Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 705

Chapter 705: Imminent Disaster

"She's managed to resolve the problem. What a hopeless bunch of trash." Song Xin was at home reading through the news. When she saw what had happened, she threw the glass of red wine in her hand onto the floor. This was her way of releasing her anger. But, as she watched the red liquid spread, it only made her even more annoyed.

Her original intention was to stop Tangning's film from screening. But, to her surprise, not only did she not succeed, she helped her with a crazy round of free publicity.

Now, how great was 'The Lost Relative' going to perform in theaters tomorrow?

Song Xin simply thought that her scheme had failed, but she had no idea that Tangning had already set her as a target. This time, Tangning was going to reverse the roles and play a little game with her.


Meanwhile, the author of 'The Tracker' went completely missing. It seemed, not only was he afraid that Hai Rui would come looking for him, he was also worried that they'd force him to break his hands. So, he hid away and did not dare to make an appearance.

But, tracking down a person wasn't a hard task for Hai Rui. Especially with the help of the online community which consisted of people from all walks of life. So, it didn't take long before Hai Rui found the author.

Tangning couldn't be bothered meeting with the scum. Instead, after finding the man, she spoke to Fang Yu on the phone for over half an hour. The content of their phone call was confidential; apart from Fang Yu, Mo Ting and herself, no fourth person would ever know what they discussed.

Soon, the author was invited to the meeting room in Hai Rui. Although the author had already prepared himself for what was to come, he still couldn't help but shudder as he arrived at the building.

Fang Yu put aside a little bit of time to see the shameless scum; mainly because he and Tangning would not be rest assured if they left the responsibility to someone else.

"I am the Vice President of Hai Rui, Fang Yu," Fang Yu said as he entered the meeting room. However, he did not stretch out his hand for a handshake; he obviously did not hold any regard for the man.

"I...I know what to do." The man was 24 to 25-years-old with a skinny build and a buzz cut. He simply looked like a college student, but no one expected that this man was the person that caused a huge commotion in Beijing's entertainment industry.

"It's good that you know. I won't ask you about other things since Hai Rui is running its own investigation, I simply want you to tell me who instigated this incident and who taught you what to do," Fang Yu asked as he sat on the corner of the coffee table and leaned forward. "I'm sure you know what the consequences are for lying. It's extremely easy for Hai Rui to make you suffer."

The man was obviously scared speechless; his hands remained behind his body the entire time, afraid that Hai Rui would remember his promise.

"A...a woman contacted me online and gave me a sum of money to do it. I simply followed her orders. I honestly never knew things would end up like this. I beg you not to break my hands."

"Break your hands?" Fang Yu laughed as he shook his head, "We are civilized people; we don't resort to such violence. But, weren't you the one who suggested it from the start?"

"I was just joking...It was a simple joke."

"Then, let's make other jokes from now on." After speaking, Fang Yu gave the man a piece of information. He still remembered the grudge he had with Huo Jingjing deeply.

After meeting with the author, Fang Yu was about to take the information he received to the CEO's office. But, the stylish sunglass-clad Song Xin ended up looking for him first.

"How long are Hai Rui planning to disregard me for?" Song Xin asked as she entered Fang Yu's office and removed her sunglasses. "My manager is still in the hospital. Has Hai Rui completely forgotten about me?"

"As you are aware, your manager is a thief, so the public are bound to tie you two together. The reason why Hai Rui has done what they've done is because they're hoping for the situation to die down as soon as possible. You don't want your fans to look at you with prejudice, do you?" Fang Yu asked as he raised an eyebrow.

"I knew you would say that. That's why I want to cancel my contract with Hai Rui," Song Xin said as she tapped on Fang Yu's desk. "I will pay the compensation."

"I've already spoken to President Mo about this. He said that he wants to wait until your fate with Hai Rui comes to an end. But, that time has definitely not come yet." After giving his response, Fang Yu asked, "I'm going to the CEO's office, what about you?"

"Does Hai Rui plan to continue treating me like this?"

"Don't worry, President Mo has already said that he'd hire a new manager and schedule new jobs for you. Just go home and wait for notification."

Song Xin glared at Fang Yu and gave a loud snort before she put on her sunglasses and left the office.

Fang Yu's expression turned icy cold as he watched Song Xin leave. She was a talented person, but she was vicious and held no regard for other people's lives. It was hard to tell what her heart was made of.

Was she waiting for more jobs?

She should be waiting for her retribution because that would definitely arrive faster!


Of course, today was also the first day of screening for 'The Lost Relative'. According to real-time statistics from the box office, the box office had already surpassed $100 million in ticket sales by 4 pm. This was the fastest crime film to ever break the $100 million mark in Beijing. Of course, this was all thanks to the publicity created by Song Xin.

"Only after watching the film did I realize that Elder Wu couldn't have possibly plagiarized. The film is completely in the 'Wu Style'."

"We really need to apologize to Elder Wu and Tangning. Elder Wu honestly put his heart into writing the script and Tangning acted out her character seriously. Both of them deserve to be respected."

"I am once again stunned by Tangning; three movies, three characters, and she fit every single role perfectly without showing any traces of acting. What a shock!"

"It was so exciting to watch. My God, I've got goosebumps! Tangning has amazing explosive power! Even though her character ran into her husband a good few times in the film without recognizing him, the fight scenes were much too enjoyable."

"It's extremely rare to see such a serious actress. I would love to see all my favorite novels being portrayed by Tangning. I'm sure she would live up to expectations."

"The film deserves praise and is worthy of watching twice!"

"I'm going to watch it again with my boyfriend tonight!"

Because the film got off to a great start, 'The Lost Relative' no longer needed to spend money on publicity. With the additional guilty conscience of the public, the box office continued to soar, leaving other films in the dust...

Tangning proved her abilities and her status.

"Are there any characters that Tangning can't play?"

During this time, the author of 'The Tracker' couldn't withstand the pressures anymore, so he decided to reveal the ins and outs of the entire plagiarism incident to the public. While he was getting ready, Song Xin was completely unaware of the imminent disaster that was headed her way...

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