Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 600

Although Desolation City was the nearest city to the Celestial Burial Valley, one still needed three to five days to complete the journey.

On the way, Xu Que got a rough idea of the Nine Deathtraps from Liu Jingning.

Apparently, the Nine Deathtraps had come into existence during ancient times. All these places were quite sinister, where numerous ancient powerhouses had been killed.

There were also a lot of interesting rumors about the Nine Deathtraps. For example, an ancient ferocious dragon had passed away in the Heaven Dragon Cave. A celestial was also apparently buried in the Celestial Burial Valley.

However, Buttface shook his head at this information, “These are all rumors! Actually, the Heaven Dragon Cave is just a place where a powerhouse of our Magic Dragon Tribe once napped. The ancient magic dragons are extremely powerful. He just slept there, and his aura, which is very ferocious, can still be sensed now.

“As for the Celestial Burial Valley, as the name suggests, a crap celestial died there. If that guy was a powerful celestial, he should have passed away in the Spiritual Realm. How could he die in the East Continent? If I go to that place, I will dig up the body of that celestial and punch it. How could the pathetic Celestial Burial Valley be mentioned in the same breath as the mighty Heaven Dragon Cave?”

Buttface spoke proudly, as if the name “Heaven Dragon Cave,” which contained the word “Dragon,” made him proud.

Hearing his words, Xu Que knew he was definitely bluffing, so he disdainfully replied , “I remember you said you went in and out of the Celestial Burial Valley seven different times!”

“Did I?” Buttface was stunned for a moment, then he remembered he had said that before. Although he was quite embarrassed, he still confidently asserted, “I’ve never said that! You misheard me! If I used to go to the Celestial Burial Valley, it would have long disappeared!”

“Alas! What a stupid dog!” Xu Que sighed.

Liu Jingning was quite surprised by Buttface’s words. She had thought Buttface was just a common demonic beast. To her surprise, she couldn’t sense the cultivation level of Buttface, who was intelligent and could speak a human language.

Now this dog was bluffing that he was part of the Ancient Magic Dragon Tribe, which made Liu Jingning even more confused.

How could a dog be related to a magic dragon?

“What are you looking at? My noble face is not something you can look at casually!” Buttface sensed Liu Jingning’s curious gaze, so he spoke arrogantly and shook his body.

Hearing that, Liu Jingning raised her eyebrows; the pressure of the Void Training Stage gushed out of her and abruptly pressed toward Buttface.

As the Holy Virgin of the Utopia Faction, she enjoyed an extremely high position in the East Continent. How could she put up with disrespect from a dog?

Xu Que could disrespect her. However, it didn’t mean anyone, even a demonic beast, could treat her like that.

“Howl! Little brat, little brat, just discipline your woman! This demonic woman is insane and is trying to kill me!” Buttface’s posture changed in three seconds. Suppressed by Liu Jingning’s pressure, he became cowardly and cried for Xu Que’s help.

“I’ve warned you before that you should behave yourself. She is a Holy Virgin. You can’t disrespect her like that! Do you think you can continue living like someone with this type of handsomeness? If you don’t have a handsome face like this, you should always keep a low profile!” Xu Que scolded Buttface as if the dog had failed to live up to his expectations.

The first half of Xu Que’s words consoled Liu Jingning a bit. She knew Xu Que respected her at least.

However, she was totally pissed off by the second half of his words.

Like owner, like pet!

This pet dog is so shameless and is disliked by normal people. I guess only a shameless guy like Xu Que could keep such a dog with himthey were painted with the same brush!

“Little Queque, later when I see Jiang Hongyan, I will definitely tell her you bullied me on the way!” Liu Jingning pouted and spoke pathetically as if she had been wronged.

“You’d better forget it. Hongyan clearly knowsthat I’m an honest and upright gentleman immune to a woman’s charms. Moreover, your cultivation level is higher than minehow could I bully you?” Xu Que sneered.

However, he felt a little bit different about the situation in his heart. He worried that Liu Jingning could gossip about him in front of Jiang Hongyan cause a misunderstanding.

After all, Liu Jingning knew everything about him and Madam Ya from his time in the Fire Nation.

“So what? Your handsome face and elegant temperament attracted me. I was mesmerized by you temporarily, so I didn’t resist your flirtatious actions.” Liu Jingning’s words became more and more outrageous. “I didn’t expect you to turn against me soon. I feel very wronged . . . ”Her face was a wide smile, but she really sounded like a little woman who had just been forsaken.

Xu Que was immediately pissed off. I haven’t laid a finger on youI only spanked your little hips! You can’t just slander me like that!

“Okay, come here. You said you are attracted to me, right? You said I bullied you, right? Then let me bully you again!” As he spoke, Xu Que reached out to touch Liu Jingning’s bosom.

Liu Jingning drifted back calmly to evade Xu Que’s hands, then she sniggered, “Little Queque, you can’t touch here!”

“I won’t touch them, I will just grab them!” Xu Que spoke with wide eyes. He was not in the mood to play with Liu Jingning, so he started to run toward the Celestial Burial Valley.

He no longer worried about Liu Jingning gossiping about him to Jiang HongyanJiang Hongyan probably know Liu Jingning’s character better than he did, so she definitely wouldn’t believe any gossip.

If something really happened between him and Liu Jingning, she would also never tell Jiang Hongyan about that.

Hum! Liu Jingning thought. What a shameless guy! How could he say something like, ‘not touch but grab?’ Seeing Xu Que had flown away, she set off to follow him.

The two-person, one-dog trio continued forth on their journey.

Over the next two days, Xu Que was attacked by more lightning. They didn’t cause him any damage but kept hurting innocent bystanders.

Those people seemed to have heard of Xu Que’s wicked deeds. When they saw lightning, they would angrily shout, “Lightning Rogue, how dare you show up again? I’ll kill you!”

“Get lost!” Xu Que was quite angry.He waved the Dark Heavy Buster Sword, which blew away a lot of people.

He didn’t stop. However, Liu Jingning couldn’t help smiling. “‘Lightning Rogue?’ It seems they gave you a nickname!”

“Hum! I will show those fools the power of the Flash later!” Xu Que was quite embarrassed about this nickname. How could they work out a cheesy nickname like the ‘Lightning Rogue?’

But he never felt sorry for those cultivators. They had come here to kill Jiang Hongyan. Their being struck by lightning could be deemed as payment of interest, at most. If they dared make trouble in the Celestial Burial Valley, Xu Que wouldn’t mind killing them all.

However, after dashing forward for three days, they had to stop at a place several hundred kilometers away from the Celestial Burial Valley.

It wasn’t because they had met Jiang Hongyan. This area had been packed with tens of thousands of cultivators, which was even more than the amount of cultivators in Desolation City.

Even worse, among these cultivators there were around 100 powerhouses at the Void Training Stage, who were from different families and sects.

Xu Que and Liu Jingning had to stop, their faces solemn.

“What the hell? How could they be faster than us?” Xu Que frowned. He thought he was the first one who knew Jiang Hongyan was in the Celestial Burial Valley. But how could so many people arrive in this place ahead of him?

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