True Martial World Chapter 1638

Chapter 1638: Meeting the Fey Thearch


Jiang Xiaorou had guessed at what Yi Yun had to say too.

The biggest conglomerate in the Heaven Fey City was the Treasure Fey Pagoda and the Nine Tribulations Veranda only barely ranked in the top five. But in terms of auctions, the Nine Tribulations Veranda was the Treasure Fey Pagoda’s equal.

The Treasure Fey Pagoda typically only auctioned their own treasures. They sold large quantities, but the average price was slightly lower.

As for the Nine Tribulations Veranda, they only auctioned top treasures!

“But Yun’er, this Golden Feather Immortal Pistil is rare to begin with. If we were to miss it this time”

“It doesn’t matter. It’s just a Golden Feather Immortal Pistil. Even if Jiang Yuchan didn’t came knocking on my door, I would have gone to him. I never expected him to be the one who initiated it. Sis Xiaorou, don’t worry. In less than five days, I will make Jiang Yuchan hand over the Golden Feather Immortal Pistil to me obediently, and even compensate me with some resources!”

Jiang Xiaorou was taken aback when she heard Yi Yun. If she did not know Yi Yun so well, she would have believed that he was bragging.

“Yun’er, what do you plan on doing? Are you planning on trouncing Jiang Yuchan directly and snatching the Golden Feather Immortal Pistil from him? You are a human after all. I won’t be able to protect you if you were to storm the Luo King Palace”

Yi Yun chuckled and said, “Sis Xiaorou, don’t worry. How could I incriminate myself? My strength is still lacking, so I’ll have to abide by the rules of Heaven Fey City as I act! The Blood King has a vendetta with the Luo King, so as long as I abide by the rules, they can do nothing about me!”

Jiang Xiaorou nodded. On this matter, her father was definitely standing on Yi Yun’s side.

While Jiang Xiaorou was discussing with Yi Yun, Rain Numinous had already recorded all that Yi Yun had done the past few days into a voice transmission talisman before sending it to the Blood King.

The Blood King paid a lot of attention to Jiang Xiaorou. Rain Numinous would report Jiang Xiaorou’s performance to him at fixed intervals. And this time, with the sudden appearance of Yi Yun, she naturally had to report everything about her human brother in detail.

Of course, Rain Numinous was not fond of Yi Yun. Her report was filled with veiled criticism, but of course, the so-called criticisms were facts.

For example, Yi Yun’s request for Jiang Xiaorou to help him obtain resources, buying him massive amounts of herbs to refine the Myriad Form Shura Pill.

Another example was despite Yi Yun being powerful, he was arrogant. He acted in a domineering manner, and had repressed numerous mercenaries the moment he arrived at Soft Clouds Mountain Manor. His tone was condescending and he had trounced Marquis Bi Lin, snatching his position as housekeeper.

After doing all of that and snatching the position of housekeeper, he had claimed that his ambition laid beyond the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins, that it was too small for his development.

Yet, Jiang Xiaorou thought very highly of Yi Yun. It made Rain Numinous worried that Yi Yun’s status as a human would give others a reason to attack and scheme against Jiang Xiaorou.

When the voice transmission flare extinguished, a towering figure who sat on a Fey bone throne was pondering over something.

Other than what Rain Numinous had to say, he even knew that Yi Yun had insulted Lady Bi Yun by calling her infertile. Marquis Bi Lin had already complained about this to his sister, and it was obvious how angry Lady Bi Yun was.

How could the Blood King not know of that?

Even though he appreciated Yi Yun’s talent, his disrespect to Lady Bi Yun made the Blood King slightly unhappy despite him being aware of the Lady Bi Yun’s cheap tricks. Regardless of what she plotted, she was still Yi Yun’s senior.

Blood King was also worried that Yi Yun was exploiting Jiang Xiaorou.

With this in mind, the man flicked a voice transmission talisman. Purple flames tore through the void and flew towards Soft Clouds Mountain Manor.

Jiang Xiaorou was still discussing the matter about Jiang Yuchan when she received the shimmering purple voice transmission talisman. Jiang Xiaorou’s heart palpitated.

“Yun’er, my father wishes to meet you!”

“Alright!” Yi Yun answered immediately; clearly, this turn of events was within his expectations!

The Blood King Palace was situated in the middle of Heaven Fey City. It spanned five kilometers and was extremely opulent.

However, the Blood King seldom stayed in the Blood King Palace. His cultivation grounds were on a spirit mountain north of the city.

