Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 601

On the desolate and endlessly barren land, there were tens of thousands of cultivators, a very shocking sight.

Obviously, these people had come for Jiang Hongyan.

“Cricky! The Old Man of Heaven Secret must have figured out the precise position where Jiang Hongyan is! This explains why so many cultivators are here.” Liu Jingning frowned.

“F*ck the so-called Old Man of Heaven Secret! When this business is done, I will destroy the Heaven Secret Pavilion!” Xu Que also frowned. He was very surprised.

I never thought in the Cultivation World there would be someone who could make such an accurate prediction!

“You can’t do that! You can’t possibly make yourself an enemy of the Heaven Secret Pavilion. If you do, wherever you go, you’ll be in danger!” Liu Jingning exclaimed. “Yes, the Old Man of Heaven Secret might not be the most powerful guy, but no one is as strong as him. Even the powerful men of the Form Synthesis Stage ask him for help or advice from time to time.”

“Oh, really?! If he is really that powerful, why on earth hasn’t he predicted the consequences of offending me?!” Xu Que sneered. Clearly, he was not joking about bombing the Heaven Secret Pavilion. He knew that he’d already grown powerful enough to do so.

Liu Jingning had simply thought he was talking in nonsense.

“Apparently the Old Man of Heaven Secret can predict almost everything, but he cannot predict what will happen to him. I don’t know, someone said this is the rule of some sort! Every time he makes a prediction, his lifespan is shortened. So if you want to ask help from him, you have to give him sort of potion that doubles his lifespan! If you ever dare offend him, you’ll just make yourself the enemy of a huge number of people!”

“I’m not afraid!” Xu Que shouted.

He didn’t doubt how powerful the Old Man of Heaven Secret was. In fact, he knew that Jiang Hongyan was in a much much more dangerous situation than he had ever expected.

To ask for help from the Old Man of Heaven Secret, you had to pay a big price. Even so, to get the precise whereabouts of Jiang Hongyan, he still chose to ask, which clearly showed these cultivators were extremely determined to kill Jiang Hongyan.


All of a sudden, a young man in black appeared in the sky.

He looked extremely handsome but had a cold look on his face. Between his eyebrows, there was a mark of a flame. In his hand, there was a crimson Fang Tian Ji.

“He is the Holy Son of the Heavenly Demon Sect, Xiao Munan!” someone exclaimed. “I heard that he went to the Blood-devouring Abyss to do his cultivation in seclusion! I would have never thought he’d already returned!”

“My goodness!” another man exclaimed. “He is in the ninth level of the Void Training Stage. In less than a hundred years, he is bound to become the youngest man of the Form Synthesis Stage!”

“I doubt it. You know in the Jiang Family, the Gong Family, and the Bai Family, even in the Illusionary Flower & Moon Sect, the Utopia Faction, the Heaven Secret Pavilion, and the Four Directions Desolation Faction, there are already many Holy Sons or Holy Virgins who are in the eighth or ninth level of the Void Training Stage. In less than a century, they will all step into the Form Synthesis Stage!”

“Just as the saying goes: ‘waves which come later are stronger and higher.’ Maybe after a thousand years, there will be another powerful Holy Son or Holy Virgin who will step into the Spiritual Realm!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A beautiful young woman appeared in the air and walked down on an invisible staircase. Whenever she took a step, a delicate blue lotus blossomed beside her feet.

“She is the Holy Virgin of the Bai Family!”

“It seems that she has already mastered the Azure Lotus Treasure Appraisal Art! How marvelous!”

“Each of her steps reflects the Taoist Connotation. I am sure if she steps into the Form Synthesis Stage, she’ll be the strongest one!”

“The Azure Lotus Treasure Appraisal Art itself is a very powerful incantation. As far as I’m concerned, her master could be the disciple of the Emperor Qing.”

People had started to talk.

As the time passed by, more and more Holy Sons and Holy Virgins of other powerful Factions arrived . . .

Xu Que and Liu Jingning secretly hid among the crowd. They hadn’t changed back into their real forms, so no one recognized them yet.

Among the crowd, Xu Que spotted Qin Ji, the Holy Virgin of The Illusionary Flower & Moon Sect, and Xiao Taixuan, the Holy Son of the Eight Directions Green Dragon Sect.

Xu Que smiled at Liu Jingning. “Ha! I mean if I kill all the Holy Sons and Holy Virgins here, would there be a huge earthquake in the Eastern Continent?”

Hearing this, Liu Jingning was stunned. “Behave yourself! They are not that easy to deal with!”

She believed Xu Que had the ability to kill them all. The reason she asked Xu Que to behave himself was that she did not want him to be hunted down wherever he went.

“I’m also not that easy to deal with!”

“You should wait until you step into the Void Training Stage. I know you have many tricks, but you can’t even beat me! You don’t have any Taoist Connotation!” Liu Jingning said coldly.

“The Taoist Connotation?” Xu Que was a bit confused.

Right at this moment, an old man appeared, and his energy wave suddenly covered the entire place.

The crowd held its breath and looked at the old man.

“Good morning! Everyone! I am Jiang Yushu, the head of the Jiang Family. I believe we all gather here today for the same reason!” Jiang Yushu paused and shook his head.

“I have to admit that Jiang Hongyan has indeed caused much trouble for my Family, and I am sad to have her as a member of my Family! If we allow her to step into a higher level, I think the entire Eastern Continent will be cursed. The Old Man of Heaven Secret has told me that Jiang Hongyan is going to have her tribulation tomorrow. I hope every one of you can make an effort to help me kill her, and I will really appreciate your doing so.”

“He is right! Even us Gong Family and Bai Family were also been dragged into a quarrel, and I think this has something to do with Jiang Hongyan. I am glad to say that the Jiang Family has already done quite a decent job trying to compensate us. As you can all see, Jiang Hongyan is only in the Infant Transformation Stage and she is already capable of causing us trouble. If we allow her to step into the Void Training Stage, the entire Eastern Continent will be chaotic. So no matter how dangerous the Celestial Burial Valley is, we have to work together to kill Jiang Hongyan!”

Hearing this, all the disciples in the three Families shouted, “Kill Jiang Hongyan!”

Seeing this, Xu Que’s face became dark.

“Why on earth have the three Families made alliances with each other?”

“It seems that your plan did not work. I think the Jiang Family must have done a lot to comfort the Gong Family and the Bai Family!” Liu Jingning shook her head.

Xu Que sneered, “I won’t let them have what they want! Wait and see, I will make them fight against each other soon!”

“Calm down! We should find out where Jiang Hongyan is!” Liu Jingning said hurriedly.

Buttface was worried. “She’s right!”

Xu Que thought for a moment and nodded.

He had got plenty of ways to make the three Families hate each other again, but if he really did so, he would expose himself and more importantly, he would not be able to stop their plans of killing Jiang Hongyan. By then, he could do nothing but run, and he would fail to save Jiang Hongyan.

The most important thing for me to do is find Jiang Hongyan, then I will kill them all! After killing all the cultivators of the Void Training Stage, I think I am going to get many precious experiences.

Thinking of this, Xu Que smiled.

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