Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 522

Chapter 522: A Boundary He Could No Longer Cross

Tang Jingxuan did not respond. He understood Song Yanshu. Under these circ.u.mstances, she wasn't the type to take advantage of someone while they were down.

"It seems you still trust Song Yanshu," Fang Yu smiled. He then stood up from his office chair and went to sit opposite Tang Jingxuan on the sofa. Crossing his arms, he said, "Can you tell me what happened between you and Song Yanshu?"

"It's something I don't want to discuss," Tang Jingxuan couldn't possibly go around telling everyone about his intimate relations.h.i.+p with Song Yanshu; that would be hurtful towards her.

"OK, fine," Fang Yu shrugged. He then stood up from the sofa and said, "Luo Xing, there is no doubt that you are a great singer, but you are still an amateur. Do you know where you differ from your Sister Three?"

Tang Jingxuan looked blankly at Fang Yu.

"Her sense of responsibility. Your sister always uses flawless methods to protect the people around her. If anyone has ever helped her in any way, she would be extremely grateful towards them. She would never let them get hurt. But, you are different. You obviously know how much Song Yanshu has done for you, but you directly hurt her by sending her away."

Tang Jingxuan's lips twitched a little, but he had no words to refute.

"Your ability to handle matters is incomparable to Tangning. At least, when it comes to professionalism, she would complete whatever work is at hand, even if it means she has to work with her enemy. What about you? Without Yanshu, all your upcoming plans will have to be canceled. Do you want others to lose out because of your childish behaviour?"

Tang Jingxuan lowered his head for a little while and thought about what Fang Yu said, but he had no words to retaliate with.

"Go home and think things over. What is truly the best thing you can do for Yanshu?"

He was well aware of what had happened between Fang Yu and Huo Jingjing in the past. When it came to protecting his other half, Fang Yu definitely had the right to voice his opinion. After all, he had used the right approach at Beijing Airport to protect his most loved person from getting hurt.

This time, Tang Jingxuan had no intention to refute. Because Fang Yu had already used the two most important people in his life to help him clear his mind.

"I finally understand why Hai Rui's PR never loses."

"Huh?" it was Fang Yu's turn to be confused.

"Because you are here."

This was due to the experience and networking that Fang Yu had built up over the years, it was what he deserved to be proud of. So, Tang Jingxuan did not feel embarra.s.sed by Fang Yu's words. He thought carefully about what Fang Yu had said: indeed, dismissing Song Yanshu would mean that a lot of his jobs would need to be re-established.

On the way home, Fang Yu's words continuously repeated in Tang Jingxuan's mind. In the end, he turned around halfway and drove directly to Song Yanshu's apartment. But, just as he reached the front of her apartment block, a young man stood in his way.

Tang Jingxuan was quite surprised, but the man spoke to him in seriousness, "Let's have a chat in your car."

"Who are you?" Tang Jingxuan questioned.

"I am the person that Yanshu has been working so hard for over the years," the man pushed Tang Jingxuan back into his car.

Tang Jingxuan slightly recognized this man. He was dressed in a long black trenchcoat and on the bridge of his nose sat a pair of black gla.s.ses. Weirdly enough, even though he was wearing clothes from the previous decade, it looked normal on his body.

"What exactly is the matter?"

"Yanshu," the man turned​ his head and looked at Tang Jingxuan with a calm voice, "Yanshu has stuck to me like glue ever since we were kids. Unfortunately, I've treated her like a younger sister over the years. But, your appearance has made me realize a huge problem: I've rejected her for 11 years, but have I really never felt anything for her?"

"She is a hard worker and has put in all her efforts over the years. She has done this because she has always wanted to be good enough to stand by my side someday."

"So, I hope you understand where you stand in Yanshu's heart. Don't have any ulterior motives."

The man's words were very straightforward and p.r.i.c.ked one's ears. Tang Jingxuan thought to himself for a moment, before lifting his head and saying, "You can get out of my car now."


"You have no right to tell me what I can and can't do," Tang Jingxuan growled. "Plus, to finally realize your feelings after rejecting someone for 11 years is not a result of true love, but because your heart doesn't like the feeling of having something taken away from you."

The man's expression obviously did not look pleased.

"Anyhow, don't worry, Song Yanshu and I will definitely keep our distance. But, it has nothing to do with you."

After speaking, Tang Jingxuan gestured for the man to get out of his car.

The man never expected Tang Jingxuan to have such a powerful presence. He felt like he had brought humiliation upon himself by speaking to him.

Tang Jingxuan took one glance at the man. Seeing he was still seated in the pa.s.senger's seat, he got out of the car, walked around to the other side and pulled the man out. It didn't take long before he drove off, far away from the man's sight...

To be honest, after hearing the man's words, it would be a lie if Tang Jingxuan did not feel a little hurt. However, he knew Song Yanshu was a boundary that he could no longer cross.

After Tang Jingxuan left, the man returned to Song Yanshu's apartment, "What did you forget?"

"Yanshu, I think we should have a chat," the man said as he stood in her doorway.

"I let you in earlier out of politeness. But, that doesn't mean you can overstay your welcome," Song Yanshu maintained her smile, but her words were filled with mockery and disdain, "You know it's already been 11 years. But, I can't​ dismiss the fact that you've always been after my eyes. You simply want to take my eyes and use it to save the woman you love, don't you?"

The man remained silent, unable to say anything.

"Sorry, I'm not that generous. Please leave."

"No, that's not it. I've come to see you this time because I truly like you and want to be with you."

Faced with the man's supposed adoration, Song Yanshu could only laugh, "Everyone knows that you are a top manager. I bet you exhausted a lot of energy on the incident with Luo Xing."

Although Song Yanshu managed to swiftly sent the man away in the end, she had no idea that Tang Jingxuan had also been turned away. Perhaps, she'd never know that he had even come by. If she had known, she'd probably be chasing after him barefooted at this moment.

Some things in life just simply drifted further and further away.

As soon as Tangning heard that Tang Jingxuan's job had been given to someone else, she immediately gave her careless brother a phone call, "Did Fang Yu bully you?"

"No, I willingly gave the job away."

"Tang Jingxuan, have you noticed that you've been a little strange lately? Is it all because of Yanshu?"

"Can't you display some perseverance and show me that you can resolve an issue on your own?" Tangning's voice toughened.

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