Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 73

Chapter 73: The Fatal Statement

It was just a few simple words, "Hai Rui will use all its power to blacklist Han Ruoxue domestically as well as internationally from any form of work in the entertainment industry. Anyone that dares to work with her will be going against Hai Rui and be encouraging this type of unethical practice in the industry. On the other hand, after clarification with the media company involved, we have concluded that Tianyis model, Tangning, was not involved in creating hype. In order to revive artists faith in this situation, Hai Rui hereby acknowledges Tangning's innocence as per all audio and visual evidence presented!"

As soon as this statement was released, the entire entertainment industry was shaken up.

Hai Rui had never treated a situation like this so seriously. The fact that Han Ruoxue was completely blacklisted meant that she could no longer survive in the entertainment industry, no matter what role she took on.

The public assumed Mo Ting used Han Ruoxue as an example; he used the most extreme methods to warn everyone within the industry that if anyone dared to use him to create hype, they would be digging their own grave.

Of course, this was how it appeared to the public. Compared to the public, those within the industry were trembling in fear.

How Mo Ting managed to intercept Han Ruoxues plan was extremely obvious: the main media sources were all under Hai Ruis control. No matter if it was framing someone or creating hype, as long as it involved Hai Rui, they would be able to uncover the truth and throw the culprit into a place beyond redemption.

With the release of this statement, Han Ruoxue was over

Completely over...

Everyone thought the reason Tianyi wasnt affected was because Hai Rui was being fair; only targeting the individual involved. However, Tangning knew deep down, it was because she was still contracted to Tianyi. If Mo Ting also blacklisted Tianyi, her jobs would end up being affected.

This man really took everything into consideration; all that he did, he did it with her in mind.

"Hai Rui is indeed the top entertainment agency. They are quick, accurate and firm with their decisions. So cool!"

"Thats why so many people exhaust their resources trying to get into Hai Rui. Hai Rui has really provided a fair platform for everyone."

"Not only did they punish Han Ruoxue, they even proved Tangnings innocence. A big company is indeed a big company; they are noble and classy."

"We have faith in Tangning. If she was the type to create hype, she wouldnt have endured all that Tianyi did to her."

"Oh, I am suddenly so in love with Tangning! She is the perfect combination of skills and beauty. She also possesses a great character."

"Han Ruoxue should go die. Hai Rui did well putting an end to unethical practices in the entertainment industry!"

"Han Ruoxue die!"

In an instant, Hai Ruis statement appeared on the front page of all media sources. On top of everything, many famous personalities stepped out to support Tangning and Hai Rui. However, Han Ruoxues torment didnt end there. Someone decided to expose the news of her being previously blacklisted in America and multiple pieces of scandalous information related to her. Anyone that had ever had any ties with her also took the opportunity to throw their attacks; hitting her while she was down.

Meanwhile, Han Ruoxue locked herself in her office the entire day. From the moment Hai Rui released their statement, she had no hope of ever stepping into the entertainment industry again. This time, she was completely destroyed.

She hid herself in a dark corner, not eating and not drinking. But her ears still rang with noise, because at this moment, there were too many people that wanted her to dieway too many...

"Jie, are you inside?" Han Yufan knocked on her door with a worried tone, "You havent eaten all day. If you continue on like this, you will get sick. If you cant be a manager, you can do something else, dont give up hope."

"DestroyedEverything is destroyed" Han Ruoxue mumbled.

The Han family had never been a rich family; if she was to change careers now, not only would she not have the ability to do so, she also wouldnt be able to get used to not wearing tailor-made clothes and limited edition handbags. If she couldnt be a manager, she would have to return to a life of being poor, how could she possibly handle that?

"Thats right, I can go beg Tangning. Tangning" Han Ruoxue seemed to have found her last glimmer of hope as she searched around frantically for her phone so she could call Tangning, "Tangning, TangningI want to see you."

"If you have something you want to say, say it over the phone," Tangning rejected her straightforwardly.

"PleaseI beg you. Help me put in a few good words. I dont want to leave the entertainment industry, I really dont"

At this moment, Han Ruoxue finally removed her arrogant mask and turned into a pitiful woman.

"I know I was wrong. I shouldn't have kept going against you. I can kneel before you and bow, can you please give me a chance for survival?"

On the other side of the phone, Tangning gently laughed as she asked, "If I was the one that had been exposed for creating hype this morning and Hai Rui had decided to blacklist me, what would you have done?"

"Would you have taken advantage of the situation and frozen my jobs? Or would you have taken the chance to debut your newcomer whilst ruthlessly kicking me out?"

"Han Ruoxue, right now you are only admitting to your wrongdoings because you are not satisfied with the outcome. It's not that you feel any regret, you only feel it's not fair that you didn't manage to damage me..."

"Han Ruoxue, all that you owed has now been officially cleared. From now on, we dont owe each other anything. Of course, this is only if you remain honest."

Han Ruoxue responded with silence because everything Tangning said was the truth. If they had swapped places and Tangning was the one being blacklisted by Hai Rui, she would have found someone to mess around with her before kicking her out of the company. All this would have been done without showing even the slightest bit of sympathy.

Han Ruoxue couldnt think of a reason for Tangning to help her; all she could do was get drunk at the hotel by herself.

She had never imagined, she would fall this hard and be hurt so bad.

Han Ruoxue ended up getting completely drunk at the nightclub. At this time, the men that frequented the club noticed she wasnt very precautious, so they took the opportunity to not only cop a feel, they even almost took her to the hotel. Luckily, Han Yufan arrived just in time to stop them, or else being blacklisted wouldnt have been the worst thing to happen to her...

"Jie, you should go to England tomorrow, Ive already booked a flight for you."

"Even you want to get rid of me?" Han Ruoxue gripped onto Han Yufans shirt as she sneered, "Youre afraid of being dragged down with me, arent you?"

"Jie, Im sorry, I have to look at the bigger picture. The company will make the announcement tomorrow that we will be removing you from your role."

Han Ruoxue continued to sneer before pushing Han Yufan away, "Dont make yourself sound so high and mighty; looking at the bigger picture my ass! Everyone says Im ruthless, but you, Han Yufan, are even more ruthless. After you make use of people- as soon as something goes wrong you immediately turn your back on them like you dont know them."

"Do you really think, without me, Tianyi would be able to return to business as usual?"

"Let me tell you: by blacklisting me, Hai Rui has indirectly blacklisted Tianyi too. The only person to come out on top is Tangning; she is the only one that hasnt been affected at all."

"I should have known. Tangning was with you for 4-5 years and you dumped her just like that. I thought as your sister, I would be able to avoid being treated the same way, but it turns out, to you, we arent as important as your profits."

"Do you think that now I have fallen, Tangning would just let you and Mo Yurou go?"

"Im not leaving! If I am to leave, I want to witness both your fates first!"

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Yunyi Yunyi

I can't imagine Han Ruoxue crawling out of this one...

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