Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 531

“Oh? Really? Please tell me what I can do.” Shang Ling grew interested.

Xu Que smiled. “If you can’t do it yourself, I can do it for you, if you don’t mind.”

“What?!” Shang Ling was stunned.

Xu Que laughed. “Sect Leader Shang, don’t worry, I’ll have mercy on him. If I do hit him on your behalf, he’ll definitely hate me and want revenge, and to beat me, he would have to work hard on his cultivation.”

“This” Shang Ling hesitated.

Xu Que said, “Sect Leader Shang, just think carefully. When he grows extremely powerful, we’ll tell him we did this simply because we want the best for him, and he will understand us by that time. How do you feel about this?”

Shang Ling was silent with his hands behind his back, as if he was really considering Xu Que’s suggestions.

Buttface was surprised by what Xu Que had said and stared at him.

“Sect Leader Shang, he offended me this time. Thankfully, I am such a nice man that I wouldn’t hold grudge against him, but what if he offends someone much more powerful and more cruel than me? He should be taught a lesson this time, otherwise he’ll put himself in bigger danger next time.”

Shang Ling was silent for a while and finally nodded.“Fine! Do as you have suggested. But please don’t be too harsh on him.”

“No problem. You can count on me. Sect Leader Shang, just remember that from today on, you owe me a favour,” Xu Que laughed.

“Of course, of course. I will definitely remember what you’ve done for me!” Shang Ling nodded.

“F*ck!” Buttface could no longer see Xu Que tricking Shang Ling and cursed.

How sneaky! He does indeed have a sharp tongue! I never thought he could hoodwink people like this!

Hearing Buttface’s shout, Shang Ling was surprised.

“What’s wrong with your pet?”

“Don’t mind him, there’s something wrong with his head. Pay no attention to him please. I will go and find your son, bully him, and make him hate me.”

Shang Ling made a bow with his hands folded on his front and said, “I’ll count you on for this, thank you!”

After learning where Shang Wu was, Xu Que and Buttface quickly went to find him.

“You’re really good at tricking people, aren’t you! To be honest, I admire you for this!” Buttface gave a thumbs up to Xu Que.

In fact, this was the first time that Buttface had ever praised Xu Que.

“I’ve told you many times that we need to be modest.” Xu Que replied.

“How about this, allow me to punch Shang Wu a few times? Don’t worry, I will be merciful,” Buttface said with great excitement.

“I will not! What if he is killed by you? Then I am the one who’s responsible! Anyway, you can spit on him if you want.”


On the way, the two were talking about how they were going to hit Shang Wu, and after a while, they arrived at a restaurant.

It was early morning, but the restaurant was already full of people.

To relax, Shang Wu had gone to the restaurant with his friends.

Each young man was hugging a few women and laughing hard. Shang Wu was surrounded by many beautiful women wearing heavy makeup. They were drinking and laughing

I’ll tell you, that General Zhuge’s days are numbered, and he has no idea about it!”

“Does this mean you’ve found a way to punish him?” one of the young men asked.

Hearing this, Shang Wu laughed. “Why on earth should I waste my time finding a way to punish someone like him? My aunt has sent people here. When they arrive here, General Zhuge is bound to die.”


All of a sudden, the door of the restaurant was opened.

Xu Que slowly walked inside and mocked him, “Oh, really? Close the door and release the dog!”


Everyone present was shocked. They’d had no idea that Xu Que would come here, and with his pet dog, even.

Shang Wu instantly became pretentious and smiled. “My dearest General Zhuge, I was just joking earlier. You don’t mind, right? Thanks to you, I’ve been reprimanded by my father.”

Shang Wu had mentioned his father on purpose and thought Xu Que would behave himself with his father currently in the city; on the other hand, he thought his joke was just a small one, and compared to what Xu Que did to him, it was basically nothing.

Xu Que stood still and stared him, smiling, not saying anything.

Buttface was getting rather excited and couldn’t wait to hit Shang Wu.

“General Shang, I’m sorry to tell you that today, I’ve come here to enforce the law!” Xu Que said.

Hearing this, people were confused.

Enforcing the law? What law?

“What do you mean by this? You aren’t even an official in this city”

Shang Wu frowned and realised something wasn’t right, he backed off a bit and became rather worried.

Xu Que smiled. “You might have not heard, but I was recruited into a new department called the Urban Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, or Urban Management Bureau, to make it simple. I’m in charge of the enforcement of urban management of the city.”

“Urban management of the city?” Shang Wu frowned, “Then why you are here?”

“To arrest you,” Xu Que said casually.


“You’ve broken the law and you will be punched! Buttface, close the door!” Xu Que said while pulling up his sleeve.

Shang Wu was so frightened that his head was numb. After all, he was only in the Original Infant Stage and couldn’t possibly win Xu Que.

“Zhuge Liang, stop! You can’t do this to me!”

“Haven’t you heard? I’m in charge of the urban management of the city. Look at your face, it’s so ugly, and you simply come out on the street without wearing a mask! You have done some severe damage to the public image of our city.”

The next minute, Xu Que stood in front of Shang Wu and punched him right in the face.

“Ouch!” Shang Wu shouted with pain. His nasal bone was broken immediately and blood flew down.

Xu Que hit him again and again and again

“You should have worn a mask!”


“You should have worn a mask!”


“You should have worn a mask!”


Everyone present was stunned by what they were seeing.

Someone with an ugly face not wearing a mask is against the law?!

Why I have never heard of this before?!

But General Shang isn’t ugly at all!

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