Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard Chapter 93

In fact, describing himself as a beggar wasnt even low enough when being compared to Mo Ting...

No, he couldnt accept it

How could Tangning marry Mo Ting?

The Tangning that he didnt want, how could she marry the most mysterious and powerful man in the entertainment industry?

This couldnt be true, he must be dreaming.

After soothing Tangning, Mo Ting finally lifted his head to look at Han Yufan. His cold piercing eyes were like that of an eagle looking at its prey. His sexy plump lips moved slightly, "It seems Mr. Han isnt used to the food here"

His deep and mellow voice was enough to make anyones heart shudder...

Han Yufan felt a shiver down his spine as he swallowed nervously. After hearing Mo Tings icy cold words, he fell out of his chair and landed on the floor; his embarrassing reaction made it hard for the waitstaff to hold back their laughter.

"You..you guys enjoy your meal, Im going to leave first" Han Yufan wanted to get up off the floor, but...

"You want to go?" Mo Ting lifted his gaze nonchalantly as he continued, "Where do you want to go?"

Hearing Mo Tings voice, the waitstaff near the exit immediately blocked the doorway. It was obvious, from the moment Han Yufan stepped foot in the restaurant, he wasn't going to leave that easily.

"Didnt Mr. Han want to see me? We havent even spoken much and you already want to leave?" Mo Ting gently cut the steak in front of him as he took one glance at Han Yufan. After cutting the steak, he thoughtfully placed it in front of Tangning.

Han Yufan remained seated on the floor as he trembled; there was no way he could reject Mo Ting.

"II can step out to clear Tangnings nameto make it clear that she didnt climb into anyones bed," Han Yufan thought this was what Mo Ting wanted and was the reason he had decided to see him.

However, Mo Ting smiled slightly, "Did you think Tangning needs your help?" Mo Ting stopped cutting and looked at Han Yufan, "She hasnt needed you for a long time"

"With me around, you are nothing."

Han Yufan was frightened; he suddenly realized he had no idea what Mo Tings purpose was for seeing him. If it wasnt because he wanted him to clear Tangnings name, then what could it be?

Did he simply want tohumiliate him?

Or perhaps, did Mo Ting want to see him being completely defeated and helpless?

"President Moin that casewhat do you plan to do with me?" Han Yufan was too nervous; Mo Ting simply wanted to question him, but Han Yufan somehow felt a sense of danger from his words. He felt his pride had been completely trampled on by Mo Ting.

"Regarding that, you will need to ask my wife" Mo Ting turned his head and handed the reigns to Tangning. His tone of voice was caring and gentle - completely different to when he spoke to Han Yufan.

Han Yufan suddenly understood Mo Tings intention: he was seeking revenge for Tangning!

Han Yufan lifted his head and looked at Tangning, the woman that appeared to be unaffected by the world had secretly married the Big Boss of the entertainment industry. His heart was cold as he sneered; he felt all men were the same: A man with an identity and status like Mo Ting, could have anyone he wants by his side, how long do you think he would want you?

Tangning could see through the mockery in Han Yufans eyes, but she didnt care.

"Tangning, youve already turned me into a joke, what else do you want? Just tell me directly. I never expected you were so scheming"

"Do you want to know what day Mo Ting and I got married?"

"August 19th," Tangning cut off Han Yufans words in a cold tone.

After hearing Tangnings words, Han Yufan looked into her eyes surprisingly.

August 19th, that was the day he was supposed to marry Tangning and also the day he abandoned her to be with Mo Yurou. Above allthat was the day he forced Tangning to be Mo Yurous substitute at the Crowns Star Show.

"Then whywhy didnt you use"

"Use Mo Tings hands to seek revenge on you?" Tangning continued his question for him; her tone of voice contained a sense of ridicule, "Because I don't want to dirty Mo Ting's hands."

After hearing Tangning's words, a cold chill swept through Han Yufan's body.

All Tangning had to do, was announce her relationship with Mo Ting and no one would dare look down at her again, yet she chose to endure all the misunderstanding and suffering he had put her through to get to where she was today.

She could rely on Mo Ting...

But she didn't, why?

"So, you really didn't rely on any dirty methods to get where you are today?"

"Not everyone is like you and Mo Yurou. Han Yufan, 3 years ago I was the top model in Beijing; now, 3 years later, I can do it again. I will prove myself to everyone. Of course, that includes you..."

Han Yufan listened to Tangning's words and suddenly let out a loud laugh; his laugh was so fake even he felt it was a bit forced, "Don't tell me the people that know Mo Ting is your husband hasn't treated you differently."

"Only you know..." Tangning stressed as she looked at Han Yufan. "As of now, you are the only one that knows of our relationship."

Han Yufan looked at Tangning in shock. In the end, he looked down with a defeated expression, "I can't believe there is someone like you in this world: you have such a great resource, yet you don't use it. I can't believe there is really someone like you...haha..."

"In this world, not every relationship is based on using one another; just like the way I once treated you, and from now on, the way I will be treating Mo Ting. I can depend on my own abilities to achieve my goals and get back to the high point I was once at. Maybe to you, he is considered a resource, but to me, my relationship with Mo Ting is not about using one another - this is something you will never understand..."

At this moment, Han Yufan felt like his heart was wounded; he too once owned Tangning's sincere heart, however, he treated her thoughtfulness as a benefit; a requirement; a tool for exchange...

So it turned out, without him, Tangning's life was better and more amazing. She could even...

...marry whoever she wanted.

The CEO of Hai Rui. Even if he worked hard for 10 lifetimes, he wouldn't be able to get to Mo Ting's level.

How could he be so dumb and stupid to be blinded by Mo Yurou?

If he never betrayed Tangning, would everything be different right now?

"I once thought of a thousand ways to torture you, but...who would have thought, Mo Yurou used the worst method. Han Yufan, you've finally lost everything."

"I do not wish for anything else, nor do I have the intention to step on you while you're down; I still need to continue on with my life and in the scheme of things, you are nothing. So, Han Yufan, get lost..." Tangning raised her head; her eyes were colder than before, "From now on, do not appear anywhere in Beijing and definitely do not appear in front of me!"

Translator's Thoughts

Yunyi Yunyi

Wow, Tangning ended things strongly!

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