Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 508

Chapter 508: Tangning and Tang Xuan

This was Tangning's first time wearing full business attire. On top of her collared s.h.i.+rt was a white sweater and on top of that was a brown coat that wrapped tightly around her body. Of course, covering her stomach was a necessity, after all, Mo Ting had put in a lot of effort to help her get to this point. In order to look more mature and professional, Tangning also wore a pair of pearl earrings and her hair was tied back. Her entire look made her look even colder than usual.

"You really don't need me to accompany you?" Mo Ting asked worriedly as he stopped Tangning's car from leaving.

"No need," Tangning nodded her head, "Don't worry, I have Secretary Qiao."

"I will stay up to date on your progress." Mo Ting gently touched her cheek before whispering in her ear, "Did I ever tell you that you look pretty even when you're an overpowering CEO?"

"It's not too late to tell me now," Tangning replied before putting a gentle kiss on Mo Ting's cheek.

"Go ahead...Have fun."

Mo Ting referred to Tangning's visit as having fun because she was heading there with the intent to humiliate Tang Xuan. So what if Tang Xuan revealed their VIP list? Did she think it was enough to pose a threat? How naive!

It was time to witness Tang Xuan's shocked expression.

Inside the meeting room of Tang Corps, everyone was still waiting anxiously. They each had a variety of expressions on their faces as they remained seated in their seats. Practically, every second that ticked by was a torture on their patience.

One of the shareholders eventually lifted his wrist and looked at his watch, "How much longer do we need to wait? It's already been an hour!"

"Is she even coming?"

"Let's just wait a little longer." At a time like this, Lin Shaoyuan was abnormally more patient than everyone else as he comforted them.

Not long after, there was a knocking on the meeting room door. Everyone turned to look at the entrance before the door was pushed open. However, everyone was confused to see Tangning standing there before them.

"Third Miss?"

"What are you doing here? We are in the middle of a meeting, not an audition of some sort. It's best if you leave," one of the shareholders ridiculed.

"I am also a shareholder, am I not?" Tangning questioned the man.

"Third Miss, everyone is discussing something of major importance. Could you please step out first?"

"But I am here for the meeting," Tangning smiled as she stepped in and sat in the chairman's seat. In response, Tang Xuan immediately stood up and voiced her opinion.

"Tangning, everyone is currently in a stressful state; no one has the time to joke around with you. Since you're​ a part of the Tang Family, you should understand the situation and get out!" Tang Xuan yelled with the tone of an older sister. But, she had never considered the shameful fact that she was the daughter of a mistress.

As her voice echoed across the room, no one said a word; Tangning also remained silent. She simply stood up out of her seat, walked around the table to Tang Xuan and lifted her hand to throw a slap across Tang Xuan's face...

All that could be heard in the room was a crisp slap as everyone froze in shock.

Tang Xuan glared at Tangning in disbelief, but Tangning still did not say a word as she returned to the chairman's seat and sat down. Finally, she looked at everyone and said, "Let's start the meeting."


"I am Tangning, the Acting CEO that all of you have been dreaming about seeing!" Tangning announced coldly.


It was actually Tangning!

As soon as Tangning revealed her ident.i.ty, everyone's​ expressions became complicated. Some were happy, some were sad, but of course, Tangning already understood what they were all thinking.

"What kind of joke is the chairman playing? How could he let an entertainer be in control? Is he trying to embarra.s.s the entire company?"

Seeing all the senior shareholders jumping out of their seats in retaliation, Tangning simply laughed and asked, "Do you all feel that I have embarra.s.sed you? I ignited the Oriental Trend, I've stepped foot on international runways, I've received a Special Contribution Award and I've rejected Hollywood...Have I embarra.s.sed you? Director Yao, old-fas.h.i.+oned ideas can be detrimental to business operations. According to what I heard, your electrical company has recently been removed from the stock market. Am I right?"

Everyone was shocked as they watched the old man's face turn red...

Most surprising of all, Tangning actually changed her usual low-profile image and displayed to them a resolute and tough version of herself.

Of course, she learned this from Mo Ting...

If the person in charge of a large corporation couldn't intimidate others with their presence, how would anyone be convinced by them?

"I know you all want to challenge me, but there's no rush. Let's first have our meeting and discuss why you all wanted to see me."

"Why? Haven't you heard that the VIP list for the Annual Product Launch has been leaked to the public?"

"What VIP list?" Tangning acted like she didn't understand. "I know a list has been revealed to the public, but where did this list come from? Has it pa.s.sed by me?"

Everyone was suddenly confused as to what Tangning had planned...

"What do you mean?"

"The Annual Product Launch is the most important day of the year for Tang Corps. We are very serious about the guests that we invite. May I ask, how did a list that none of you have seen before, end up getting leaked to the public? Has it even been approved by the Board of Directors yet?" Tangning explained.

Seeing that no one could respond, Tangning's voice sharpened a degree, "I would like to ask everyone present, how much of a mess do you want to cause before you are willing to stop?"

"You're just an entertainer that sleeps with men and entertains them. I would like to know, what right you have to lead us?"

"I also have something that I would like to know: what do you have planned while my mother isn't around?" Tangning asked back powerfully.

"If you're so great, then go ahead and recover Tang Corps' reputation. If you manage to resolve this problem, I will be convinced by you."

"That's right. We urgently need to resolve the issue with the leaked VIP list first."

Tang Xuan looked at Tangning...

She had been slapped in the face, but she couldn't find any way to refute. It was like Tangning had simply shooed away an annoying fly and completely disregarded her.

It turned out, Elder Tang had actually handed Tang Corps over to Tangning!

"Everyone need not worry about this matter. I will give you all an answer tonight. I will also show you the difference between Tang Xuan and I!" Tangning said confidently.

"Fine. If you don't succeed, then show yourself out the door and never appear in front of us again."

After the senior shareholder said these words, he angrily stormed out of the room as many of the others followed behind.

Of course, the board meeting ended up being dismissed under unhappy conditions. Afterwards, only Tangning and Tang Xuan remained in the large empty room.

The two women looked at each other as a darkness lingered in Tangning's eyes that Tang Xuan did not understand...

"What is it? Are you surprised to see me?"

Tang Xuan glared angrily at Tangning as she clenched her fists.

"I couldn't help it. I retreated from the entertainment industry and suddenly had a lot of spare time up my sleeves, so I decided to help manage Tang Corps for a while. I'm sure this is what Big Sister wanted to see, right?"

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