Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 602

Chapter 602: You Don't Like Me

"Originally...being an actress isn't a problem," Hua Wenfeng said in an experienced tone, "But, I don't like actors/actresses."

Hua Wenfeng's words were much too straightforward and firm. It was almost like she was telling Tangning that she would never accept her.

If she had spoken to a different woman, they may have either tried to charm her with their words, or directly thrown open the doors and left, expressing their displeasure. But, when applied on Tangning, these words did not trigger much of a response.

After quite some time, Tangning finally said, "To be honest, I don't really like doctors and people involved in biotechnology."

Hua Wenfeng never expected that Tangning would directly throw her words back at her. In fact, her words were even stronger and more powerful.

It was almost like Tangning was saying, "If you don't like me, that's fine, I don't have to like you either!"

"After all, a simple surgical knife is enough to make someone incapable of giving birth," Tangning referred to the scheming that Tang Xuan once did to her.

"Not all doctors are like that."

"The same logic applies to actors," Tangning laughed.

Hua Wenfeng realized that talking to Tangning wasn't very beneficial for her, but she was not angered. Although she felt a little uncomfortable, it wasn't unbearable.

"Have you always been this sharp-tongued around Mo Ting?" Hua Wenfeng asked as she turned to look at Tangning.

"He doesn't like it when I get bullied. Sometimes, he would even act like a teacher and tell me that no matter who I'm faced with, as long as they initiate an attack, I should strike back with hundreds and thousands of times the force," Tangning's eyes darkened as her voice strengthened.

Tangning had approached Hua Wenfeng with the intention to try and undo any misunderstandings.

But, Hua Wenfeng did not appear to have any intention of accepting her.

It wasn't actually something worth feeling upset over. After all, everyone had their own choices. Plus, if she was in Hua Wenfeng's position and her daughter-in-law did something that she disliked, even if she wasn't to interfere, she would also find it hard to accept.

So, she completely understood how Hua Wenfeng felt.

"Over the years, Xiao Ting has continued to expand the business that I detest," Hua Wenfeng subconsciously sighed.

After so many years, she had already gotten used to the existence of Hai Rui.

But...her only son ended up marrying an actress...

"To be fair, Xiao Ning, I'm not targeting you specifically. I'm sure you are very capable, otherwise you would not even exist in Mo Ting's eyes. But, I personally witnessed Tang Xuan being hit by a car. Her blood almost splattered on my body. So, I can't help wondering, if a person can already put their life on the line, why can't they be forgiven?"

"Everyone knows that you are a ruthless person; those that have offended you, did not have a good ending. So, it's clear to see that you aren't very forgiving."

"Last night, I spent the entire night looking at news about you. You've taken a lot of attention away from Mo Ting, haven't you?"

"At the beginning, I did have a little hope in you, but...you do not have any of the qualities that I want from a daughter-in-law. So, it's best if we stop making things difficult for each other. Although you are married to Mo Ting and are about to have a child, I am still entitled to my own opinion, even if I can't reject you."

"So, the way we are now, will remain the same in the future. If we can simply put up with each other on the surface, then that is enough..."

"As for the baby. After you give birth, I'm sure you will return to filming. In that case, I can take care of it for you, so you can focus on your career."

Was that the conclusion of their conversation?

Tangning looked at Hua Wenfeng from behind. The difference between liking and disliking a person was simple. If a person was on a different wavelength, then there was no point forcing oneself to get along with them.

"Mo Ting and I have no intention of handing our child to someone else!"

In other words, she was telling Hua Wenfeng, when others weren't around, there was no point pretending to be polite.

Hua Wenfeng's lips curved up slightly with a sense of ridicule. This was perhaps the only time that she had seen Tangning show any emotions.

"In a moment, when we see the professor, watch what you say."

"As you wish."

Tangning looked outside the window. If the two of them could remain polite to each other, that would be the best. As long as no one got hurt, it didn't have much of an impact on her. But, if Hua Wenfeng got any ideas...

A moment later, a short, skinny, white-robed doctor approached their car. He knocked on the window and after it wound down, he said to Hua Wenfeng, "Madam Mo, the professor would like to invite you inside."

"Let's go," Hua Wenfeng said in a demanding tone as she looked at Tangning.

Tangning remained calm the entire time. She did not feel panicked by the bad relationship that she had with her mother-in-law.

This was because, her principles would never change.

She always treated people the way that they treated her...


Regarding the invite by Hua Wenfeng to see the professor, Tangning had a feeling that her mother-in-law had ulterior motives.

After entering the hospital via the staff entrance, Tangning and Hua Wenfeng stepped into a fairly old office. Sitting inside was a white-haired old man.

From the looks of it, he was in his 70's. And he reacted to Hua Wenfeng in a very loving manner.


"Professor," Hua Wenfeng immediately approached the old man and shook his hand, "I just returned from overseas and decided to bring my daughter-in-law to see you. Mo Ting received quite a lot of care from you in the past, yet, after he got married, he hasn't visited you once. I've specifically come to provide my apology."

The old man looked at Tangning and nodded his head, "Only you would be so thoughtful. Thank you."

The office was covered in the strong stench of medicine, which made Tangning slightly nauseous. Hua Wenfeng and the professor noticed this, so Hua Wenfeng immediately suggested, "Step outside to get some fresh air."

Tangning nodded her head. After excusing herself, she turned around and exited the office. She then headed to the bathroom. However, while she was still in the cubicle, she heard some chatter just outside.

"Hey, let me tell you, just a moment ago I overheard the professor talking to a woman. It seems, she wants to ask him about the gender of an unborn baby. But, I couldn't see who the pregnant woman was."

"The professor is indeed highly skilled in this aspect. If he says someone is having a boy, then they couldn't possibly have a girl."

"However, the situation doesn't seem quite right. From my experience, it is normal for a mother to accompany their pregnant daughter. And, if a husband chooses to come along, it is also normal. But, for a mother-in-law to be present without the pregnant woman, something is definitely suspicious..."

"Shhh...I wonder who the unfortunate woman would be."

The voices of the two women weren't extremely loud. In fact, they were slightly drowned out by the noise of gushing water coming from the taps. But, their every word clearly made it into Tangning's ears...

Which other pregnant woman could they be taking about?

Apart from her, who else could it be?

Of course, she was yet to find out if knowing the gender of her child was a good thing or a bad thing...

But, this kind of behavior, seemed to have touched her bottom line.

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