Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 564

Chapter 564: Take a Step Back

"Doesn't President Mo feel like he's not acting like a gentleman? If the situation gets out of hand, it won't be good for Hai Rui either. Why don't we each take a step back?"

"How does President Ni expect me to step back?" Mo Ting asked. "If President Ni knows how it feels to worry about his woman, how could he be asking me to take a step back? Does he think that my woman deserves to be bullied?"

Mo Ting's words weren't gentle nor harsh. In fact, it was hard to tell what he was thinking. But...

...his tone of voice and unyielding att.i.tude contained an obvious sense of danger.

"It sounds like President Mo has no intention to back down at all? But, you must know that the entire Beijing is currently on my side."

"President Ni must be joking. I don't think the people in Beijing are so blind that they would support someone from the underworld... Entertainment gossip is, after all, just gossip. I'm sure they still know what's right from wrong," Mo Ting ridiculed.

"Hmmph, let's wait and see," the man was obviously angered by Mo Ting's words as he responded briefly and hung up the phone.

Mo Ting of course knew that this man would go to any lengths to achieve his motives. After all, he was brought up in the underworld. But, Mo Ting had never been afraid.

The fact that Yang Xi dared to touch even a hair on Tangning's body, he was going to make her pay back a thousand-fold. Although, her plan failed in the end, he wasn't going to let her even think about it.

Tangning heard how Mo Ting tried to protect her. After being together for so long, the thing about Mo Ting that made her heart race was that he always did as he said. If he said he was going to do something, then he was going to do it; he never made empty promises. Above all, the thing that Tangning was most mesmerized by recently, was the fact that Mo Ting didn't care about offending the entire world.

Within his world, she was his everything.

With this thought, Tangning's eyes glowed as she gently stroked her stomach.

Yang Xi deserved the harshest of punishments!

After returning to Beijing, Mo Ting appeared at Hai Rui as usual. But, he did not give any response to the incident with Yang Xi; he simply pretended like nothing had happened.

At night, Mo Ting attended an event for a new film like he usually did. But, as he entered the venue, a reporter directly asked, "President Mo, I heard that Yang Xi is still in your hands. Is it true that you are holding her captive?"

Mo Ting laughed as he fixed his coat and replied, "The person that started this rumor should directly go to the police; the people that believe it, should sign up for kindergarten; and the people that are asking about it..."

Mo Ting's response was so powerful that no one was shown any mercy...

"In that case, was it true that you slapped Yang Xi?"

"You should ask my hand that question."

"Some people have claimed that Tangning became enemies with Yang Xi because of the Fei Tian Awards. And you ended up being scolded by the public because of your wife...The public believe that the two of you are acting and are merely using each other. What are your thoughts regarding this?"

"I have no thoughts, but I have plenty of legal notices to send out. I have taken note of all the media agencies standing before me." After speaking coldly, Mo Ting entered the hall, leaving the reporters pale-faced.

Although Mo Ting was usually cold, he had never spoken so ruthlessly in public. But, this time, he deflected every attack thrown at him flawlessly. He also allowed them to have a taste of his temper and the power of his PR abilities.

The reporters didn't gain any information. Instead...

...they returned back to their agencies in a terrified state.

A while later, Elder Mo gave Mo Ting a phone call, "What exactly happened with Yang Xi? Did you know that the main judges for the Fei Tian Awards are planning to disregard Ning from the nominations list?"

"Who will be the final recipient for the Best Newcomer Award?"

"I can only guess that it will be a certain actress that is surrounded by rumors of being held captive and threatened," Elder Mo scoffed. "Didn't this woman put on an act to achieve this outcome?"

"But, enough about that. I demand you to think of a way to save the current situation, the scandals are getting out of hand."

"Have the judges already made their decision?"

"Do you think I'm joking?" Elder Mo was so angry, he hung up the phone. However, Mo Ting simply chuckled a little before he put down the phone.

"The old man sure has a bad temper."

It seemed the judges were planning to throw Tangning into last place...

First, there was Tangning's retreat, now, there was news that she was suppressing Yang Xi. The damage done by the two incidences was quite lethal.

But, it wasn't time to strike back yet...The reaction from the netizens still wasn't big enough.

"How is Yang Xi doing? At least give us an update!"

"It's making me anxious. Is she really being held captive by Mo Ting?"

"I heard her entire body is covered in injuries."

Seeing the discussions online, some logical people finally spoke up, "Brains are good, I hope you all have them."

"Mo Ting would never hold anyone captive. After all, he's not a gangster. Unlike 'somebody'."

"Hey, don't disregard the power of our police force. Did you think that the law is a joke? If something so big actually happened and Hai Rui's Mo Ting actually held someone captive, he'd be facing a policeman like me right now and not a bunch brainless netizens."

Of course, as soon as other theories arose, discussions became more fierce. As soon as the situation started heading in a different direction to what some netizens wanted to hear, they would start claiming that others were wrong and that they were fake commenters...

Slowly, b.l.o.o.d.y images and corpses with Yang Xi's face began surfacing online...

Mature and experienced people only needed to take one look at the images to immediately point out that the images were too fake and too highly photoshopped. But, some people continued to join the crowd even though they knew that the images were fake.

"President Mo, when should we start doing some PR?" Fang Yu asked as he stood in Mo Ting's office. "Although you and Tangning are already used to scandals like this. It's best that you deal with it soon."

"I have my reasons for not dealing with it yet," Mo Ting said as he looked at Fang Yu. "The enemy is still testing the waters and trying to find my bottom line! But, I'm not just dealing with one person this time..."

He was going to deal with them one after another.

After hearing Mo Ting's words, Fang Yu thought of the evil women they were about to go up against...

To be exact, he was waiting to see the fate of these women that were digging their own graves.

"Hai Rui will be holding a press conference in two days time. But, I've got another plan."

He was going to resolve the issue with the Fei Tian Awards at the same time!

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