Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 563

Chapter 563: Please, Let Me Go

At this moment, Yang Xi's mind was blank. She was terrified of Mo Ting's gaze and terrified of his revenge.

This n.o.ble king-like man, was covered in a dangerous aura from head to toe.

"Please...please let me go..."

A few simple words was all Yang Xi could say. But, her voice was so soft that even she could barely hear herself.

She was actually pleading for mercy!

If the public believed that all the schemes that had ever been used against Tangning were still within her bottom line, then this time...Mo Ting finally understood one thing: the public must think that he had turned gentle after getting married. It seemed, the more powerful he was, the safer Tangning would be.

After all, who would dare touch the woman of a man that no one dared to provoke? So, he decided, from today onwards, if anyone did anything to Tangning, he would use the most ruthless methods to attack them back. He was no longer going to show any mercy whatsoever. Before Tangning was pregnant, she'd handle these matters on her own, but now that it wasn't as convenient for her, he had no choice but to step in.

Late into the night, Mo Ting returned to the hotel. However, Tangning was still awake and waiting for his return.

"Did you go see Yang Xi?"

"Uh huh," Mo Ting replied as he stripped off his clothes.

"What happened?" Tangning asked as she shuffled over and patted the bed, gesturing for Mo Ting to hurry over.

Mo Ting put on his pajamas and got into bed. He then drew Tangning into his embrace and explained everything that he had discovered from Yang Xi's interrogation, "Although a lot of people are implicated in this matter, I won't let a single one of them off the hook."

The couple were always of the same mind. So, of course, Tangning knew what Mo Ting was thinking.

Especially since they always handled matters like this in the same way.

Tangning's bottom line had always been Mo Ting and their child, and this time, all three of these women had crossed this line.

So, they couldn't blame her for what was about to happen to them!

Afterwards, Tangning gave Tang Jingxuan a phone call, "How have things been going with Qingyan?"

"Sis, I'm sleeping right now..."

"Ye Lan revealed the news of my pregnancy to Yang Xi. Both my child and I almost got killed," Tangning explained briefly, "That's why I'm asking you this question in the middle of the night."

Hearing this, Tang Jingxuan immediately sat up in bed and brushed back his hair, "What happened?"

"I have no time to go into details. I simply want to ask whether Qingyan wants to deal with Ye Lan herself, or should I make a move?"

Tang Jingxuan thought for a moment, finally understanding what Tangning was trying to say. It was only a matter of time before Ye Lan was to be kicked out of the Xu Family, but she wanted to know who was to make it happen.

Xu Qingyan had already become the new owner of the Xu Household and she currently held the majority of the shares for Xu Corps. Tangning wanted to first allow Xu Qingyan to get revenge before she stepped in and took over.

"I'll ask Little Monkey about it." Tang Jingxuan checked that Tangning and her baby were fine before he hung up and gave Xu Qingyan a call.

As soon as Xu Qingyan heard of what had happened in The Netherlands, she almost couldn't control herself from rus.h.i.+ng upstairs and yelling at Ye Lan. But, she calmed herself down and asked, "What does Ning Jie have planned? I will do all I can to a.s.sist her. Don't worry."

"She has set her targets. Target 1: Yang Xi; Target 2: Ye Lan; Target 3: Tang Xuan! But, you may need to handle Ye Lan on your own."

"Tell Tangning not to worry."

Xu Qingyan was confident in her response. She had long wanted to see Ye Lan kneel on the floor and beg for mercy.

As for Tang Xuan, she was the last target because Mo Ting had no intention to leave her with any chances. There were still many things that needed to be taken from her hands, including the right to be a mother.

Since, Yang Xi was the first target, then it was time to get started!

Let the show begin!

Because of all the one-sided discussions in Beijing, Mo Ting and Tangning received a lot of scolding online.

At the same time, they created a lot of questions. The incident with Yang Xi had been planned well in advance and had no witnesses. Plus, the one female actress that got scared away, had run off so quickly that she didn't catch a proper glimpse of what was happening. This meant that there was no one available to clarify the truth. So, why was Mo Ting still holding Yang Xi captive?

All off a sudden, different opinions began to surface online. But, there was no doubt that this topic was going to become more and more viral.

Hai Rui did not immediately deal with the PR like they usually did. But, this lack of response pointed to two possibilities: one, they were admitting that the rumors were true, or two, they were holding onto their trump card until the crisis. .h.i.t its peak.

Obviously, most pa.s.sersby believed in the first possibility, whereas fans...believed in the second one.

However, the more Hai Rui refused to make a comment, the more arrogant their opponent became. After all, they were dealing with a gangster boss; a person that smelled of the underworld. So, bullying the weak and fearing the strong was normal for him.

As a result, the online community created a nickname for the couple: 'The Fake Calculative Couple'. They claimed that they were completely fake.

"I bet three bags of spicy strips that this couple will end up in a divorce sooner or later. How could there be such a loving couple in this world?"

"I originally thought they were truly in love, but for some reason, I now feel like they are merely using each other."

"Regardless of everything else, they should first offer Yang Xi an apology. Is Yang Xi currently OK?"

"This is like a declaration of war between two Big Bosses. Who do you guys think will win?"

"Who would dare provoke someone from the underworld?"

These nosy netizens had been posting their opinions endlessly ever since the incident was revealed. Of course, amongst them were a few accounts that were deliberately made to help Yang Xi maintain her innocence.

Because of these rumors, Tangning quickly ended her visit to The Netherlands and returned to Beijing with Mo Ting.

The couple were dressed like average people, so pa.s.sersby did not notice them, nor did they chase and surround them. But, as soon as they entered Beijing airport, Tangning noticed the news about her and Mo Ting.

"President Mo, this is a rare occurrence..."

Mo Ting smiled as he nudged Tangning towards the exit. However, the phone that he had just switched on, suddenly lit up.

Mo Ting led Tangning to a safe pa.s.sageway before he accepted the call and placed the phone to his ear.

"h.e.l.lo...President Mo."

Mo Ting took a few seconds to realize that the man he was speaking to was Yang Xi's man; the so-called gangster boss.

"Has President Ni finally decided to retrieve his woman from me?" Mo Ting relaxed as he smirked.

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