Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 532

At the end, Shang Wu’s face was so swollen that it looked like a pig’s head. Lying on the ground gasping, he was still not dead!

His head was totally blank, for he had never expected Xu Que would dare to beat him up like this in broad daylight!

All the onlookers were also completely dumbfounded, none daring to move.

“Here, eat this pill, the second half awaits!” At this moment, Xu Que came over suddenly with warm smile. He took out a pill and put it into Shang Wu’s mouth.

When Shang Wu heard the first half of Xu Que’s words, he still thought it wasn’t a big deal.

However, he was totally stunned by the second half, which almost made him spit blood!

This scene also froze the blood of all the onlookers.

You beat him up. Are you going to give him a second round after feeding him a pill to heal his wounds?

Damn! This is too savage!

I’ve never seen a person who bullies others like this!

“Little brat, come on, it’s my turn!” At this moment, Buttface who was already impatient, came up excitedly.

Shang Wu saw Buttface and widened his eyes immediately.

“What are you going to do?”

It was totally unacceptable to him. It was quite normal for him, as a cultivator at the Original Infant Stage, to be beaten up by Xu Que, who was also at the Infant Transformation Stage.

But if he was beaten up by a dog, it would be the deepest shame of his whole life.

“Don’t worry, I won’t beat you. I’m afraid I could kill you with just one punch, so l’ll punish you according to the old rules!” Squinting his eyes, Buttface approached Shang Wu with a charming smile.

The onlookers were dumbfounded.

Old rules? Are there some rules stipulated between this dog and General Shang?

Shang Wu was also confused and couldn’t figure out the meaning of Buttface’s words.

“Buttface, come on, the second round is yours!” After saying this, Xu Que left Shang Wu to Buttface by reaching out his palm to high five Buttface’s paw.

Seeing that, the onlookers almost passed out.

You can’t bully a person like this! A high-five to hand him over is unbelievable!

“Hehehe!” Buttface walked up to Shang Wu with an undignified smile.

Then he opened his mouth abruptly. Splat!


A mouthful of saliva as big as a water ball pelted Shang Wu’s head.

Shang Wu was completely stunned! His hair was totally wet from the saliva, which was dripping slowly along the ends of his hair.

The onlookers were also dumbfounded, for none of them had expected the old rule mentioned by Buttface to mean spitting!

This is too mean, meaner than just beating him up!

“Ah” Shang Wu yelled crazily.

He almost burst with anger. He used to be spat by this dog, which was deemed as a humiliation in his life. However, being spat by the same dog for the second time was definitely a burning shame for him!

“Hehehe, cool! Just keep yelling. The louder you yell, the more excited I’ll be!” Buttface laughed excitedly and kept spitting saliva.

In front of an audience, Buttface showed off all his spitting skills, like spitting upside down, avalanche-style spit, and spitting while swinging his body, which were dazzling.

However, Shang Wu could do nothing. He had been wounded by Xu Que. Although he had been fed a pill, the recovery effect of that pill was unclear. Therefore, he could only lie on the ground and watch Buttface spit on his head.

At last, when Shang Wu had finally regained his strength, this appalling bullying and humiliation was finished. Xu Que and Buttface were long gone.

“I will kill them! I want them to die without a burial place!” Shang Wu yelled crazily. Then he hastened out of the room in a great rush and returned to his mansion.

He wanted to ask his father to avenge him. In his eyes, Xu Que was only at Level 4 of the Infant Transformation Stage, which was definitely no match for his father, who was at Level 6 of the Infant Transformation Stage. Now that the other members of the Exploding Heavens Faction weren’t there, it was absolutely no problem to kill Xu Que at that moment.

However, it was very quiet in the mansion. Shang Wu searched everywhere, but failed to find his father.

“Stop! Where is my father?” he stopped a servant and shouted ferociously.

The servant was surprised and replied in a trembling voice, “General Shang, our Lord said his secluded cultivation started today. No one is allowed to disturb him!”

“Secluded cultivation? Ah” Shang Wu yelled.

