True Martial World Chapter 1689


The seventy-two beacon fires burned for days!

All the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within the Chaos Heavens spewed forth!

Over the past few decades, the Yuan Qi density in the Chaos Heavens had been weakening by the day, but from the moment the beacon fires were lit, the Chaos Heavens’ Yuan Qi density reached an unprecedented peak, one not seen for billions of years!

Now, sects and factions saw their territories being so dense in Yuan Qi that Yuan Qi fog and Yuan Qi clouds condensed as they rained Yuan Qi!

With the Yuan Qi downpour, cultivating in the rain for a month was equivalent to a normal year. This was a perfect opportunity to cultivate, but most warriors had no mood to do so.

None of the major factions in the Chaos Heavens took action. All of them remained silent

It was like the calm before a huge storm, a sign of the final apocalypse.

The calmer it was, the more repressed people felt!

Many warriors knew that the ignition of the seventy-two beacon fires was just a prelude.

In the following days, the twelve main beacon fires would be ignited in succession!

When the twelve main beacon fires were ignited, all the Yuan Qi in the Chaos Heavens would erupt. When that happened, the Chaos Heavens’ Heavenly Dao would be devoured by the Ancestor God!

When that happened, what were the people of Chaos Heavens to do?

From the Chaos Heavens’ birth as a martial civilization, it had not met such a cataclysm for billions of years!

Ordinary warriors felt lost.

Divine Lords and Godly Monarchs seemed to roam in despair.

Only the cream of the Godly Monarch crop, those patriarchs and members of the upper echelons of the major factions knew that a massive battle that would determine their fate would happen in the coming days.

They felt uneasiness and even an ominous horror that was a distant emotion to them.

All of them were all-powerful figures that ruled over the Chaos Heavens. Once upon a time, they stood apart from the secular world, reclusing themselves and caring nothing for worldly affairs. Under such circumstances, few things mattered to them. They never left their seclusion unless it was something major, so they never encountered a situation that left them in horror

But now, with the apocalypse at hand, even the patriarchs of the various races were like lost birds in a thunderstorm. Without any means to protect themselves, all they could do was wait passively.

They hoped to see Yi Yun create a miracle, but the chances of this miracle happening were extremely slim.

The two patriarchs of Heaven Fey City, Grand Supremum and Grand Primordium, shared this feeling. They bore such a burden as the days passed.

As they had participated in setting up the array, they roughly knew that the twelve main beacon fires would ignite within the next two days.

Success or failure were days away!


A chess piece landed on a chessboard. In front of Grand Supremum was a chessboard and opposite him was Grand Primordium.

The duo had been having the chess game for ten days.

At times, they would not place a piece for as long as an hour. Grand Supremum had thought for quite a while before he finally landed his move, but it was not considered a brilliant one. It exposed his weakness and it was a move that could lead to his defeat.

“Senior Brother You” Grand Primordium raised his head and looked at Grand Supremum in surprise.

“Junior Brother We might not be able to continue our game for there’s no piece to land, unless”

Grand Supremum trembled as he said those words. At that moment, Grand Primordium’s expression changed as he felt an overwhelming aura surge over.

He stood up and looked into the distance. Tiny black dots had appeared along the horizon.

In a few blinks of an eye, the black dots enlarged. They were bronze giants!


The Celestials were always mysterious and few in number. Yet, there were a total of a hundred Celestials in Heaven Fey City!

Nearly all these Celestials had combat strength at the Godly Monarch level.

They were clearly the best warriors of the Celestials.

All across the Chaos Heavens, a Celestial could fend off the combined forces of three pinnacle existences of the other races!

Now, a hundred Celestials had appeared in Heaven Fey City. It could be said that the entire horde was here!

The ten plus Fey Thearchs in Heaven Fey City could no longer sit still as they rose into the air, seemingly prepared to face the enemy.

However, compared to the Celestials, they were just too weak.

About ten of them had to fight a hundred Celestials. Furthermore, most of them were not the Celestials’ match in a one-on-one skirmish.

The situation wouldn’t turn for the better even if all the Fey Thearchs of the Fey race was gathered, much less when there were only the Fey Thearchs of Heaven Fey City.

The bronze giant that led the celestials was thousands of feet tall. When he stood outside Heaven Fey City, the towering city walls did not even reach his knee!

Even the majestic Heaven Fey City appeared as minute as a sandcastle at the beach.

Divine Emperor!

Someone recognized the leading bronze giant to be the reigning Divine Emperor of the Celestials!

The reigning Divine Emperor was not the Ancestor God, but he the current ruler of the Chaos Heavens’ Celestials.

The Ancestor God came from the Sinkhole and was the former Divine Emperor.

In ancient times, the Ancestor God had passed the throne of Divine Emperor to the present Divine Emperor when he left the Chaos Heavens.

Now that the Ancestor God was back in a bid to devour the Chaos Heavens’ Heavenly Dao, his status could be said to be the patriarch of the Celestials.

As for the Divine Emperor, he remained the Divine Emperor.

Although the Divine Emperor’s strength was inferior to the Ancestor God’s, he far exceeded the patriarchs of the various races. The combined forces of Grand Supremum and Grand Primordium were not necessarily the match of the Divine Emperor.

The Divine Emperor had arrived with many Celestial experts. Behind them was a dense horde of demonic servants which resembled locusts.

These demonic servants seemed to blanket the world when gathered together. It looked like a massive dark cloud.

The number was in the millions!

And there were many powerful beings among the demonic servants!

The leaders were the eight demon marshals, and all of them had combat strength at the Godly Monarch level.

Behind them were hundreds of demonic generals, each of them having the strength of demon lords!

This was another horrifying force. In addition, there were countless Supremacies and Daolords behind them The demonic servant army, together with more than a hundred Celestial experts, meant that Heaven Fey City could be flattened with a mere thought!

Grand Supremum and Grand Primordium were floating in midair as they experienced the immense pressure.

Was the Heaven Fey City which had a heritage of billions of years about to be annihilated today?

The demonic servant army grew in size and at this point, numbers lost their meaning. It was comprised of demonic servants that had been amassed by the Celestials for billions of years.

Most of the time, the Celestials’ demonic servants were in a slumber. Only when needed were they awakened.

Many demonic servants had been asleep for more than a hundred million years. Furthermore, the Celestials had been feeding and nurturing them in recent years.

Just the demonic servant army was enough to leave one in despair.

The city appeared to be crumbling under the mass of dark clouds!

Numerous Fey warriors walked out of their houses in Heaven Fey City and looked at the terrifying arm that could wipe them out.

The strong trembled, the weak wept.

“Oh? It’s you?”

Grand Supremum creased his brows. He saw that quite a number of Godly Monarchs from the Ghost and Soul race were with the demonic servant army.

There were a few whom Grand Supremum knew. They had signed a contract with Yi Yun a few months back.

At this moment, these people were following the demonic servant army and wearing disconsolate expressions. Grand Supremum’s heart sank involuntarily. The ominous premonition he’d had come true

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