."

She then pounced into Ruan Xiwen's arms and burst into tears, "I really didn't cheat on you and have never been in a relations.h.i.+p with Luo Xing..."

"I know," Ruan Xiwen patted her back in comfort, "I know you have been wronged." Afterwards, Ruan Xiwen turned to the media as he hugged Xia Jingyi in his arms, "If you guys want to clean up Luo Xing's reputation, don't try to use my fiancee. If you have any problems, throw them at me instead."

"I bet you guys don't know why Hai Rui is trying so hard to help Luo Xing."

"Hmmph, let me tell you the truth. It's because Luo Xing's name is actually Tang Jingxuan. He is the younger brother of the wife of Hai Rui's CEO. In other words, he is Tangning's brother and also the fourth master of Tang Corps.!"

"With this background, do you still think he is innocent?"

"For the sake of protecting her brother's​ reckless actions, Tangning tried to throw all the blame on my fiancee..."

With the mention of Tang Corps., most people did not know how to respond. After all, Tang Corps. was from a totally different industry. But, the fact that he was Tangning's brother was enough to stir the media into an uproar...

So...Luo Xing was actually called Tang Jingxuan!

So...he was the younger brother of the superstar, Tangning!

"No wonder Hai Rui tried so hard to clean up Luo Xing's reputation. So there was another layer of relations.h.i.+p."

"F*ck, he's Tangning's younger brother? That's huge news."

"Is Tangning's brother trying to force this married couple into a dead end?"

"I really never expected that Luo Xing had this background..."

Hearing the discussions of the media, Song Yanshu looked at the hugging couple in the distance and trembled in anger. She had never seen people as shameless as the two people in front of her.

"Hai Rui should tell Luo Xing to step out and say something."

"Exactly, there's no point hiding."

"What else could he say? My fiancee and I have already made things clear. The truth is, my fiancee was hara.s.sed by Luo Xing." After speaking, Ruan Xiwen wanted to drag Xia Jingyi away. But...just as they reached the doorway, they suddenly reversed one step at a time back into the hall.

All the reporters were once again shook up.

The imposing manner...

The dignified presence...

The level of intimidation was something that probably only Mo Ting could induce. But this time, the person that appeared was Tangning!

It was the Tangning that only announced her retreat from the entertainment not too long ago!

She appeared wearing a loose trenchcoat and a retro scarf. She did not put up a front like a celebrity, but she still had an intimidating presence that made everyone afraid to approach her.

She was still the same Tangning and no matter where she went, she could still cause a sensation. Plus, regardless of everything, she was still the s.h.i.+ning star that left everyone trailing behind...

"It's Tangning! Dear G.o.d, it's Tangning!"

This time, the media gathered around, not leaving a single gap. But, facing the media, Tangning remained calm as usual. In fact, she revealed a slight smile, "Since I've been implicated, if I don't make an appearance, wouldn't that be a shame for the show that you've arranged?"

Faced with Tangning; the extremely powerful Tangning, Xia Jingyi couldn't help but tremble...

As for Ruan Xiwen, he continued to protect Xia Jingyi as he sneered at Tangning, "Your brother's shameful act has already been revealed...Even if you make an appearance, there's nothing you can do."

"I admit that Luo Xing is my younger brother, Tang Jingxuan," Tangning replied honestly, "But, that doesn't mean he definitely hara.s.sed your woman. Just because he is my brother, doesn't mean he is someone that does bad deeds. You seem to be making this a.s.sumption based on hatred."

"It's true that Tang Jingxuan hara.s.sed my fiancee."

"Do you have evidence for your so-called truth?" Tangning chased. "Did you catch them in bed together? Or did you see them kissing?"


"If you didn't see anything, why would you originally a.s.sume that your fiancee had cheated on you and exposed that you were a victim? What man would do that without having a motive?"

"I know you are a good talker and there's no way I can beat you. So, all I can do is suck it up," Ruan Xiwen sneered.

"I'm not a good talker, I am merely speaking the truth. Plus, the fact that you knew Tang Jingxuan was my brother, yet you still dared to challenge him will prove to be a stupid decision."

"I am indeed here to protect my brother. So, I will use my power to bully you. So what?" Tangning asked the couple as they were surrounded by reporters. "He was born into the Tang Family because he's fortunate. But, he became a top singer because he's talented and capable. Why do you make it sound like, just because you're poor, your words are more reasonable than his?"


"Your have no right to speak up here," Tangning directly stopped Xia Jingyi from talking, "You make me question my understanding of the word 'human', so please shut up."

Xia Jingyi's expression was a little uncomfortable...

...because she could sense that Tangning was truly firing up...

Tangning was angry...

"Fine, since your are determined to be a bully today, then bring it on. I would like to see if Hai Rui has the ability to destroy both of us."

"To be honest, if not for Luo Xing, I wouldn't waste my time on talking to you." After saying these words, Tangning headed for the stage...From this point onwards, Xia Jingyi would be thrown into a complete panic.

Tangning wasn't someone that one should offend...

She'd never lost a battle before.

What did she have planned?

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