Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 764

"I honestly can't act. Jun Yilan is the one that can," Mo Ting smiled gently.

As for the reason why the couple managed to film the scene in one take? It was because Mo Ting had helped Tangning rehearse while the drama was still going through its preparation stage.

"I'm going to make you pay when we get home!" Tangning said in a dissatisfied tone.

Mo Ting simply replied with a loving smile.

"Haha, this time we will definitely win against the other drama!" the staff were extra excited.

As Mo Ting was now a part of the cast, everyone was experiencing an emotional high and were exceptionally excited. When the other cast members finished filming their parts, they stuck around to watch Tangning and Mo Ting act.

The feeling created by watching two formidable forces up against each other, let everyone learn the art of acting as well as experience the feeling of heartbreak.

They were like viewers behind a television screen. When they witnessed sweet scenes between Tangning and Mo Ting, they would laugh like crazy. But, when they filmed heartbreaking scenes, they would find themselves crying tears of sadness.

"Oh God, I can't wait for the edited version."

"But the other drama has already been completed halfway."

"Who cares about them? They started way ahead of us. With our rate of progression, I'm sure we will catch up very soon."

"Watching Tangning and Mo Ting acting together is so satisfying."

Of course, all this happened on the set of the drama because everything was kept confidential and nothing was leaked to the public. Whenever Mo Ting had no scenes to film, he would appear at Hai Rui and appear in front of the public like he had no involvement with filming. But, in reality, he quite enjoyed acting with Tangning. 'The Forensic Concubine' was quite enjoyable because the love and hate between Jun Yilan and Qing Lan made the drama feel complete.

During this time, there was endless news about 'Concubine Ning'.

Bai Yu couldn't find any information on 'The Forensic Concubine', so she couldn't eat nor sleep.

Her photo had already lost to Tangning, she wasn't going to lose in anything else.

So, she hired a professional paparazzi and instructed him to sneak into the filming studio to find out who the male lead of 'The Forensic Concubine' was. But, unbeknownst to them, the crew of 'The Forensic Concubine' were carefully selected and had gone through specific training. So, when someone came to get information, one of the staff simply smiled and replied, "We hired a new actor who has never acted before."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course. You don't believe me? Everyone on set knows this."

The paparazzi returned to Bai Yu with the information he had gathered and Bai Yu slammed her hands on the table in response, "That's great! Mo Ting is indeed tricky. He was afraid that the public would disagree with him hiring a rookie, so he kept the entire filming under wraps, forcing the public to accept it after filming is complete."

They did indeed hire a new actor and he had indeed never filmed anything before...


...Bai Yu did not suspect that anything was weird.

Soon, the rumor that 'The Forensic Concubine' had hired a rookie and was too afraid to reveal it to the public, was leaked to the outside world. This, of course, attracted objection from fans of the novel. They loved the character of Jun Yilan too deeply, so there was no way they'd let it be ruined.

"If it's an actor with no experience - we refuse to watch it!"

"Exactly! Our Jun Yilan is a pitiful yet powerful man. I don't want someone to end up portraying him like a stupid and sweet boy."

"I refuse! I refuse! I strongly request for the crew to announce the name of the male lead."

"Such a small scheme was enough to put 'The Forensic Concubine' into a crisis. What a joke! These fans have no brains," Bai Yu scoffed after seeing the comments left on 'The Forensic Concubine' website. "This President Mo is quite stupid. Even if he had no choice, he shouldn't have gone with this option."

"Yu Jie is smart for throwing the other crew into a crisis."

But, it wasn't that they didn't want to announce the male lead. They were afraid that if they announced it, they'd shock everyone to death!

So, even with everything that was happening, 'The Forensic Concubine' took on the pressures and continued to film into the night.

But, because of provocation from Bai Yu, Hai Rui's PR became extremely passive. So, news quickly spread on set that the situation had escalated to a point where fans were attacking the author, Tang Xiao.

Mo Ting immediately gave Fang Yu a phone call, "Settle the fans."

After Huangfu Shuo heard that the incident definitely had something to do with Bai Yu, his entire body boiled in anger. It was bad enough that she was pretentious, she even tried to hurt others. He really wanted to tear off her mask.

Meanwhile, Fang Yu had not contacted the fans of the novel yet. After all, he had nothing to subdue them with and even if he did, every fan had a different ideal for Jun Yilan. His only choice was to reveal the truth, otherwise, it was too difficult to make them settle down.

But, if he really couldn't subdue a few simple fans, then he wasn't Fang Yu.

So, he did not personally mention the male lead. Instead, he indirectly used Tang Xiao to talk to the fans, "'The Forensic Concubine' has suffered many obstacles. Due to manipulation from a particular person, every single male lead candidate ended up rejecting the role. Because of this, I had already suffered a setback. But, I never expected that my fans would also become my enemy's weapon."

"I have faith in Hai Rui and the production. So, why can't you guys have faith in me?"

"I created Jun Yilan, one word at a time. Don't you think that I'd care about him more than you? Since it's an actor that even I acknowledge, then it must mean the truth is unlike the rumors. As my fans, have you not considered my situation? By causing a commotion, how do you expect me to react? After all that you've done, who do you think is the final benefactor?"

"I offered this script without accepting any money for it. So, don't you dare say that I got paid out."

"Also, Tangning accepted this role as a friend. We simply want to bring 'The Forensic Concubine'to life. I never expected my fans to end up opposing me."

"Shouldn't you know who my true opposition is?"

It was the crew of 'Concubine Ning'!

After Tang Xiao's reminder, most of the fans finally came to their senses and realized that they shouldn't allow themselves to be used. Hai Rui definitely had a reason for their actions. Plus, knowing that everyone was putting so much effort into producing the drama, they realized that they shouldn't act as obstructions if they were truly fans.

"When the time is right, Hai Rui will naturally announce the male lead. I can make a small revelation: he is better than the male lead in our opposition's drama and is even better than the two previous candidates. If the result is not according to what I've said, I will immediately withdraw from the webnovel industry and never write again!"

With Tang Xiao's guarantee, the fans immediately regained their confidence in the drama.

In fact, they began to ridicule the opposing drama, "The oppositions sure are evil and shameless. They even tried to drive a wedge between the production and its fans."

"Isn't this because my forensic concubine made them nervous? So, they did something so disgusting and shameless."

"Forget about it. I have faith in the drama. Since Xiaoxiao said that the male lead is his dream man, then he must be perfect..."

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