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Ultimate Rice System summary:

Origin of Culture, Origin of Soul Cultivate the Fields, Cultivate the Body Sow Seeds, Harvest Crop Born as Mortal, Die as Immortal Credo of The Ultimate Rice System __________________________________ Discord https://discord.gg/wHp9aYU

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Ultimate Rice System Chapters

Time uploaded
117 Rematch4 weeks ago
105 Disturbance4 weeks ago
91 Near Death4 weeks ago
89 Dreams4 weeks ago
84 Bubbles4 weeks ago
80 Soul Gem4 weeks ago
69 Farewell4 weeks ago
68 Im Sorry4 weeks ago
67 Lost Soul4 weeks ago
66 Old Bones4 weeks ago
65 Necropolis4 weeks ago
63 Primal Orb4 weeks ago
59 First Day4 weeks ago
58 Tower City4 weeks ago
56 The Plan4 weeks ago
52 Departure4 weeks ago
49 Aftermath4 weeks ago
38 Captured4 weeks ago
36 Uncle Xu4 weeks ago
35 Black Circus4 weeks ago
34 Missing Girl4 weeks ago
32 Exams4 weeks ago
31 Flood Dragon4 weeks ago
29 Truth4 weeks ago
28 Golem4 weeks ago
24 4 Mysteries4 weeks ago
21 Companion4 weeks ago
20 Beas4 weeks ago
17 Stalemate4 weeks ago
9 Farming Club4 weeks ago
5 State Order4 weeks ago
4 World Of Rice4 weeks ago
3 Awakening4 weeks ago
1 Final Rebirth4 weeks ago
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