Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 671

Chapter 671: It's Not As Serious As You Think

In addition, she carefully studied the surrounding surveillance cameras, took note of where each one was located and understood the best blind spots. Apart from this, she also hid in the research lab and studied drug interactions for a few days. She needed to find the most flawless method of attack.


During the past few days, Tangning's mood was restless. She constantly felt like someone was spying on her in the shadows, monitoring her every move.

Auntie Bai explained that it was because she was getting closer to childbirth, so it was natural to become highly sensitive to her surrounding environment. Tangning thought about Auntie Bai's explanation for a moment and felt it was quite reasonable

"Ever since Huo Jingjing's incident, your heart hasn't been stable for even a day. If there's something wrong, make sure to communicate it to Mr. Mo, don't keep it to yourself."

After listening to Auntie Bai, Tangning nodded her head and smiled, "I can talk to him about it, but...when a woman is pregnant, there are some feelings that a man would never understand."

"That's true," Auntie Bai nodded her head, "When I was pregnant with Xiao Xing, I often felt that I was unexplainably irritable. Xiao Xing's father couldn't understand how he had provoked me, so all he could do was stretch his arm in front of me and allow me to release my anger by biting him."

With the mention of Chen Xingyan's father, Tangning remembered that he had been missing since Chen Xingyan was very young. However, Bai Lihua had never mentioned him until now.

"Xingyan's father..."

"He went missing when he was an extra. At that time, Xiao Xing was only 6-years-old. Since then, he has never returned again. Let's not talk about him."

Tangning didn't like to probe into someone's matters persistently. Plus, she understood that this matter was Bai Lihua's weakness, so she decided to move away from the topic.

"Are you going to the hospital for a checkup tomorrow? What do you want to eat? I'll cook it for you."

"Everything you cook tastes good," Tangning reassured quickly.

However, Tangning had no idea that the checkup this time would result in a crisis because the person that had been stalking her was already prepared to strike.


Afternoon the next day. Mo Ting accompanied Tangning to her checkup and brought the bodyguards along as usual. After Bai Li Hua escorted them to the front door, she returned to the villa.

A moment later, the strong smell of smoke suddenly drifted from the garden, triggering the fire alarm and alerting the security. The security immediately searched for the cause and quickly knocked on the door of Tangning and Mo Ting's villa.

It took Auntie Bai a while to open the door. As soon as she saw the security, she looked at them confusedly, "What's wrong?"

"Madam, your garden is on fire. For your safety, could you please vacate the premises immediately?"

Bai Lihua paused for a moment. She was especially scared of fire, "In that case...wait for me as I lock the doors."

"Madam, please leave first. We have to assess the security risks of the villa," one of the members of security said as he pushed Bai Lihua to a colleague behind him.

Bai Lihua did not know how to react as the security dragged her away to a safe location. However, while the security were assessing the villa, a dark figure snuck in through the front door and hid in the grocery closet without making a sound.

Roughly half an hour later, the person hiding in the grocery closet heard the security talking to Bai Lihua, "Madam, sorry for the inconvenience. The fire is under control. Luckily, it did not spread, so you can return home now."

"Have you discovered the cause?" Bai Lihua asked. "Why was there a fire in our garden?"

"Don't worry, we will search for the cause in detail. As soon as we have an answer, we will let you know."

Bai Lihua nodded and did not ask any further. After returning to the villa, she calmed down a little and went back to preparing a rich and nutritious meal for Tangning as usual.

4pm. Mo Ting escorted Tangning home before he returned to Hai Rui. However, as soon as Tangning stepped in through the front door, an unpleasant smell caught her attention.

"Auntie Bai, is something in the house burning?"

"No, there was a fire outside this afternoon..." Auntie Bai walked out of the kitchen and explained while wiping her hands. "Are you hungry? Hurry and sit down. Dinner is almost ready."

"Take your time, I can still endure it," Tangning leaned back on the sofa. Now that she was almost 8 months pregnant, daily movements had already become unbearably difficult.

Bai Lihua sensed her exhaustion and smiled, "The first pregnancy is always like this. The second one will be a lot easier."

"I haven't thought that far ahead," Tangning held the back of her head with one hand while she stroked her stomach with the other. During her checkup today, the results showed that Hua Wenfeng's claim about an unhealthy and deformed child was completely incorrect. As for the gender of their child, Mo Ting hoped for a girl...and she hoped for a boy. 

"You can think about it later," Bai Lihua said as she placed a delicious bowl of chicken soup in front of Tangning, "I've already separated the oil, this soup won't make you fat..."

Tangning looked at Bai Lihua. She was slightly moved because she knew Bai Lihua was actually Mo Ting's birth mother. Just based on this small gesture, Hua Wenfeng could not compare.

At least Bai Lihua always tried to do the best for her.

Tangning enjoyed the care shown by Bai Lihua. After receiving the chicken soup from her, she took one sip after another. However, she felt that the taste of the chicken soup was very different from usual.

"What's wrong?" Bai Lihua immediately asked after seeing Tangning stop.

"The soup tastes odd."

Bai Lihua took the bowl from Tangning's hands and took a sniff; her expression changed, "Oh no, there's a smell of chemicals. Do you feel unwell?"

Tangning shook her head, "No."

"I'm a bit worried. I think you should go to the hospital to get it checked." Bai Lihua was, after all, a researcher of biotechnology, so she was cautious towards chemicals. She immediately helped Tangning up and gave a sample of the chicken soup to the bodyguard so he could take it to the hospital to be examined.

Tangning wasn't as anxious as Bai Lihua in the beginning. Even after she was examined at the hospital, she still did not show any symptoms. However, after she received the test results for the chicken soup...

"Why is there so much Quinidine in the chicken soup?"

Hearing the name of this drug, Bai Lihua's face turned pale.

Others may not know, but she was well aware of what it was. Quinidine was not something that often appeared in the daily lives of an average person. It was a drug used in the treatment of abnormal heart rhythms. But, if consumed by a pregnant woman, it may cause an abortion or affect the heart of the fetus! However, the thing that surprised her the most was, how did a drug like this appear in her chicken soup.

Worst of all, Tangning had taken two sips!

Thinking of this, Bai Lihua trembled in fear. What was she to do? What was Tangning to do?

What was going to happen to her grandchild?

After receiving the test result, Bai Lihua's knees were weak as she pulled out her phone and called Mo Ting, "Mr. Mo, I'm sorry. Please come to the hospital right now."

As soon as he heard 'hospital', Mo Ting subconsciously thought of Tangning. So, he put down the work in his hands and rushed over.

As he arrived, Tangning was being examined in a hospital room. Bai Lihua saw Mo Ting and hurried over with a choked up voice, "Tangning accidentally consumed a restricted drug...I'm afraid something might happen to her."

Just as Mo Ting was about to question Bai Lihua about the situation, the doctor stepped out of the room and said to the two, "It's not as serious as you think!"

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