Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 598

Chapter 598: You Are My Life

"She is indeed famous!" the old woman looked slightly unhappy. "I went to visit the hospital today to see the professor. But, halfway there, I came across something unimaginable. Old Mo, I can't wait anymore, I need to see Tangning."

"I knew you couldn't wait to see you daughter-in-law."

"I'm going to hang up first. I'm going to give Mo Ting a phone call," Mother Mo hung up the phone and called Mo Ting. She felt that she didn't have much expectations for her daughter-in-law, but she at least hoped that she wasn't the type of person to ignore family. But, seeing the way that Tangning treated Tang Xuan, she assumed with the way that she treated her own sister that she wouldn't know how to treat other people around her.

So, Mother Mo's first impression of Tangning wasn't very good.

Mother Mo's real name was Hua Wenfeng and she was a biological engineer. She spent most of the year with Father Mo in an overseas lab. The two of them didn't really like that Mo Ting had followed in Elder Mo's footsteps and become the so-called Big Boss of the Entertainment Industry. So, all things related to the entertainment industry was both familiar yet hated by them.

Before, when Mo Ting refused to get married, the two of them did not pressure him because of work and decided to hand the matter over to Elder Mo.

So, after they found out that Mo Ting had gotten married, they were naturally happy. After all, as his parents, they were well aware of Mo Ting's personality and knew he wasn't one that could be forced into doing something he didn't want to do.


...after rushing back to Beijing just before her daughter-in-law was to give birth, Mother Mo never expected that she'd run into Tang Xuan on her first day back!

"Son, I'm back. I am at the hospital right now. Send someone to get me."

"OK," Mo Ting replied calmly.

He then stood up from his office chair and said to Lu Che, "If there's something urgent in the afternoon, speak to Fang Yu."

"Yes, President!"

Afterwards, Mo Ting directly drove home. As he entered the living room, he saw Tangning reading through some scripts, so he walked over and sat down beside her, "Ning...go get changed. Let's go pick up your mother-in-law together."

"Huh?" Tangning froze, unsure of what Mo Ting meant.

"My mother has returned from overseas," Mo Ting replied gently, "But, don't worry, just be yourself. I'll be here to help you."

Tangning understood Mo Ting well, so she giggled, "Your mother is my mother. I will respect her."

"No one is as important as you," Mo Ting declared after he heard Tangning's words.

Tangning nodded. From Mo Ting's expression, she was prepared to accept that Mo Ting's mother may not be someone that was easy to deal with.

But, she was well aware that Mo Ting was on her side and this was never going to change.

Afterwards, the couple arrived at the hospital where Hua Wenfeng was located. But, at first sight, Hua Wenfeng did not feel that Tangning looked like a cruel and evil person; she appeared quiet and sincere.

It was hard to imagine how she had gone from an outdated model to where she was today.

Did she really go against the people beside her?

"Mother..." Mo Ting officially introduced Tangning to Hua Wenfeng, "This is my wife, Tangning."

"I know. Hello, Xiao Ning," Hua Wenfeng followed usual etiquette and reached out her hand to shake Tangning's hand. As she looked at Tangning's protruding belly, she temporarily put away the suspicion she had towards her, "Has your pregnancy been difficult?"

"With Mo Ting around, it hasn't been too bad."

"That's good. Let's get in the car then," Hua Wenfeng understood that the couple's relationship was special. Even if she wanted to better understand Tangning, she couldn't do it by hurting her son and daughter-in-law. So, she simply helped Tangning into the car. But, as soon as they boarded the car, Hua Wenfeng jumped straight to the point.

"I read in the newspaper that your sister is also staying in this hospital and she got into an accident today. Would you like to visit her?"

Tangning was surprised by this question because she could roughly guess that Hua Wenfeng may have already seen something and had made her own assumptions.

"Your grandchild and daughter-in-law almost died twice in her hands. There's no need to visit her," Mo Ting's voice was cold and firm, rejecting his mother's suggestion in a simple and straightforward way.

"Let's go then," Hua Wenfeng did not mind Mo Ting's attitude.

However, the trio had no common topics of conversation for the rest of the car ride. All Tangning could conclude was that Mo Ting and Hua Wenfeng were 70% similar. From the looks of it, Hua Wenfeng must have had a lot of pursuers when she was young.

Even at this age, she had a beautiful goose egg shaped face, not many wrinkles and her taste in clothing was elegant. So, both Mo Ting and Mother Tang possessed a dignified presence that made them seem beyond reach.

Most importantly, Mother Mo was even more solemn than Mo Ting!

It didn't take long before the trio arrived home. As soon as they entered the living room, Mother Mo pulled Tangning aside and started interrogating her. Seeing scripts lying on the coffee table, she asked, "Are you still planning to act?"

"Yes, I quite like it," Tangning nodded her head.

Hua Wenfeng did not say anything as she maintained a smile on her face. Tangning realized, since Hua Wenfeng gave birth to a son that was so smart and capable, she was bound to be quite intelligent herself. This was displayed in the way that Hua Wenfeng was able to control her emotions flawlessly. It seemed, Tangning may have met a worthy opponent.

"When is the baby due?"

"Around May," Tangning replied.

"Great. This will be the Mo Family's first grandchild."

Tangning was good at observing people and reading them. Although Hua Wenfeng did not show any signs of displeasure, Tangning could tell that Hua Wenfeng's words didn't come straight from her heart.

"I won't nag you about what to watch out for during your pregnancy, I'm sure you already know. But, towards the last trimester, there are some common illnesses that may occur. You need to be cautious of them."

"Thank you, mom."

Like this, the two women appeared to be getting along as they chatted into the night. However, as she lay in bed to go to sleep, Tangning turned to Mo Ting and said, "Although your mother treats me really well and is very polite to me...I feel like she has a lot of questions that she wants to ask me."

"Uh huh," Mo Ting nodded, "My mother is indeed difficult to deal with."

If Tangning could tell, then how could Mo Ting not be able to tell?

"But Tangning...I don't need you to be particularly respectful to anyone. Although she is my mother, you are still you, you don't need to compromise because of her."

"You will always have me here to back you up."

"What if I was to ask you, if both your mother and I fell into the ocean..."

"I would save you!" Mo Ting replied without hesitation, "Because she is my father's responsibility. Whereas my mission is to take care of you for the rest of your life."

"What if others say you're unfilial?"

"I'd rather be called unfilial, than to lose you," Mo Ting's voice resounded firmly beside Tangning's ear, "You are my life!"

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