Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Securing Evidence

"The culprit is really smart, they know how to use a voice-changer. From this recording alone, it is hard to decipher who it is," Lu Che explained. Things like this, he had seen multiple times before. After all, the industry had always been this dark. "Looks like someone that's experienced."

"Contact the media source and instruct them to return the phone call. When they have the culprit on the phone, ask the culprit to repeat what they said earlier. Be careful not to let the culprit figure out what we are trying to do. While the phone call is being made, look around and see who from Tianyi is talking on the phone. Quietly follow them and secure evidence." Mo Ting put away his phone; he had an intense look in his eyes.

"Yes, president," Lu Che replied with a nod as he took composed steps out of the room.

Meanwhile, Mo Ting returned to the hall. His sharp gaze swept across the Han siblings. In reality, he didn't need to test them to already know who the culprit was. The only person capable of doing such a thing was the well-experienced Han Ruoxue. If Han Yufan had the capability of scheming like his sister, he would not merely be where he was today.

Maybe because she noticed a change in Mo Ting's expression, Tangning gazed over questioningly amongst the crowd. Mo Ting contained his anger, picked up his phone and answered with four simple words: "Let's talk at home."

In reality, Mo Ting had underestimated Tangning's sensitivity towards his emotions. After living with Mo Ting for so long, she had gotten a grasp of his temper; he only ever got upset when something concerned her as it was the only time he found it worthy of getting angry over.

Tangning glanced over at the Han siblings; she could vaguely guess what was going on.

Tonight she had been too outstanding and impressive. Even though she knew there was a possibility she would be stabbed in the back, she didn't expect the Han siblings to really have no restraint.

10 minutes later, Mo Ting watched as Han Ruoxue stood up from her seat. Holding onto her phone, she walked to a hidden spot. Less than 5 minutes later, she once again returned to her seat. At this time, Lu Che gestured to Mo Ting that he had secured the evidence...

Everything was as expected...

He had wanted to make a move on Han Ruoxue for a long time. He just hadn't found the right reason since everything she did was within Tianyi. Who would have thought, in the end, she'd be brave enough to offend him.

After the gala was over, Tangning left the venue with TQ's editor. Han Ruoxue and the others followed closely behind - so close Tangning could practically feel their piercing glares...

Afterwards, TQ's editor left first; he had an issue to deal with. Han Ruoxue took this opportunity to step in front of Tangning. She looked her straight in the eyes and said, "I've really underestimated you. You managed to make an appearance even though we tried to hold you back."

"However, Tangning, no matter how smart you are, you've still done something you shouldn't have. How dare you take a photo with the CEO of Hai Rui. Did you think you could elevate your value by using him? Let me tell you, you will only make enemies for yourself."

"If that's all, I need to go home and rest," Tangning didn't take anything Han Ruoxue said to heart.

"Do you think you are Mo Ting's woman? He was only playing around with you. How could you think highly of yourself?"

Hearing this, Tangning quickly turned around and glared sharply at Han Ruoxue, "Han Ruoxue, I must bow down to your capability of forever maintaining a jealous heart. Because of you, Tianyi's destruction will be just around the corner."

Han Ruoxue looked at Tangning with ridicule; just the thought of the news that would be exposed tomorrow filled her heart with joy.

Tangning knew what Han Ruoxue was thinking; this was not the first time Han Ruoxue had looked at her with this provoking smile. She was waiting to bully her and see how her fate was to unfold. However, things never went her way. And this time...was no different.

"While we're talking, when will you be leaving Tianyi?" Han Yufan butted in as he questioned Tangning seriously, "Star Age has already tried to poach you multiple times, why aren't you leaving? Haven't you sought enough revenge on me?"

"It's because I want to see whether you still have an ounce of humanity left in you..." After speaking, Tangning boarded the sports car Long Jie had driven to pick her up in and left. At this time, Han Ruoxue turned her attention to Mo Yurou as she carefully scrutinized her.

"Why were you so quiet tonight?"

"I wasn't feeling well," Mo Yurou replied; her face was pale. She was cheating with someone while she was pregnant, how could things not go wrong?

"Then hurry home and rest." Han Ruoxue looked at the two and continued, "The awards ceremony will take place soon, don't let anything go wrong between now and then. Don't think of going to the hospital, stay at home and rest."

"Yes, Ruoxue Jie..."

Of course, she had to rest, otherwise how would she have the energy to watch tomorrow's show unfold?


Late at night. Hyatt Regency.

Tangning and Mo Ting did not drive home together, because after the gala was over, celebrities and reporters were everywhere. In order not to attract any trouble, the two took separate paths home.

As Tangning's route was shorter, she got home first. As soon as Mo Ting walked in through the front door she handed him his home clothes so he could get changed first and be more comfortable. She also prepared some soup for him to sober up; earlier on at the gala he must have drunk a lot.

"What happened today? How come your gaze was so abnormal at the gala..." Tangning gently rubbed Mo Ting's stomach, hoping it would make him feel better.

"What do you think?" Mo Ting pulled her onto the sofa before handing her a recording and a video.

Tangning was confused, but after looking at the two items, her expression became calm as she let out a laugh, "Looks like Han Ruoxue has her methods."

"Too bad she's not applying it to any good," Mo Ting said as he gently stroked Tangning's hair. "You don't need to worry about this matter. Since it involves me, I will not show any mercy..."

Tangning understood what Mo Ting meant. He had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. Since she had made a move first, from now on her destiny no longer belonged to her.

"Since you secured evidence, why are you still upset? I've already been schemed against so many times, did you think I would be affected by another time?"

Mo Ting took a deep breath and placed Tangning's head in his embrace.

"I am upset because my heart breaks for you. Luckily I have the ability to protect you."

Tangning calmly wrapped her arms around Mo Ting's waist as she tried to take in his scent. She then pulled out her phone and showed Mo Ting their photo from the night, "Does this look like a wedding photo?"

"Uh huh, my wife looks beautiful," Mo Ting's gaze softened.

He knew Tangning didn't want him to worry about her, so even though she was being schemed against, she didn't show any signs of unhappiness...

Since they were brave enough to make things difficult for Tangning...

...tomorrow, he would make Han Ruoxue pay back a thousand-fold.

Translator's Thoughts

Yunyi Yunyi

Mr. and Mrs. Mo, why are you so adorable?

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