True Martial World Chapter 1688


Yi Yun’s appearance plunged everyone into silence.

Just Polar alone was insufficient, but Yi Yun was different. It hadn’t been long since Yi Yun appeared in the Chaos Heavens, but he was the most promising and illustrious figure that had appeared in the Chaos Heavens over the past billion years apart from the Ancestor God.

Be it Yi Yun’s friends or enemies, all of them admitted that Yi Yun was the only peerless human who had any chance of attaining the same achievements as Human Emperor.


Even so, the present Yi Yun was no match for the Ancestor God at all.

Even with Yi Yun leading them, it was still highly possible that they would be wiped out when resisting the Ancestor God.

“So it’s Young Master Yi. I’ve heard so much about you. I know that you are arch enemies with the Ancestor God, but even if you ally with us, we won’t be able to provide you with much help,” a female elderly Ghost said.

Her skin was sallow and looked as though it was slathered with a layer of resin oil.

Yi Yun said, “Everyone, do you believe that I’ve been forced into a corner by the Ancestor God? That I want to pull all of you down with me to be my cannon fodder so that I have a chance of survival?”

“Not at all, but” the female elderly Ghost said again, but she was interrupted by Yi Yun. “I have already cracked the Ancestor God’s tracing mark inside of me. I can swear on my Dao heart that this is the truth and nothing but the truth.”


Upon hearing that, everyone appeared moved. Yi Yun had actually found a way to dispel the Ancestor God’s tracing mark?

All of them had spent great effort in trying to understand the tracing mark, but they eventually discovered that unless their nomological insight or psyche powers reached that of the Ancestor God, there was no way of removing it.

“Then, Young Master Yi, would it be possible for you to” The female elderly Ghost could hardly speak out of embarrassment. However, with the tracing mark on her, it was like a nightmare. She could not rest easy and felt that the Ancestor God could rob her of her life at any time.

The pressure was just too great. The removal of the mark was something they yearned for even in their dreams.

“I’m sorry. It’s not possible for now. Even for myself, removing the tracing mark was not simple, nor do I have that much time. It will also alert the Ancestor God. The reason why I’m telling you this is to let you know that I have a route of retreat. Instead, the one who doesn’t is you, the Chaos Heavens.”

Upon hearing Yi Yun’s words, everyone fell silent. Indeed, if Yi Yun did not have a tracing mark, he could leave the Chaos Heavens and hide in a pocket world. The Ancestor God might not be able to find him. Although he would have to live in anxiety, the chances of survival were still huge.

They were different. After the Chaos Heavens’ Heavenly Dao was devoured by the Ancestor God, the only outcome left for them was to be loyal dogs of the Ancestor God. They would live abject existences and could be abandoned at anytime. It was even possible for them to be used as vessels to breed demonic servants.

Yi Yun added, “I also revealed this to you all to tell you that I am somewhat confident in entering into direct conflict with the Ancestor God. If we were to wait till he devours the Chaos Heavens’ Heavenly Dao, his Dao will be fortified forever. After that, I would likely not be able to do anything. This is the final chance. To me, it’s a chance to fortify my Dao, but for you, it’s a chance for survival.

Yi Yun’s words moved the hearts of everyone. Someone asked, “Young Master Yi, what are your chances of success?”

“Fifty-fifty. Man proposes god disposes. In order to avoid the Ancestor God’s detection, I have been contacting all of you through Senior Polar in batches. Each batch has about ten plus people. You are not the first batch.”

“Oh? Young Master Yi has contacted that many people? Aren’t you afraid that someone will snitch?”

“I am. That’s why I will take a wisp of your intrinsic soul. I will swear upon my Dao heart to not cause any damage to your intrinsic soul. After everything is done, I would immediately return your intrinsic soul to you. Not only will it not damage your martial fundamentals, it will also provide you with opportunity in the future! If I were to violate this agreement, the foundations of my martial Dao will crumple and I will fall from my present spot.”

As Yi Yun spoke, he beckoned gently. Bits of stellar light flashed from his palm. All these stellar light were the intrinsic souls of Godly Monarch level figures which were left with Yi Yun.

Upon seeing this, everyone knew that Yi Yun wasn’t lying. There was no reason for him to lie either. Under the present circumstances, it was necessary he kept contingency plans. If not, even they would not risk their lives with Yi Yun. They wouldn’t know better if they were walking into a trap.

Many people were moved. Although Yi Yun claimed to only have a fifty percent chance of success, there was still hope if they tried. If they didn’t, it would only be a slow death.

After thinking about it deeply, people chose to sign contacts with Yi Yun.

After the first one, a second one stepped forward. As the number of people who signed contracts with Yi Yun increased, those who were on the fence finally made up their minds.

Everyone eventually chose to ally with Yi Yun.

Regardless of their true inclinations, Yi Yun thought nothing of it. He had their intrinsic souls in hand and the Ancestor God’s actions were indeed against the Chaos Heavens and not something that won the hearts of people. Yi Yun refused to believe that someone would forgo their lives for a master who had not won the hearts of people.

Time slowly passed as the mood in the Chaos Heavens grew increasingly suppressed. It was the calm before the storm.

Everyone knew that the setup of the array was coming to an end. A shadow hung over every faction and it felt stifling.

On this day, in a particular spot in the Chaos Heavens, a divine beam of light soared into the sky like a heavenly column that penetrated the firmaments. Everyone within half a million kilometers saw the column of light tear through the land and penetrate the universe.

People could tell that the column of light stemmed from Ethereal Lake.

It got its name because it was an extremely mysterious lake. As it was unpredictable and ethereal, the typical warrior found it difficult to pinpoint its ever-changing location.

Legend had it that people who bathed and drank with the water in the Ethereal Lake would have their cultivation levels increase greatly. They could break through several realms and become an overlord of a dominion.

Many warriors of lowly cultivation levels were attracted to the legend of Ethereal Lake. They even set out, wishing to find it with good luck.

But no one expected that someone had fixed the Ethereal Lake in place with a gigantic array flag three decades ago. The lake stopped drifting erratically and later, all its waters were slowly drained by the array flag.

At the same time, array formations were set up around Ethereal Lake, preventing anyone from approaching.

Now, the column of light which stemmed from Ethereal Lake had spewed out all the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi accumulated within this mystical land. As such, Ethereal Lake was destroyed.

From then on, Ethereal Lake was no more in the Chaos Heavens!

As for Ethereal Lake, it was simply one of the seventy-two sub-first grade spirit veins sources which the Ancestor God had chosen in the Chaos Heavens.

Beyond Ethereal Lake, there were seventy-one divine beams shooting out from different lands. If one viewed from far away in the universe, it would appear as if the Chaos Heavens had beacon fires lit up everywhere. It was splendid and mysterious.

Everyone knew that the array formation that the Ancestor God had set up was finally activated.

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