Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 55

After hearing this, Han Ruoxues mind went blank...before it exploded...

"President, let me explain"

"What is there to explain? You used the resources provided by the company to help your brother, did you think we wouldnt find out? Secret was originally one of our resources. If one of our own models appeared on the front cover this issue, the Oriental Trend would have been under our own control, but what did you do instead? Han Ruoxue, prepare the compensation for breaching your contract." After speaking, he hung up the phone; not allowing Han Ruoxue the chance to redeem herself.

Han Ruoxue was dumbfounded as she dropped her arms. Her mouth continuously mumbled similar words, "Its overeverything is over. My careeris also over."

"Jiewhat happened?"

"It was all because of you!" Han Ruoxue screamed with all her might, "Because of you, I was fired. On top of that, I have to pay 10 million dollars for breaching my contract10 million US DOLLARS!"

Han Yufan and Mo Yurou were stunnedthey never expected the consequences would be so dire.

"Not only that, I will also be blacklisted. Do you know what that means? It meansin the US, I can no longer make a living here. All the effort I have put in over the years has all been wasted." After Han Ruoxue was finished screaming, she dropped to the floor bitterly. At this moment, she was filled with regret and hate. Why did she help this useless brother? Why did she help Mo Yurou go against Tangning?

"Jieyou havent lost everything, you still have me."

"Go away! You only have Mo Yurou in your eyes," Han Ruoxue pushed Han Yufan away.

"JieI will help you."

"Fine, if you want to help me, thenhelp me pay off half of the compensation for breaching my contract. Also, I want to become Tangnings manager. If you guys wont support her, then I will. I am going to use Tanging to help me make a comeback," Han Ruoxue snapped. "Do you have the courage to agree to this?"

Han Yufan and Mo Yurou glanced at each other; this was absolute nonsense. Not only would he not allow his sister to help an enemy, even if they were to agree, there was no way Tangning would allow it. However, on the surface, he still had to find a way to brush her off, so he used Tangning as an excuse, "I can help you with your compensation by selling some shares, we will get over this together. However, if you think about how we previously treated Tangning, there is no way she would let you become her manager. Plus, she already has Lin Wei."

"How does Lin Wei compare to me? Since Tianyi can no longer control Tangnings progress, then why dont we personally help her to the top? At least that way we can boost our own reputation. Most importantly, I can keep an eye on Tangning; this is like killing THREE birds with one stone!" Han Ruoxue was dreaming about controlling Tangning.

She was full of hate and an unwillingness to accept defeat. She wanted to see, if she was to become Tangnings manager, whether Tangning could still do as she liked.

Listening to Han Ruoxues reasoning, Han Yufan started to reconsider: even if they couldnt suppress Tangning, at least Han Ruoxue would be able to stop Tangning from causing trouble. If he was to agree to this, he and Mo Yurou would be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

"Jie, Ill agree to it."

"You guys return to China first, after Ive sorted everything out here, I will come back and take over Tangning."

Taking over Tangning? Lets see if Mo Ting would allow that!

"OK" Han Yufan replied.

Mo Yurou wasnt happy with this decision. She couldnt believe they were going to personally make Tangning famous. However, this incident with Secret Magazine, was indeed her fault for implicating Han Yufan and Han Ruoxue. So, at this point, there was nothing she could say; all she could do was look at Han Yufan with a sulky expression, "Dont you want me anymore?"

"What are you talking about? You saw it too, there is no way we can suppress Tangning. Lets leave it to my sister to handle her, that way we can have some time to relax. Yurou, I wont give up on you."

Mo Yurou thought, as long as she still had Han Yufan in her grasp, she would still eventually become the first lady of Tianyi. If this was to happen, she would have a chance for a comeback.

As for Tangning spreading her wings, they still had plenty of time!

On the same day that afternoon, KLA agency released an announcement about canceling their contract with Han Ruoxue. During their announcement, they pointed out three major mistakes she made and claimed they would chase her for compensation. They also announced they would be blacklisting her.

Of course, she was only a manager, even if she was to break ties with her company, it wouldnt cause much commotion. However, upon seeing this news, Tangning was surprised. Her gaze unconsciously turned towards Mo Ting. This manhe really couldnt help himself.

ISNs photo shoot was nearing and as it was to be located in Beijing, Tangning had to immediately return to China.

This time, Tangning finally didnt have to catch the same flight as Han Yufan and Mo Yurou. Also because of her fame in the US, her fans no longer had to hold back their cheers. Her fan club even organized an event for all the fans to welcome her at the airport. So, early in the morning, the airport was completely packed.

"Tangning, did you know Han Yufan and Mo Yurou are also flying today?" Lin Wei asked while they were on the way to the airport.

"Yeah, I knowso, you should know what to do, right?" Tangning was reading the newspaper while holding onto Mo Tings hand. Previously, when she flew to Liusen, Mo Yurou had revealed her schedule online and got anti-fans to cause her trouble. This time, Mo Yurou was returning defeated and had become a joke in the industry; she definitely needed to pay her back. How could she be considered a joke until she experiences being surrounded by anti-fans?

"Tangning, you still havent used the information about Mo Yurou being pregnant, what do you plan to do?" Long Jie suddenly asked.

Mo Yurous pregnant? Lin Wei thought.

"All along shes been aiming for the Top Ten Model Awards. But, dont forget about the selection criteria. Pregnant womenarent qualified to receive an award," Tangning replied calmly.

"Then what are you waiting for? Lets just release it"

"According to Mo Yurous personality, she will definitely use whatever means to qualify. Im going to wait until she appears on stage to receive the awardat that time, Ill send her to her grave."

After hearing what Tangning said, Long Jie understood.

To receive something and immediately lose itthis was the true experience of pain.

Above all, until the day Mo Yurou receives an award, Tianyi would still feel like she has hope. So by making her receive it and then lose it, was the only way to guarantee she wouldnt be able to make a comeback - the Top Ten Model Awards only gave each model one chance.

Mo Ting held onto Tangnings hand tightly the entire time, because he knew, even though Tangning had made Mo Yurou into her backdrop, it still would not be enough to satiate the pain she had previously received; she would continuously pick away at Mo Yurou, until...the day came when Mo Yurou no longer had the strength to revive herself and Han Yufan completely gave up on her. She wanted Mo Yurou to experience being thrown away.

Mo Ting didn't want to see Tangning so depressed, so he pulled out his phone and looked for the photos he took the night before. He then handed his phone to Lin Wei, "Place this photo online..."

It was a photo of Mo Yurou kneeling on the ground...

A photo of Mo Yurou at her lowest point...

Lin Wei looked at the scheming couple as her and Long Jie both gave a sly smile.

Translator's Thoughts

Yunyi Yunyi

Tangning knows how to get back at her enemies, but Mo Ting knows how to keep them down. The perfect couple!

I just noticed this novel has actually made it on the Top 20 power ranking list. Thank you to all those that voted, you motivate me to work harder. xx

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