This spirit mountain stood straight like a sword, stabbing straight into the clouds. The peak was perennially covered in snow, and it was surrounded by steep cliffs hundreds of thousands of feet, making it seem untraversable!

At the peak of the mountain, there was a tiny lake that never froze. Seated cross-legged in the lake’s pavilion was a black-robed man. In front of him was a zither.

The snowy mountains, the shimmering lake, the pavilion, the clear, blue skies, seemed like a picturesque scene. However, despite the vista, the black-robed man was playing a tune filled with murderous vibes. It left one’s blood boiling!

Yi Yun stood in front of the Blood King and faced the murderous tones.

At that instant, Yi Yun felt as though he was inside a mystic realm’s desert. He was facing countless heretic demons who were brandishing their swords!

This was the Blood King’s Dao!?

Yi Yun came to a realization. Back when the Blood King left the Heaven Fey royalty, he had joined the battle in the mystic realm battlefield alone. He went through many life and death situations, slaughtering enemies for thousands of years, almost to the point of having a deviation!

This forged his indestructible killing Dao!

Of course, if the Blood King had not entered the Tian Yuan world later and led a peaceful life with Jiang Xiaorou’s mother that slowly quenched his zealous killing intent, he was bound to proceed further down the path of killing, until he was controlled by it, losing himself in the process.

It was also for this reason that despite Jiang Xiaorou’s mother being of ordinary birth, she was his only love.

Now, the Blood King’s zither tunes were filled with his killing Dao. Ordinary warriors would probably lose themselves if they listened too intently to the zither tunes and got immersed.

“Zheng! Zheng! Zheng! Zheng!”

The zither tunes attacked Yi Yun like swords. Although they could be described as remnant blasts previously, they were now aimed at Yi Yun!

At that instant, Yi Yun felt that he was facing a Shura hell!

The zither music also inundated Yi Yun like a roaring sea of blood!

At that instant, countless figures emerged from the blood of seaFey dragons that spread their wings in flight, roaring lions and tigers, and countless blood refined soldiers who brandished their spears or swords of blood. All of them rushed at Yi Yun like an entire battalion of soldiers!

The surging force was enough to make one confused and lose themselves.

“The Blood King is indeed strong, much stronger than Golden Winged Celestial Peng!”

For the Blood King to go from having mediocre talent to forging a killing Dao without losing himself before returning to the Heaven Fey Ancient Ruins as a Fey Thearch, he was definitely someone not to be messed with!

However, Yi Yun’s experiences were equally extraordinary!

Although he was young, he had experienced countless dangers over the years. The situations he had been placed in had far exceeded many Godly Monarchs. He had refined a Heavenly Dao fragment to become his Divine Lord Royal Seal. Even while inside the Blood King’s killing Dao, he was able to easily extricate himself.


Yi Yun’s eyes widened suddenly as his gaze gathered the Heavenly Dao, manifesting it into something material before releasing it like thousands of arrows!

The blood mist shadows were penetrated by Yi Yun’s gaze again and again!

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The blood mist dissipated as Yi Yun’s eyes shone with a crystalline shimmer. The Blood King’s zither tunes came to a sudden halt.

“Greetings Blood King, I’m Yi Yun.” Yi Yun took a step forward and bowed at the Blood King!

The Blood King opened his eyes suddenly and looked at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun continued maintaining his bow. The Blood King was Jiang Xiaorou’s birth father and was a man who wore his heart on his sleeve. He had kept his promise, so Yi Yun was very respectful towards the Blood King.

The Blood King stood up as his hawk-like eyes sized up Yi Yun several times before saying

“A young person’s abilities must be respected!”

The Blood King’s loud voice resounded through the mountain peak.

After learning of what Yi Yun had done, the Blood King wanted to test him. If he was that arrogant without ability, the Blood King planned on teaching him a good lesson.

With the killing tune, the Blood King did not use all his strength since he was afraid of injuring Yi Yun, but it was definitely not something an ordinary young junior could withstand. He had done so with the plan to take him down a peg, but he never imagined Yi Yun to withstand it in such a composed manner.

This impressed the Blood King. The young man was both horrifying in state of mind and strength.

He found it hard to imagine that his daughter would know of a brother in a mortal world who could come this far.

He was definitely not some run of the mill warrior. He had cultivated for less than a thousand years and his future achievements could only go higher. He had the right to be arrogant.

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