At the same time, in a room of the mansion, Shang Ling, who was sitting on a futon with his legs crossed, opened his eyes slightly.

Hearing Shang Wu’s ferocious and forceful yelling, Shang Ling was entirely reassured and murmured in his mind that General Zhuge must have really punished him properly.

That day, Shang Wu took another precious pill to heal his wounds. Meanwhile, he bathed himself three times and went outside again until night fell.

His heart was filled with grievances and anger, so he planned to vent.


However, when he passed by a small alley, he heard some familiar voices nearby.

Shang Wu stopped immediately, then found a doorway to a tea house near the alley. Xu Que and Buttface were chatting in the alley.

“Little Brat, today was so fantastic! Finally, revenge was mine!”


“Damn! Why did you sigh? Don’t tell me you’re showing remorse. This is totally not your style!”

“Are you kidding? I’m worried about an excuse for us to keep bullying him tomorrow. I can’t beat him only with the excuse that he is ugly and doesn’t wear a mask. That was too improvised!”

“Is this worrying you? It’s so easy! Tomorrow, you can ask him to buy you something to eat. If he buys noodles, you could beat him because he didn’t buy rice. And if he buys rice, you could also beat him because he didn’t buy noodles! If he buys rice and noodles, you can still beat him because he didn’t buy pancakes!”

“Wow, Buttface, you’re awesome! How could you be so creative in giving someone a hard time?”

“Bullsh*t! I got all these creative ideas by following you! Now, I just inspire you with your own thoughts!”

“You are bullsh*tting! My thoughts are never as filthy as yours!”

Finally, their discussion was ended with a quarrel!

Hearing their dialogue, Shang Wu broke into a cold sweat outside the room. These two guys are too mean! After bullying me today, now they are talking about an excuse to bully me tomorrow! Fine, very good! I’ll play with you two tomorrow!

He turned around and left with a cold smile.

Early the next morning, Shang Wu went outside again.

He went to the same restaurant as the day before, booked the same room, and invited the same friends!

“General Shang, is it okay to have a gathering here today?” a young man said with great concern.

Shang Wu said with a cold smile, “Don’t worry, today they will have no excuse to beat me!”

He had heard the plan discussed by Xu Que and Buttface last night. Therefore, he was confident and well-prepared. Apparently, he had prepared a method to fight back and regain the prestige he had lost yesterday in front of these people.

After a short while, Squeak! The door of the restaurant was opened by someone.

Xu Que and Buttface came in slowly with radiant smiles.

“General Shang, you seem to be in a good mood today!” Xu Que said with a smile. He was surprised when he had heard Shang Wu went to this restaurant again. Without thinking about it, they went over directly and prepared to start the second day of bullying.

Shang Wu said coldly, “General Zhuge, what are you going to do today?”

“Nothing, I passed by this restaurant today and I feel hungry, but I don’t know the dishes in this restaurant very well. How about ordering some food for me?” Xu Que planned to bully Shang Wu with the method suggested by Buttface.

Without hurrying or panicking, Shang Wu asked calmly, “General Zhuge, do you want noodles or rice?”


All at once, Xu Que and Buttface were stunned and made eye contact immediately.

Why is he so clever this time?

“Eh, noodles!” Xu Que replied.

Shang Wu asked again, “Do you want noodles with meat or just vegetable noodles?”

Xu Que frowned instantly. Something must be wrong!

But he also replied, “With meat!”

“Do you want your noodles prepared in a big bowl or a small bowl? How many bowls of noodles do you want? Do you want several dishes? Do you avoid certain foods?” Shang Wu asked several questions consecutively with a sarcastic, confident, and cold smile.

All of a sudden, Xu Que and Buttface were dumbfounded and became speechless.

Our plan failed!

Shang Wu laughed even harder, for this was so satisfying!


Just at this moment, Xu Que disappeared on the spot and then appeared in front of Shang Wu.

Shang Wu was stunned immediately. Before he had time to react, Xu Que started to punch him in the face!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Why don’t you wear a mask?

Why don’t you wear a mask?

Why don’t you wear a mask?

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