Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 715

As Duan Jinghong needed to meet with Song Xin after returning to China, she returned all alone on a separate flight to the rest of her group members.

Song Xin said she'd pick her up and welcome her home, so she waited at the airport as promised. However, after Duan Jinghong arrived, she walked right up to Song Xin's face, yet Song Xin did not recognize her.

In the past, Duan Jinghong either wore activewear or gender-neutral clothing. When had she ever worn jeans, a trench coat, andhigh heels?

Most importantly, Duan Jinghong suddenly had an outstanding presence about her. In comparison, Song Xin felt like she was Duan Jinghong's assistant in her casual clothing.

"Why are you suddenly so stylish?" Song Xin didn't notice, but her words subconsciously contained a trace of jealousy.

"I didn't know how to tidy myself up in the past. Since I went all the way to South Korea, I thought I'd bring back a thing or two I had learned there. This look isn't bad right?" Duan Jinghong asked as she held back a smile.

"I am more used to how you looked in the past." Song Xin couldn't tell Duan Jinghong that she wasn't allowed to be prettier than her, so she could only hint that her clothes didn't suit her.

Duan Jinghong understood what Song Xin was thinking, but she pretended not to care as she pulled open the car door and sat down beside her, "Where are we going now?"

"I haven't received any news about Tangning lately, have you?" Song Xin questioned Duan Jinghong about Tangning the first chance she got, even though she didn't understand why she would ask her. After all, she was well aware that Duan Jinghong couldn't possibly know anything, but she was perhaps too desperate to find out about Tangning's recent situation.

In reality, Duan Jinghong did actually know, but she couldn't possibly tell Song Xin.

"Don't you know better than I do? Why are you suddenly asking me?"

"It's just a casual question," even Song Xin found herself a bit ridiculous. "By the way, I received the verdict for the case with Hai Rui today. Although I made a small loss, I managed to free myself from them. Let's go have a drink and celebrate my freedom!"

"OK," Duan Jinghong replied casually.

But, in this short month or two, the world had changed a lot. Duan Jinghong was no longer a little manager that catered to Song Xin's needs; she had now debuted as a member of Hai Rui's most eye-catching girl group.

Perhaps it was due to Duan Jinghong's outfit, or perhaps it was due to her presence, as soon as the two women stepped into the safe and familiar bar, plenty of men found themselves looking towards her. Thus, neglecting Song Xin.

"You're standing out a bit too much. Why don't you change back to your usual look? Otherwise, if people find out that I'm here at this bar, I may appear on the headlines again," Song Xin was displeased. She did not feel comfortable with the situation. Especially since her usual follower had suddenly become more attractive than her. The frustration felt like a thousand ants were nibbling on her back.

But, who did she think Duan Jinghong was? How many years had she followed her? Would Duan Jinghong not know what she was truly thinking?

So, Duan Jinghong's lips curved upwards in secret, "These are already my plainest clothes. Why don't we drink at your place instead then?"

Song Xin didn't want to be compared to Duan Jinghong any longer, so she quickly nodded, "OK. My grandfather hasn't seen you for a while either."

After that, the two women left the bar and headed for the Song Family home.

As they entered through the front door, Song Xin's confident smile once again returned to her face. Even though Duan Jinghong had gotten prettier, she still didn't have a grandfather in politics, nor did she have an impressive family background.

The two women entered Song Xin's bedroom as usual and Song Xin quickly headed over to her cabinet to fetch a bottle of red wine. As she poured some wine for Duan Jinghong, she exclaimed, "I am truly happy that we can return to how we used to be!"

Duan Jinghong received the wine glass from Song Xin and clinked glasses with her. But, after drinking a few glasses, Song Xin suddenly stood up and said, "I bought a lot of new clothes and fans also sent me some. I can't wear them all, so take some home with you later."

Duan Jinghong watched as Song Xin searched busily through her room. At this moment, Duan Jinghong suddenly realized how Song Xin made herself feel superior all these years. She treated her like charity.

Duan Jinghong did not react immediately, she simply propped up her chin and said to Song Xin, "Just leave it, I'll take it with me when I leave."

Seeing that Duan Jinghong's attitude was still the same as in the past, Song Xin finally relaxed and returned to her side, "Xiao Yuhe is planning to open a studio for me. We will have a lot more freedom after that happens."

"That's not bad," Duan Jinghong nodded.

"Either way, Duan Jinghong, welcome back!" Song Xin pulled Duan Jinghong into a hug. "I honestly need you so much. I hope our friendship lasts forever and we continue to resist Hai Rui together. It's just a shame that we haven't received any news about Tangning. That b*tch should be giving birth soon."

"You'll find out about her eventually," Duan Jinghong took a sip of her wine as a look flashed past her eyes that Song Xin did not understand.

"It doesn't matter. The wench has already been suppressed and should become outdated very soon. But, have you heard? Hai Rui has recently formed some kind of new girl group...."

Had she heard?

Duan Jinghong sneered in secret. Not only had she heard about it - she was one of the members!

Song Xin continued to talk about things that had happened in Beijing recently, but, Duan Jinghong already knew about it all.

Like this, the two women chatted from the morning until the afternoon. Song Xin originally planned to drive Duan Jinghong home after they were done, but Duan Jinghong rejected her offer, "I forgot to tell you that I've moved. Let me tidy the home a bit first and I'll tell you the address later."

Although Song Xin was quite confused, she did not insist. She simply handed the new clothes that she didn't want to Duan Jinghong and watched as she left the house...

However, at a bin not too far from the Song Family home, Duan Jinghong threw the fancy clothes straight inside before she gave her agency a phone call. A few moments later, a company van arrived nearby to take Duan Jinghong back to the apartment that had been arranged for her.

As soon as she arrived home, the other members of her group quickly gathered around and asked, "What did the b*tch say?"

"How come I never noticed that she was so disgusting before?"

"Who told you to be disgusting like her in the past? It's good that you changed for the better. Let's get ready to give that b*tch a big gift!"

Duan Jinghong nodded and felt a little amused, "Did you girls know? Just because I changed my image a little, Song Xin felt like I had stolen her limelight and asked me to change back into my old clothes. And to prove her status, she gave me a whole pile of clothes that she didn't want!"

"Don't mind her. Your future is now filled with unlimited possibilities! She's nothing in comparison!"

"Prepare yourselves. The performance in Beijing won't be easy. To make Miss Song spew blood in anger, we need to be in our best form!" the group leader gave her words of encouragement.

"You're right! Let's practice..."

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